PS Vita Is The Ultimate JRPG Console, But it Needs More Support From Sony

The PS Vita is definitely blooming in Japan, posting very solid sales numbers every week. The time in which Sony’s portable was struggling in its home turf is mostly history now and its current momentum has sparked a very healthy third party support, especially between JRPG developers.

The Vita is simply perfect for JRPGs: it’s beautiful and bright OLED screen brings the colorful worlds to life better than any other, and the screen’s small size keeps at bay the imperfection of engines that often aren’t state-of-the-art. The touch screen (even if it’s not universally used) is also very conducive to making the typical JRPG interfaces more intuitive and fast. Finally the strong focus on digital download makes smaller titles less costly to publish.

I can’t almost remember a single day in the last few months in which we didn’t get news about one of the many upcoming JRPGs Japanese developers are cooking for Sony’s portable (and you can probably notice it by yourself, since here at DualShockers we don’t ignore everything that isn’t Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed). The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki, Exstetra, Chronos Materia, Dragon’s CrownFreedom Wars, God Eater 2…these are just some of the many titles we hear about almost daily. We don’t even need to look to the many compatible PSP games and PlayStation classics, because if we did the amount and variety would become mind boggling.

GodEater2 (30)

That’s a real JRPG treasure chest for everyone that loves the genre, but there’s still a problem, and it’s unfortunately the same problem that affected the PSP. Most of those games don’t get localized for the western market, with the result that most of us don’t get to enjoy a large percentage of the role playing gems available for the console.

If we take a look at the history of the PSP, the situation is pretty much the same. The console was (and to an extent still is) very popular in Japan, where gamers could enjoy an extremely rich line-up of games (again, many of those were JRPGs), while most of those titles didn’t make it to the western shores where the console languished due to a poor software line up. The dreadful sin that was the lack of a localization for games like Valkyria Chronicles 3 still burns.

Many Japanese developers and publishers are still hesitant to bring their games to the west because the installed base isn’t enormous yet, and because they don’t feel up to shouldering the localization expenses. Some simply aren’t interested in the North American and European markets because the local market gives them all the profit they need to thrive.


Luckily we have a few brave niche publishers in the west like NIS America and XSeed Games that are ready to pick up some small titles and bring them over for us to enjoy, but their resources are limited, and they can only work on a mere fraction of what Japan offers. 

So who should take it upon themselves to bring us all that JRPG goodness? No one is in a better position for that than Sony Computer Entertainment itself.

Sony has made headlines lately with their support of indie developers, especially thanks to the PubFund, a rather sizable investment that goes into supporting select indie studios that want to create their games on PlayStation platforms. Something similar could be put in action to help JRPG developers bring their games to the West, by shouldering part or the entirety of the localization costs (that aren’t exactly enormous), in exchange for a share of the profits.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not in any way advocating subtracting resources from the indies to allocate them to JRPGs. I’m talking about something completely separate. As a matter of fact, Sony could easily find it advantageous to creating a dedicated in house\ JRPG localization studio, and act directly as the publisher for the most interesting titles.


The localized titles don’t even need to get a physical release, as publishing them on the PSN would be plenty to make most of the fans happy, further reducing the costs of the whole operation. This would allow Sony to effectively multiply the number of PS Vita titles available in the west at the price of a reasonably low investment, and I’m ready to bet that considering the average localization costs and digital publishing costs, Sony would end up making a respectable profit out of the deal as well.

As an added bonus Sony Computer Entertainment would solidify its relationship with several Japanese studios in the process, granting them a further source of income and fueling the development of additional games (many of which would surely be on PlayStation platforms), contributing to strengthening Japanese development as a whole.

Of course the project wouldn’t even need to be limited to the PS Vita, as it could easily involve the PS3 and the upcoming PS4, and it wouldn’t even need to stop at JRPGs. There are a lot of Japanese games belonging to other genres that would do quite well in the west if marketed the right way and published while keeping costs low. Yakuza 5 comes to mind.


