New Killer is Dead Info and Screenshots Feature Missions, Challenges, More Lingerie

Eager to see more of the upcoming Killer is Dead that will hit the shelves on August the 27th? You’re in luck, as today Kadokawa Games released a new batch of screenshots and information about the game.

We get a recap on the four mission types: Main Missions are execution tasks assigned by Brian’s Execution Office and push the story forward. SubMissions are optional and are to be completed separately from the main episodes. They offer a variety of rewards. Scarlett Challenges are tasks given by Scarlett during missions. By completing them it’s possible to raise her interest in Mondo. Gigolo Missions are interludes in which Mondo will try to seduce the Mondo Girls by giving them gifts and interacting with them.

Three different SubMissions are introduced: Traditional Liqueur tasks Mondo with recovering a precious wine from a vampire infested castle. City Guard involves stealing a bonsai from a temple. Little Romance is an apparently trivial task to get a model locomotive for Brian that goes horribly wrong.

KillerIsDead (3)

We also learn more about the gift shop, that will let us purchase presents for the Mondo girls and even costumes for his companions (in the gallery below you can see a costume for Mika). The variety of presents available will increase depending on the results of the missions. The better we’ll perform, the more and more effective stuff we’ll be able to purchase.

Finally, we get to see five different pieces of purchasable lingerie for the Mondo Girl Natalia. As you can easily imagine they’re rather revealing… You can check everything out in the gallery below. Some of it can be considered slightly not safe for work depending on your workplace. you’ve been warned.

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  • Panzerdrako

    i need to play killer 7 again..mostly cos i will play this game next year …probably…yep, economy sucks down here for day1 games,,,

  • Jimmy Russell

    This game is offensive to womyn, you would think that after Anita Sarkeesians videos on the subject and the recent inroads into videogames by feminism that gaming websites would know their place and not promote these kind of games, which are practically hate crimes against womyn.

    • NL37

      why cant you say women properly.
      Who cares m8. I treat women with respect and no game will affect me,
      thats like normal aint it. Dont play CoD Ghosts or GTA5, you prob think theirs too much violence and kids are being affected to.

      • dieger

        its official womyn is the new woman 😛

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      May want to learn to spell women in correct, current English before trying clumsily to talk on their behalf.

      That aside, our duty as video game journalists is to inform gamers about games, not to support this or that political agenda, let alone censorship attempts.

      • Mike Tooman

        His user name is Jimmy Russell. It might as well say “Troll McTrollson.” It’s interesting that people are replying to him, let alone the author of the article.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Eh, I reply to a lot of people. I like holding a dialogue with readers, but in this case it’s probably not worth the effort.