About Twenty Companies Including Sega Made a Bid on Atlus, 20 Billion Yen Offered

Looks like things are starting to get heated on the war for the acquisition of Atlus. According to a report by Bloomberg Japan about twenty companies including Sega Sammy Holdings made a bid on the studio behind Persona and Catherine.

Executives familiar with the situation reported that some of the bids reached about 20 billion yen (a little south of 201 million dollars) in the primary auction held earlier this week, and that Atlus’ mother company Index Corporation will choose the candidates before or as early as next week and determine a final buyer by the end of the month. Notably, 20 billion yen are way superior to the initial estimated revenue of 15 billion yen.

In July Index hired the GCA Savvian consulting firm to serve as advisors during the transfer of business ownership. Kazumasa Otsuka-san of the Nijubashi law firm declined to comment or to share details about the actual procedure implemented for the auction. A representative of Sega Sammy Holdings did not offer any comment as well.

Atlus is on sale because Index Corporation filed for Civil Rehabilitation (the Japanese equivalent of a soft Bankruptcy) after finding itself in debt by 24.5 billion yen (almost 246 million dollars). In the meanwhile the studio reassured customers that business will continue as usual and future releases won’t be affected.

There is still no word on the possible results of the auction, so all we can do for now is wait and see, while hoping that Atlus will be acquired by a  third party that will guarantee its quality, creativity and independence.

We have reached out to both Atlus and Sega requesting a comment, and we’ll keep you updated if we receive anything relevant.

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  • Dhruv Rajyagor

    Sega’s on the list, but what about Nintendo or Sony? Kinda surprised neither are bidding for it. I was expecting a least one of them to bid.

    • Kenneth Richardson

      Maybe they’re going to snipe the auction XD

      • Dhruv Rajyagor

        I can see that happening. Though, nintendo has QUITE a lot of money in their pockets thanks to the Wii selling 100 million, so I can see them buying Atlus. I don’t know why, but I have this hunch that either Nintendo or Sony will buy Atlus; Sony because most of their well-known games are on Playstation (as opposed to nintendo consoles), but Nintendo because their franchises just fit in with Nintendo’s franchises, at least to me anyways.

        ‘Course my hunch could be wrong.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Fit in with Nintendo’s franchise?

          The age target of many of Atlus franchises is a LOT higher than Nintendo’s. Catherine would never fit with Nintendo for instance.

          Let’s remember that Nintendo is the company that censors its own games when one of the characters shows her rear clad in a relatively demure bikini.

          Better hope Atlus doesn’t end under them.

          By the way, Nintendo isn’t exactly doing too well financially as of late. They’re all out trying to save money basically everywhere. It’s unlikely they even made a bid, and if they did, it’s even more unlikely they bid 200 million dollars.

          • Stealth

            nintendo doesnt censor anything really, and atlus franchises wouldnt be touched, like smt iv

            “Nintendo isn’t exactly doing too well financially as of late. ” 88 mil net profit, the horror

          • Testsubject909

            Persona has been seen only on Sony consoles though. You can’t tell me that franchise won’t be unscathed and won’t draw some very negative reactions.

            Seriously no first party should get their hands on Atlus, it’ll only cause damages in some way or form.

          • Stealth

            And everything else is on nintendo systems now. Etrian, radiant historia, nora, trauma center, every other smt.

            Persona is one thing and could go on nintendo systems

            Is it likely? no

            but nintendo can treat an rpg studio better than anyone

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            There’s a large difference between having a game on their console and *owning* the studio that makes that game. You can be 100% sure that a lot of the darker and more adult oriented Atlus’ themes would not fly if they were directly owned by Nintendo.

          • anon

            I’m pretty certain SMT is dark and not really suitable for the family audience, but they sell very well on the 3DS. No-one can be 100% sure of anything. Wait and see what happens.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            SMT isn’t owned by Nintendo. Comparing apples to oranges.

          • Stealth

            That didnt stop intelligent system, monolith or anyone else from making a dark adult oriented game

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            None of those gets even near to a Persona or even more so a Catherine.

            As a matter of fact, Monolith has cleaned up its themes a LOT for Xenoblade, compared to Xenogears and Xenosaga.

          • Stealth

            I totally disagree.

          • Jonoridge

            I thought the opening of Xenoblade Chronicles was pretty dark. Seeing the main character’s childhood friend get killed right in front of him was quite dark. That’s Nintendo first party via Monolith Soft? Your 100% is an assumption which straight away makes it incorrect. Funny you commented about someone making assumptions earlier and then say that it’ll 100% be like this…

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            There’s much “worse” than death between the themes Atlus puts in its games. Death is something almost entirely sterilized in today’s games.

            if you make the comparison between the themes of xenoblade and xenogears/xenosaga, there has been a rather sizable cleanup.

            The history of nintendo shows clearly what games they make and what games they don’t make.

          • Testsubject909

            Late reply but to note. You completely bypassed the problem I put forth and argued with something irrelevant to the issue I stated.

            Nice work.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Really? Here’s some help for your memory.