Let’s take a look at the history of PlayStation and the old, glorious years of the PS1 and the PS2. Think about the games that drove the brand to greatness, and I’m quite sure you’ll notice that many were JRPGs. I’m also just as sure that I’m not the only one that feels that the genre has been sorely missed by many in the PS3 generation.

Modern PlayStation platforms are targeted to a fairly mature audience, and a big slice of that audience was already gaming during the previous generations. They remember the wonderful JRPGs of old, and seeing more games like those today would make a lot of people happy, and definitely more interested in purchasing a PS Vita. PlayStation has always been a brand strongly rooted in its Japanese heritage, and many appreciated it exactly because of that flavor that is now partly gone. Bringing it back is definitely in Sony’s best interest.

It’s noteworthy that Sony already expressed some form of interest in bringing more JRPGs to the vita with the #jrpgvita “campaign” on Twitter by SCEE Senior Business Development Manager Shahid Kamal Ahmad, that incidentally is at the forefront of the brand’s indie support. We still have to see the results of that, but the interest is there, and it just needs to be pushed further with actual investment and resources.

Some could object that JRPGs nowadays aren’t system sellers, and it’s hard for them to make a real profit, but that’s not really true. It’s definitely not random that the highest rated PS Vita game on Metacritic is a JRPG coming from the PS2 generation: Persona 4 Golden.

Persona_4_Golden (21)

Companies with a lot less resources and marketing potential than Sony live and thrive almost exclusively on JRPGs, like the aforementioned XSeed games and NIS America. How do they do that? By keeping costs low and by focusing their promotion in the right places. For instance if you go to big anime conventions (that are very fertile ground for JRPGs, for obvious reasons), you’ll almost inevitably find the booths of those publishers showing off their latest games, promoting them to the right crowd that is already sensitive to the topic. Word of mouth and the clever use of social networking does the rest.

Of course Sony has a much larger arsenal of marketing resources, and if there’s a company that can push the genre to a wider audience without needing to spend inordinate amount of money it’s them.

Ultimately, Sony Computer Entertainment has the means, the motive and the opportunity to turn the PS Vita into the ultimate JRPG machine in the west like it is in Japan, and to extend that wealth to the PS3 and to the PS4 as well. They only need to have the courage to go back to their roots and take that step, reaching out to the Japanese developers that helped them raise to greatness in the past in order to forge a new alliance to conquer the west again. Nihon Falcom, Gust, Acquire and many others are there just waiting for a nudge in the right direction.

To conclude, let us give a look to the rich JRPG line-up on the PS Vita, from the past and the future, including the games published or to be published in the west, and those that are still waiting for a localization announcement. Titles published in the west will be in black, those published only in Japan will be in red, upcoming titles that already have a western release announced will be in blue, while those that still haven’t been announced for localization will be in green (for most you can also click on the title to see a relevant trailer). It’s the best way to show quite clearly where the problem is, and how much Sony has to gain by solving it

Atelier Meruru Plus: The Apprentice of Arland 

Atelier_Meruru_Plus (1)

Atelier Totori Plus: The Adventurer of Arland


Chronos Materia

ChronosMateria Crop

Conception II


Criminal Girls INVITATION


Danball Senki W


Demon Gaze


Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention


Disgaea 4: Return


Dragon’s Crown




Final Fantasy X HD

FinalFantasyX_X2 (8)

Final Fantasy X-2 HD


Freedom Wars

FreedomWars (1)

God Eater 2

God Eater 2 Screens (16)

Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth


Hyper Goddess Faith Noir

Hyper Goddess

Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur


Lord of Apocalypse


Meikyuu Cross Blood: Infinity



MIND≒0 Wallpaper 01

Muramasa Rebirth


New Little King’s Story


Persona 4: Golden

Persona_4_Golden (44)

Phantasy Star Online 2


Picotto Knights


Ragnarok Odyssey/Ragnarok Odyssey ACE


Sei Madou Monogatari (Sorcery Saga)


Super Heroine Chronicle


Super Robot Wars Taisen OG Saga Masou Kishin 3: Pride of Justice


Tales of Innocence R

Tales_of_innocence_R (40)

Tales of Hearts R

Tales of Hearts R

The Legend of Heroes: Sen no Kiseki


The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki Evolution


The Legend of Heroes: Ao no Kiseki Evolution


Valhalla Knights 3

Valhalla (6)

Ys: Memories of Celceta


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  • Zerosion

    If the JRPG’s that the Vita is getting in Japan were available to me I would buy a Vita in a heartbeat. As of now though, there just isn’t enough. Not yet anyway.

