Capcom’s Deep Down Is an Online RPG, Only PS4 Mentioned as Platform; Gets Teaser Trailer

Yesterday Capcom held a presentation in Japan titled “Capcom Network Games Conference” to introduce the upcoming online titles in development at the company. Between other things (and a lot of social games) more  information has been shared about Deep Down.

It’s being developed as an online game, and more details will be shared at Tokyo Game show where the game will be playable, as announced during the presentation. Only PS4 has been mentioned as a platform, even if the game isn’t yet explicitly confirmed as exclusive for Sony’s upcoming next generation console.

In addition to that, the company opened a teaser website for the game, that can be found here and identifies the game as a”Reading” (リーディング) RPG.

No offline mode seems to be present as an internet connection is explicitly required, and “Online Only” is mentioned as well.

A brief teaser trailer has also been shown. You can check it out below (courtesy of our friends at Game HQ Media). You can see further details about the game and its engine here.

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  • Lord Akki

    Hoping for this to be an exclusive only to the PS4! Do it SONY.

    • and it can turn out to be Lair, Quantum Theory and Haze

      • Lethal_Doze

        or Demons Souls

        • Deluge

          which is even worse

  • shark_tsuki

    Online only? Just lost my interest. Plus its a capcom game so microtransactions and DLC will plague the game.

    • Jason Mounce

      Lost your interest? Sorry but I’ll consider you ignorant.

      When someone says ‘Online’ that’s not telling you ‘Multiplayer only’. Think about Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls…..they’re heavily online too and that’s probably what this is inspired from is that series.

      Games where you’re constantly interconnected with everyone and everything! A living breathing world of those who also play the game with or around you. Sorry if people trying to be imaginative or creative seems to be a downer on you while you seem to prefer things to stagnate…

      • B

        Sorry but you are the ignorant one. Demon’s Soul or Dark Soul’s doesn’t require an active internet connection for being played. In this article it is said that the game is “Online Only”, now tell me, what is the game that you can play online and are not multiplayer?

        • Jason Mounce

          I was making a comparison to a game with heavy online features -_- Whoever would play Demon’s Souls or Dark Souls without internet is a moron. You took it to a literal and stupefied level.

          By the sounds of it, you sound like a tinfoil hat wearing DRM-distraught/deranged lunatic who’s popped out from a basement. Watch Dogs for one on Next-gen consoles will always be connected to the internet. It is not a Requirement but it is highly advised. With the implications as vague and as miniscule of information that we have on this. ‘Deep Down’ might as well be a game that is entirely focused on delivering us gameplay on their servers and thus has no offline-focused single-player campaign but takes Demon’s Souls features and is taking it potentially a step up.

          But to fire back at your comical Introduction. I’m open-minded here and accepting of potential innovation because nothing here is screaming ‘DRM’ yet, no matter how much you scream, whine, moan or cry at me and cry wolf and say I’m ‘Ignorant’, get a closer look at the mirror because you bite your own tongue, child. If you even do make a response, at least make it rational, less hostile, less half-witted and at least have some logic or constructive purpose with out and not dive to a Parrot-squabble of psychobabbling which am sure you will do.

          • shark_tsuki

            Listen arrogant kid, unlike you I grew up playing SNES games where we had awesome single player games. We had no DLC nor any patches. I always prefer retail version of a game and pay 4-5 times to get boxed copy (okami hd or journey collectors edition). I avoid all DLC and get two versions of a game, launch and GOTY (Red dead redemption) to have contents in disk. You probably grew up playing COD and getting digital items cheap (steam or psn+). Its my decision to avoid any online only game. If its got single player with multiplayer then I am okay with it. If you dont like, then its fine. But dont be a jerk and shove your likings to others throat. Make your own comment instead of reply and GTFO.

          • Jason Mounce

            Lol, Arrogant Kid. Oooooh-….SNES…Man, you’re hardcore now! Congratulations! I’m sorry, where was the part where you told me I’m arrogant and you start preaching a life story about how you perceive yourself as Old-school from a SNES Childhood of some sort?

            Sorry to say, but I’m sure I’m older than you being that you say you grew up on SNES and I grew up on Amiga computers, Commodore 64 and Atari before Nintendo ‘came to be’ in their prime of NES. You’re quite a loudmouthed hipster-faggot as online-definitions go. “You probably grew up playing COD” – Hahahaha. Okay there kid, whatever Presumptuous accusations make you sleep better at night while you think yourself better than others for having grown up with simply a SNES.

            and again, you’re admitting to your ignorance because you have these petty standards that run on Emotions and Bias rather than open-mindedness and rational thought. You’re a screaming child trying to sound like you’re oldschool and hipster like an internet-qualified and whiny ‘Oldfag’ of the gaming industry. Yet you proclaim yourself such with such a background as ‘SNES’. I would easily assume you to be 15-19 years old and nothing beyond that by your immaturity and simple-mindedness.

            That and your insecurities are as blatantly noticeable…Try not to flail the “I played NES games before they were mainstream” card unless you know you’re infact older than the other person, and that you know what games and history the other has in contrast to your own, lest you make a fool of yourself.

          • shark_tsuki

            I am 27, finished my MBA recently and played games at my childhood despite living in a 3rd word country where gaming was a novelty. If you have doubts then I am sorry. Xbots posing as grown ups and defending always online type features aren’t new.

          • shark_tsuki

            Sent you friend request at facebook. See for yourself.

          • Jason Mounce

            -_- Again, you’re Assuming this ‘Only Online’ relates to DRM without any evidence, that’s what I’m calling you out on. Your jumping to conclusions with ignorance and emotive influence rather than logical because we don’t have enough information to actually know what the hell it is they’re doing.

            And the relevance of Xbox Ones’ PAST DRM is irrelevant everywhere nor would I be one to defend the 24-checkin which no longer even exists. Nor do I even like Microsoft or Xbox consoles. The moral of the story here of what I’m trying to say is, don’t Jump to bloody conclusions without fully knowing what you’re even trash-talking. Wait for the final details of the game and what’s going to come out of the box, what the features are and why what they say it is matters. If it completely relies on servers and where if their servers are down you cannot play the game anymore and it’s traditional DRM-crap. Then Sure…..but saying it’s Online Only doesn’t need to end like that.

            And, I have no need to affirm such information. It’s not THAT important.

  • Egasira

    It isn’t ‘Raiding’ it’s ‘Leading.’ It means leading a character through the RPG。Probably better to say ‘Point and Click’ How this will work online, I don’t know.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      You’re actualy right, thanks for catching it 😀

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        the usual L/R conundrum confused me. Hell, it could be “Reading” too lol, but it wouldn’t make any sense.

        Leading could also mean that you control the leader of a group. I don’t really know. Capcom loves to make up genre names.

        • Egasira

          In Japanese below it says ‘記憶を読み撮るRPG’ So it probably is Reading.

          There are a few examples of this kind of RPG on the net.
          Probably closer to Infinity Blade on the iPad than to Dark Souls etc.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Yeah, that’s a good call. We’ll have to see what it’ll be I guess.

  • shark_tsuki

    Graphics have “Deep Down”ed.

  • wtf is a Reading RPG?
    oh…you read books, text, messages, dialogues.

  • Online only? Goodbye.

  • Russell Gorall

    Nothing about the trailer seemed to say online only game. There are enough games like that, I actually thought this was a Dragon’s Dogma sequel.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      It’s specified on the official teaser website.

  • Charperrin Woodard

    Can’t wait to see more on this game

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