            88 Million net profit is quite weak for a company like Nintendo, and is overshadowed by the profit of quite a few other Japanese publishers. With the situation of the Wii U they have been saving money anywhere they can. Making a (small) profit doesn’t mean they aren’t in a weak financial position.

            Nintendo has an operating income goal of 100 billion yen to reach by the end of the year. They aren’t going to spend a fifth of it (basically throwing to the bushes any chance of succeeding) on purchasing another publisher that would create a lot of redundancy with their own publishing structure.

          • Stealth

            And next quarter they are projecting 500+ million………..Other japanese publishers dont make hardware.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Projections based on the Wii U recovering, which is definitely not a safe assumptions.

          • Stealth

            With pokemon, zelda, mario, more bundles, ect incoming? very safe assumption

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            They said (and I hoped) it about Pikmin 3 as well. The Wii U is back to pre-pikmin 3 sales already in Japan after 3 weeks.

            Just a few games don’t sell a system by themselves.

          • Stealth

            In japan it takes YEARS to sustain sales. The wii u sales in the region are higher than they were. And its hit after hit each month

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Hit after hit each month? You don’t really follow the media create charts do you?

            The Wii U has an abysmally low number of games, with immense holes between those that get any degree of even limited success, a few more games (because we’re talking about just a handful) sparsely distributed in about a year or more for now will have trouble changing the situation any.

          • Stealth

            I follow them every week. The numbers have stabalized much higher on a game that isnt a system seller. Its positive

            “The Wii U has an abysmally low number of games,” It has more games in the first year than many new systems. Only 1 Nintendo console ever had more.

            The library during the holidays will look much different than right now

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Looks like you need to read them a little better, and take the rose tinted glasses off. Even Nintendo admits that they’re sorely lacking in the number of games.

            The library during the holidays is gonna looks exactly like it looks now, with a small handful of games more, that will change very little, unless something radical happens. And that something radical isn’t on the horizon now.

          • Stealth

            What are you expecting? seriously? its year 1/

            The library now is good for year 1, during the holidays its better than most.

            ” there isn’t yet evidence that hints to any real recovery now, or during the holidays.

            There is tons of evidence

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            try to see how just saying “there’s tons of evidence” holds in a court.

            The last “evidence” was selling less than 200,000 units in a whole quarter worldwide. And one of the most awaited games for the console failing to bolster sales for more than two weeks.

          • Stealth

            For the last 3 weeks since pikmin came out in japan sales have increased over 100%, and this is a non major game. As we see more games come out these bad sales will be a more distant memory

          • Moon Goose

            Incorrect, Nintendo of Japan doesn’t censor anything. Nintendo, while catering to the family market, aren’t into censoring anything. You mistake the ethos of Nintendo of America over Nintendo of Japan, and that is your downfall.

            Also, Nintendo have more money than you’d think. The DS and Wii combined sold in excess of 250 million units, and they’re not looking to cut back on their employees or close down buildings (unlike Sony who did). Nintendo are in a prime position to fire in a bid for Atlus, and are more likely than you realise due to the SMT x FE crossover. While the Wii U is faltering, the 3DS is soaring. There will only be cause for concern on their home console front if the Wii U still falters by Q4 2015.

            Don’t get pissy if Nintendo do fire in a bid and are successful in acquiring Atlus. I have no doubt they won’t change a thing and will just leave Atlus to get on with it. SQUAWK!

          • Rytan

            NoA certainly does censor, though. I’ll never get to see Tharja’s beautiful butt in 3D. ;_;

          • Moon Goose

            Looking at the original Japanese image… why they couldn’t just remove the droplets instead is beyond me. No need for that additional item of clothing. Cordelia’s picture is arguably just as suggestive and that hasn’t been censored.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Japan aren’t two completely separate entities. The fact that NOA censors its games means that there’s a very solid possibility that, if they were to purchase Atlus, their game would be censored for the North American market like they did with Fire Emblem Awakening.

            That’s all that matter for us. They do censor, and they did.

          • frumpus

            You are a terrible person with a screwed up mentality.

          • Dhruv Rajyagor

            My point exactly.

          • Estarvia

            why would they need to bid 200mill dollars? thats the debt Index has as a whole for all of its parts. No one is paying that much for just ATLUS

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Atlus doesn’t just have a development studio, but also a rather large international publishing structure. Most probably Index is selling the whole package, and all of Atlus IPs.

          • Dhruv Rajyagor

            I should probably elaborate on that. When I meant “fit in”, I actually meant the art style of Atlus games fit with the art style of Nintendo games. The age target doesn’t really have to matter as long as they look well next to their franchises. Take Brawl for example: Somic fits well with the cast because his art style is a natural “Nintendo” thing, whereas Solid Snake didn’t fit in as well because Metal Gear games are generally more realistic in the art department than Nintendo games (though I do love Metal Gear regardless. My favorite series ever :D). Regardless of that, Metal Gear’s age target are more for Mature audiences, though ratings don’t necessarily matter, I mean Nintendo owns the rights to Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Reqiuem, which was an M-rated game. That said, age rating doesn’t matter to Nintendo; they just make a lot of family-centered games so that everyone can enjoy them.