    • Sai

      Vita isn’t region locked.

      • Chris Yuen

        he probably meant that in a “if they were localized” sort of way. I have the same feeling.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        That’s true, but as one that has to move frequently between his European and North American accounts (because one is my personal account, the one is for work), I can tell it’s kind of a pain. Also, not everyone reads Japanese.

      • Zerosion

        Suppose I should have said “localized” rather than available. I can’t read Japanese. 🙁

        Maybe i should just get off my but and try to learn….

    • Daniel Ortiz Nieto

      Same here.

      Games i’m interested in = I buy a console.
      No games = I don’t buy a console.

      Simple as that.

  • Chris Yuen

    You just had to mention Valkyria Chronicles 3. Sigh. Dem feels. The Vita is on the road to recovery in Japan…but I’m still waiting to see what Shahid and the rest of the Playstation team can do for us JRPG fans in the West/English-speaking countries.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Sorry about the feels. I share them, believe me.

      • Chris Yuen

        Yea..that supposed VC announcement that didn’t happen. D=

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Oh it probably happened, they did announce it after all. It also probably was so irrelevant that it didn’t even get there through the grapevine.

          • Chris Yuen

            What I heard was something about a Valkyria Duel Artbook…uh…okay….if Udon gets involved with that again, it will probably reach our shores before VC3 ever does.

    • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

      JRPGs don’t matter to me if they won’t be released in English.

      • hm?

        You realize that a major point in the article is Sony possibly putting together a plan to help localization of JRPGs.

        In other words, games “released in English” So what exactly were you arguing?

        • Daniel Lorenzo Lambino

          its an opinion, NOT AN ARGUMENT.

          • lolol


            “People don’t matter to me unless they learn the difference between its and it’s”


          • Guest

            lol, sorry i didn’t know that’s the best you can throw at me.
            lame ass.

          • guest


          • Perry Tanko

            look another troll sent over to the vita board. I see that GameFAQs culture is never too far away…

          • Perry Tanko

            you should close your account.

  • Dahl

    That’s one lewd list of games.

    • Giuseppe Nelva


      • lol

        boobs slight visible, oh no! … and conception *snickers*

        Grow up man.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          oh lol. That flew right over me 😀

  • Jiggaboo

    Should start a kick starter for fans to translate game
    An publish these games lol

    • oaf

      It’s not that easy. You’ve got to convince japanese developers to allow you, buy rights, hire translators, possibly hire voice actors if the developers charge you an insane amount to use the japanese voices.

      • Crazy_O

        Oh god, no voice actors please. If you can scrap the money somewhere, as an option, ok. But localizing the game first with japanese dub is more than enough.

        • oaf

          Totally agree with you but I think those fees are expensive, which is why the “tales of” games typically don’t come with dual audio

  • ChadAwkerman

    Now if only all those JRPGs would come to the West we’d be set. In fact, I think the Vita would be doing a lot better in the West if that were the case….

    • Stealth

      could be

    • Nihelus Aurenis

      I don’t know, the market for RPG’s just isn’t that big in the west unless it’s a big name like Final Fantasy or Star Ocean. To me it seems there’s already enough RPGs on the system to lure most JRPG fans to buy it.

      I wish it was different personally. Frankly, I hate the video game market in the west. Too many people buying Call of Duty and not enough people buying gems like Valkyria Chronicles. CoD is fine, but why won’t those people expand their horizons? It’s crazy how many people I’ve met that ONLY play Call of Duty. I’m also still bitter about not getting the third VC game. >.> Can’t blame Sega for not bringing a game over when nobody is buying it though. /sigh It is what it is.

  • rpgmaniac

    No offense to those who play JRPGs on handhelds but I can’t do that, I want to enjoy my games with a dual shock in hand watching the game & beautiful environments in a full HD LCD screen lying comfortable in my bed, I’m not Japanese I don’t find enjoyable to play games inside subways or somewhere outdoors & my house is not a 20×20 square room like the one many Japanese university students live & I have a nice TV in my room which I use to play games, & guess what most people in the west believe the same think that’s why JRPGs for consoles sell much more than the one on handhelds here.

    So I would like to see from SONY do something about JRPG fans in the west next generation because this generation they did nothing, & I mean NOTHING! SONY doesn’t have not even 1 first party studio for JRPGs & they didn’t release not even 1 JRPG in the whole PS3 lifespan till now, I buy three PS1 consoles, two PS2 & I also have a PS3 & as a PS fan I’m very disappointed with them.

    Compare to PS1/PS2 days SONY JRPG games is nowhere to be found, where is Legend of Dragoon? fans ask for years now for a new LoD game this game have a very huge fan-base & SONY choose to simple ignore them or pretend that they don’t exist, next where is Legend of Legaia? we get one game during PS1 & one during PS2 why SONY abandon the series after that? why not give us one Legaia game for PS3 also? personally I like this series very much because it have something very unique u can’t find on any other game, it’s combat system, next Wild Arms why this amazing franchise disappear after PS2? this game was amazing with it’s unique setting & themes we haven’t play again anything like that It’s a shame so amazing games never appear on PS3.

    Why SONY create unique amazing games create fans & then simple abandon them & never touch them again? these questions would keep coming back to me every time I think about the good old days before PS3 before HD era & before super-realistic graphics, I miss those days so much.. let’s hope that PS4 will change all that & bring the good old days back but to be honest I don’t see that happening :/

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      You’re shooting at the wrong target. Sony has never been a big JRPG deverloper itself.

      JRPG have moved in large part to portable consoles not because of Sony, but because their mostly third party) developers decided so. Handheld developemen simply fits JRPGs better for a matter of costs and assets.

      What Sony can do is helping those games get to the west, but they’re not the ones deciding what platforms they get developed on.

      • Stealth

        Sony was a big jrpg developer and publisher in the past but that guy is a bit loony. By the way if your a big japan/jrpg fan you might want to follow @stealth____ I talk about it all the time

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          The number of JRPGs they developed is very limited.

          • Stealth

            now, yeah but back then they had wild arms, arc the lad, legend of dragoon, publishing dark cloud, ect. but you were right to disagree with that guy

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            that’s the very definition of “very limited”.

          • Stealth

            most companies dont have that many jrpg franchises in the stable lol

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Not really, most JRPG publishers have tens.

          • Stealth

            they arent a jrpg publisher though. So for not being one, they have a very very large stable

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            That exactly the point, they aren’t a JRPG publisher, so they have very few.

          • Stealth

            we disagree completely but we can shake and move on

      • foureyes oni

        they need to help them move all these handheld rpgs to the consoles as well.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          bad commercial move. The more PS Vita games are also available on console, the more traction the vita will have.

          • foureyes oni

            i know i just hate playing on that little screen.

          • :)

            HDMI-out for Vita would be the more preferred option then =P

            Remaking an entire game for PS3 would be a silly move. They use different coding languages, so it’s not as easy as copy/pasting code.

            There’s still a port on the Vita that’s unused. Hopefully it can be used for video output :/

  • jujubee88

    I’m pretty sure SEGA already said a Yakuza related title is coming to VITA. An exclusive to. I think, again I don’t remember where or when I heard that.

  • Aya Hamada

    man i knew the vita have JRPG but this is along list too bad some won’t be available in English , guess ill wait til black Friday and hope more games released by then

  • Elvick

    Picotto Knights was announced for western release, but I asked GungHo on facebook about it and they didn’t really give an answer that left me thinking it was still going to happen. Forgot exactly what it was they said, but yeah. Probably not happening anymore.

    Sei Madou Monogatari has been announced to be coming over, Aksys is bringing it as “Sorcery Saga”.

    And I’m sad you didn’t get Aksys their dues. They’re still putting out PSP games, AT RETAIL. That’s how amazing they are.

    I mostly agree with this article, but STRONGLY disagree with digital only localizations. Not only does that hurt the PS Vita’s image further, but it makes me not even want to buy the games. I didn’t buy New Little King’s Story from the NA store, I imported the physical version from Europe. I didn’t buy Atelier Totori+ at all, because it was digital only.

    I want a physical copy.

    And PS Vita *needs* retail releases. Not having them, even with games that are retail games elsewhere (New Little King’s Story in NA, Epic Mickey 2 in NA, DBZ in NA, EDF, Totori+, etc) leaves shelves bare of new releases. Which just shows consumers looking at the Vita shelves in stores, that nothing is coming to the Vita.

    Even though that’s not true. Plus, the horribly over priced memory cards don’t make digital any more attractive.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Never said that they should never release anything physically, but releasing a game in digital form only is objectively a lot less costly, so it’s a good option for games with smaller predicted margins.

      If you’d rather not have a game at all than get it digital only, that’s your prerogative and your problem only. I’m quite sure a lot of people would much rather get a game digital only than not being able to play it in English at all.

      Having a number of games digital only doesn’t hurt the PSVita’s image at all (ALL modern consoles have digital only games). Not having enough games hurts it.

      It’s a simple matter of priorities.

    • Perry Tanko

      You say you need a physical copy.
      what if the publisher put out a printable pdf guidebook and front cover? slap that onto a DVD case and you got a physical copy, right?

      • Elvick


  • TheExile285

    Interesting. I never realized there were this many JRPGs on the system. Mostly because only 1/3 of the, have been localized or announced for localization.

  • TheExile285

    Btw, Freedom Wars is a first party title so it’s most likely getting localized.

    • Nihelus Aurenis

      That, and it looks awesome. I can understand why they’re hesitant to localize some of those. Not all of those would have a large enough base to make money, but they’d be stupid not to localize Freedom Wars.

  • Stealth

    this article has the right idea. But the author needs to understand more psp rpgs were localized, than most systems EVER. There were so many

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      The PS2 had many JRPGs unlocalized, but it had so many localized and such a wide variety/number of games that it didn’t affect it much.The situation with the PSP/Vita is way different.

      • Stealth

        The psp is the same. So many rpgs are localized

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Still a vast minority. Your “So many” is too few. The PSP didn’t have anywhere near the library the PS2 had, so the lack of localization influenced it a lot more.

          • Stealth

            The PSP had over 800 games……yeah it had a top 6 library

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            It’s a fraction of what the PS2 had, keep reaching 😀

          • Stealth

            A large portion was localized and continue to be localized. I dont need wiki. I bought almost every game

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Yeah, I’m sure you went down to the basement and counted em.

          • Stealth

            basement? I have a library 😉

  • Elronza Williams Jr.

    Jrpg’s are awesome! Heck I just bought 6 Jrpg’s last week thanks to Atlus.

  • Stealth

    “most of those titles didn’t make it to the western shores where the console languished due to a poor software line up. The dreadful sin that was the lack of a localization for games like Valkyria Chronicles 3 still burns.”

    1) That is factually false
    2) Every gen titles dont get localized. Pretending Valkyria 3 is some kind of new phenomena is wrong

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I think you need to go check the meaning of “factually false”, because it doesn’t mean what you think it means.

      A number of JRPGs did get localized, but that’s still minimal compared to how many remained unlocalized. The “one a month” figure is grossly exaggerated.

      Valkyria 3 is an emblematic case because the two first chapters of the series got localized and created a solid fanbase, while the third was ignored, leaving said fanbase hanging. Again, you need to check a dictionary for what “wrong” means, because it doesn’t mean “I disagree with it”.

      • Stealth

        More jrpgs got localized this gen than any other.

        Final Fantasy got localized, then we didnt get 2,3,5……….same thing and that was 15 years ago. That isnt new.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          15 years ago the market was very different than it is now.

          Also, Final Fantasy 2, 3, and 5 are self contained, while Valkyria Chronicles 1, 2 and 3 are much deeply linked to each other.

          You’re comparing apples to escalators.

          • Stealth

            I played Valkyria 3. Its about as close to the other 2 as the final fantasies I mentioned

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            You must have not played it very attentively, as a lot of the characters return, and it shows the same events from a different perspective.

          • Stealth

            the characters return in basically optional scenerios.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Are they there? Yes/No?

            They are, ergo the games are very solidly linked.

          • Stealth

            we disagree

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            You can disagree as much as you like. Saying that Final Fantasy games are as linked as the three valkyria chronicle games is ridiculous.

          • Stealth

            Its the same, themes

  • Stealth

    “The localized titles don’t even need to get a physical release, as publishing them on the PSN would be plenty to make most of the fans happy, further reducing the costs of the whole operation.”

    Thats were your also wrong. When an rpg is released digitally and physically at the same time. The physical sales are typically 6-10 to 1. Why is that? because with rpgs, longer games, people want to own them.

    I a big importer and jrpg lover would not be happy without physical releases

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      And again, you need to check the meaning of the word “wrong”. Being a “Big importer” doesn’t make your very personal opinion “right”.

      I did not say that they should never do physical releases, but digital releases are objectively much less costly, and it’s better to get a game digital only than not to get it at all.

      • Stealth

        i think we are more likely to get a physical release than a digital

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          yeah of course we’re more likely to get what costs more than what costs less… in the world of lala land 😀

          • Stealth

            costs more, but also has higher sales and profit potential

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Higher sales by how much? If you think the number of people that won’tr purchase a game if it’s not physical is anywhere high, I see a lot of naivete there.

            The fact that digital publishing has much higher margins is a fact.

          • Stealth

            I know for a fact its not high. I talk with developers all the time about games that got published physically in one region, not in another, and sales nosedived.

            DM me on twitter and I will tell you that story

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Yeah yeah. You “Know for a fact” and you “talk with developers” 😀

          • Stealth

            I know nis america and that is who i talk with, dont believe me?

            more and more? sure lol

          • just stop talking

            Yes because NIS america is a single unit composed of one person who you know completely. Specific names would help. I could say I know naughty dog or I know santa monica studios. Does that really prove that I know them, do I know every single individual working there or a select number of people or a single employee? You’re not proving your point at all bud.

          • Stealth

            1) naughty dog doesnt release games physically on 1 region and digitally in another so that example is ridiculous

            2) Prove that I know them? why do I have to prove something to somebody without an account?

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            JRPG devs aren’t Naughty dog. We’re talking about an entirely different order of magnitude in sales.

          • Nihelus Aurenis

            I know NIS America too. I talk to those devs all the time. They tell me that digital is the future.

            See how that works?

          • Stealth

            except I actually do, and on the NISA forums I get that respect for always being right. Your just trolling out of jealousy

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            “I get that respect for always being right”.

            Oh, just lol.

          • Stealth

            You can think I am not telling the truth all you want but I have a 100% accuracy rating when it comes not only to predicting what games nis america will localize but what games are being made by nis japan. Put 2 and 2 together

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Buddy, you got a serious ego problem. I’ll put 2 and 2 together and tell you that you need to pipe down, because quite evidently you know a lot less than you think you know. Advocating that digital only sales are a bad thing is obviously your biased opinion, and not any kind of insider info, as every visible industry trend goes against that.

            Besides, even if you really did talk with people from NISA (we all do, mind you, it’s our job), talking with someone at one small publisher hardly gives you any wider insight on the industry.

            Boasting insider knowledge to prove a false point hardly gives you credibility. Quite the opposite.

          • Stealth

            “Advocating that digital only sales are commercially a bad thing is ” Who said that?

            (fyi people on twitter after our last interchange told me not to talk to you. I didnt want to believe that. I still think we can find common ground)

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            eh, people on twitter tell a lot of things. You can talk to me all you want. i’m always open to discussion.

            Though I’d advise to stop with the “I’m always right because I talk to one dev” mantra, as it’s not conducive to good discussion and really, it doesn’t help your argument.

            To be completely honest, while I have enormous respect for NIS America, a lot of the developers that are trending towards digital only releases for their niche products matter more than them commercially. It’s a company I love, but it’s a small company, that keeps things physical mostly out of passion and culture.

            Digital publishing has an extremely small cost footprint. I’m sorry to have to say that, but if you really believe that a lot of people will rather not have a game localized at all than have it digital only, we’ll have to disagree. Lower costs = More possibility for games with smaller profit projections to come to the west, and that includes most JRPGs listed above. It’s pretty much an iron-clad equation.

          • Stealth

            You win. Debate over. Honestly its tiring.

            “if you really believe that a lot of people will rather not have a game localized at all than have it digital only” I never said that.

            What I said is you can do that, and get sales. But you can release it digitally and physically and get more

          • Nihelus Aurenis

            You come on here claiming to “know things” because you “know people” without proving anything, and you’re surprised that people don’t believe you? Funny. Frankly, nothing makes me suspect you’re a ranting kid more than telling me I’m jealous of you. Even if you’re telling the truth, good for you. You know a dev, congrats. When you grow up something trivial like knowing a dev won’t seem as cool as it does to you now.

          • Stealth

            congrats, like a kid you wanted the last word when a debate between 2 adults came to an end. Good for you

  • Cecilthedarknight234

    Hmm great article and if the swell of games keeps up I might end up getting a vita in the future.

  • Jrpg’s are awesome! It;s so exciting for everyone!

  • orangpelupa

    hi Nelva, next time when making article like this, can you link the picture to their respective image gallery or tag?

    it can add more clicks and help reader to know more about the game you mentioned.
    im not too familiar with JRPGs so i ended searching stuff around 😀

    for example, for Atelier totori plus.

    Link the picture to

    and, maybe, link the title to


    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I’ve been considering to do that, but I’ve just been hit by a large batch of news lol. I may get to do that later 😀

      • orangpelupa

        thanks, btw nowadays dualshockers feels like Nelva’s Dualshockers.
        you write lots of news and still retaining good detail. nice 😀

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          haha thanks, but everyone does his best, believe me. I just don’t sleep (much) 😛

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Done 😀

  • TagAnarchy

    Should you for some reason be reading this, COME ON SONY and japan in general. The reason why you aren’t making as much money as you could be making is that you’re being stingy in your releases. Imagine the goldmine that all of the above listed games are should the be released over here. I’m sure most know by now that a good chunk of Phantasy Star Online 2 players are from around the world playing on the JP servers and that the other listed series are just as popular, if not more, than a lot of games on the market. Just give us a chance. Flood us with all the games you can. We would eat them up in a heartbeat Japan.

    • ifniarcnum

      No it wont, sorry but almost every japanese game that is released here have mediocre to bad sales. And isn’t Japan who have to publish the games here, its the localization companies job.

  • Hush

    Can’t believe how many people are complaining about your digital-only comment.

    When New little king’s story was announce digital-only for NA, I didn’t care that it was digital only, I was just happy that Konami brought it over at all. So far I’m like 40+ hours into that game with no regrets of buying the digital copy (Ended up getting it for $20 on NA PSN too!)

    Now if those “Tales of” games were digital only, I’d still buy them both in a heartbeat.

    Why complain for prospective digital only? It’s better than what we have now… Anyone have an English copy of the Vita’s Tales of Hearts R or Tales of Innocence R? That’s what we have now. Sheesh, quit your whining for a physical copy and ownership bs, people.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Yeah, i find it rather laughable that some people would rather not have the game than have it digital only. Luckily, I believe they’re a vastly outnumbered minority, despite the fact that they think that a digital only option is “factually wrong” lol.

      • Stealth

        I didnt say that

    • Elvick

      If you want to pay full retail price for lazy localization, then good for you.

      • hush

        Laziness vs. Cost-efficiency.

        There’s a difference. Localization and Physical distribution are not free.

        Support companies’ efforts to bring games over at all, unappreciative brat.

    • Stealth

      I have a big problem with digital only but if others like it its fine with me.

      It should also be noted new little king BOMBED.

  • aozaki

    ugh! my eyes, MY EYES! so many cool games! want a vita! 😀

  • Why does every single site misspell Noire’s name in her game’s title? (It should read “Hyper Goddess Fair Noire”, since the name of the character is spelled like that on both sides of the ocean)

  • Pierre

    More will be localized when they finally understand we don’t want English dubs. Subs is all we need!

    Although it’s more of an action game with rpg elements, it worked well for Murasama Rebirth…

  • Stealth

    I think I was a bit too agressive with my responses

  • Dollow Rlance

    I was waiting for this one.

    Good article, I believe the key is know which JRPGs can have an overall appeal, and that are marketable. Like Tales Games which can have a wide-market appeal, as the games are coming out more often for the series, but there are some games that might not be as marketable too, companies will have to find those that work for them.

    I did hear XSeed mention it took a lot of work and to translate just one of the Legend of Heroes games, so the work can just be too much to do.

    I do hope more come out, but it does come down to companies having the will to do it, and if Sony cares to make it happen.

    I will say personally, I am tired of the Monster Hunter style game, as the games don’t really encourage exploring, not very many locals, and the hub worlds get old very fast.

    Overall I do like how you did the article on RPGs, and the fact that you have a list some RPGs that look promising.

    • AttentionDeficitGuy

      One thing to remember about XSEED and Legend of Heroes is that XSEED is a very small localization company. It’s amazing the amount of content they’re able to localize with a team that size. Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky was by far the most text-heavy game they translated, and it was a lot of work, but if they were a bigger company with a larger team and more financial resources, it would have been a much faster and more cost-efficient project.

      So yeah, a company with the resources of Sony would be able to set up a localization branch able to handle Legend of Heroes-sized games easy-peasy.

  • shogunknight

    W…Wow, thats a lot of RPGs. I knew it had some but this is very impressive. And yes, Sony has to give more support. Not just remote play, some way to make vita owners perfectly confident of their purchase

  • Stefano Ecoretti

    What jrpg are currently localized or planning to localize? Please don’t tell me none

    • TheExile285

      Read the article…

      • Stefano Ecoretti

        “The console was (and to an extent still is) very popular in Japan, where
        gamers could enjoy an extremely rich line-up of games (again, many of
        those were JRPGs), while most of those titles didn’t make it to the
        western shores where the console languished due to a poor software line
        up. The dreadful sin that was the lack of a localization for games like Valkyria Chronicles 3 still burns.” I don’t find what we actwally have

        • Zerosion

          not part of the article. The whole article.. ”

          To conclude, let us give a look to the rich JRPG line-up on the PS Vita,
          from the past and the future, including the games published or to be
          published in the west, and those that are still waiting for a
          localization announcement. Titles published in the west will be in black, those published only in Japan will be in red, upcoming titles that already have a western release announced will be in blue, while those that still haven’t been announced for localization will be in green (for
          most you can also click on the title to see a relevant trailer). It’s
          the best way to show quite clearly where the problem is, and how much
          Sony has to gain by solving it”

  • Steel

    JRPG’s have always been the thing to sell handhelds, gameboy, advanced, ds, 3ds. Pokemon was a huge selling point(While that boat saled for me after gameboy color, it was a jrpg). Even the psp really only started moving units when crisis core got pushed out. It’s not too hard to figure out that the handheld demographic is not the same as other demographs, if the ps vita had more Jrpgs in the west it’d sell better, same as how it’s now selling better in japan with more JRPGs available. If only they realized.

  • Perry Tanko

    Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth and New Little King’s Story are excellent examples of loli. I wonder WHY the Vita isn’t succeeding in Japan then?

  • goldenlander

    Learn Japanese. That’s good for you.

  • Zero_Ultimater_Reaper

    Im exited 🙂

  • Name

    Why the color scheme, just put the status beside the title… I have to scroll up every time to see what the color means :/.