            As for the censoring, that’s only for Nintendo of America. NoJ and NoE didn’t censor Tharja. Though I really hope NoA doesn’t censor anymore. Kinda sucks for them to censor a T-rated game (if I’m not mistaken) even though that was alright because that was the target audience. Wait a minute, if that was the case then why didn’t they censor Midna? I mean in her iconic form, she was revealing a lot o’ skin……Eh, probably best not to question it 😛

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            The fact that only NoA did is not real conforting. It’s not like they are in a vacuum, and if they did it once, they can do it again.

            You can be as sure as the sun that a game like Catherine would never come out of a Nintendo owned studio, ever.

          • frumpus

            Prove it, ahole. SEems to me that you’re stuck in the 90s.

          • TheGamerGeek128

            Remember also that Nintendo and Atlus have been rather close in recent years (Trauma Center, SMT IV being exclusive to 3DS, SMT X Fire Emblem). Plus Nintendo is sitting on a throne of Wii and DS money.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Atlus has been “rather close” with everyone they published their stuff on.

            That’s how being a third party works.

            Third party publishers like gung ho and kadokawa have a financial situation much healier than Nintendo’s. There’s a reason why the Japanese media is demanding Iwata’s leaving his post more and more every week.

    • orangpelupa

      im more concerned Microsoft did not bid. They really need japan talents.
      MS really letting japan market away?

      • Dhruv Rajyagor

        Wouldn’t really surprise me, tbh. Their consoles never sold as well as in America or Europe in that region. Though you’re right; them buying Atlus would help their Japanese market. Then again, that’s not likely.

    • Forty

      Those two weren’t likely to bid in the first place. Atlus is actually fairly large, not just a small dev studio, but a full worldwide publishing company too. Nintendo and Sony aren’t likely to buy those. In general, when Nintendo and Sony acquire companies (eg, Monolith Soft), they’re smaller dev studios. They buy them out, then have them develop games as a subsidiary, and then Nintendo/Sony publish them.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        Exactly. Atlus has a fairly substantial publishing department. That would be completely redundant with Sony or Nintendo.

        • jspillen

          Bummer, but you all’s thoughts are very sensible.

      • Panda83

        That’s exactly what bums me out the most about this whole situation. Atlus publishing has brought some great gems to the west that have not be developed by Atlus themselves.I feel that aspect will suffer no matter who buys them. 🙁

      • Dhruv Rajyagor

        Fair point. Though to be honest I wasn’t expecting Sega as a bidder. Not sure why though.

    • Guest

      I would die laughing if Atari came out of virtually nowhere and won it like one of those last second bidder jerks on ebay.

  • Chris Yuen

    Any full list of the 20+ companies involved? Will be interesting to hear who are involved in the mix.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      None has been shared at the moment, I’m afraid. It’s unlikely to filter out until a buyer is determined, and possibly it’ll never be made public. We might get to know a couple runner ups.

  • Go, NIS, go!

  • Dollow Rlance

    Sad part is if SEGA won I would be sad as they are not really a AAA game company to me anymore. Lets hope atlus finds a good home.

    • ManagedCorn

      SEGA makes fantastic games, the bad thing is.. they never localize a lot of games.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        That’s my problem as well.

      • Discostink

        That’s kind of the problem. Sega is getting pretty stingy about localization, and the whole process of just shipping off games like Binary Domain with basically no marketing and letting them die a swift profit death is a problem.

    • Kalum O’sullivan

      What the hell are you smoking? They make some great games. Total War, Football Manager (Imo), All-Stars Racing series, Sonic Generations, Phantasy Star Online 2. If these aren’t “AAA” you need help.

      • Dollow Rlance

        Agree to disagree

      • Logan

        Dude new sonic blows, as does all star racing.

  • rpgmaniac

    What about SONY? did they bid also? I really hope that SONY get them they don’t have any JRPG studio & it’s better to buy some good ones than try to create one from scratch..

  • Robbyfishersora

    Please remain 3rd party as possible.

    • lasdjkf

      PlayStation Exclusive would be best for the company. Since most of their games already are PlayStation Exclusive.

      • hgggggsgss

        You’re a god damn idiot, majority of their games have been released on Nintendo systems.

        • Caleb

          143 Games on Nintendo consoles;142 games via Sony consoles, that person is hardly an idiot. You, on the other hand, could pass off as such for a comment like that.

  • Optimist

    I hope Namco buys them

  • jspillen

    Let’s hope Sony picks them up… Thank goodness for Altus that the final product “Dragon’s Crown” exceeds the hype and is getting stellar reviews everywhere. And even higher word of mouth praise. That will greatly help build their clout during negotiations.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Atlus didn’t make Dragon’s Crown. They just published it. Vanillaware developed the game.

      Which is why Sony and Nintendo are unlikely, Atlus is also a publisher. Sony and Nintendo don’t normally buy publishers, because they have their own publishing structure and aren’t exactly in the financial situation of wasting money for redundant assets right now.

      • Alexander Conrad

        all this wanting for atlus to be first party is rather concerning

        are people such fan boys for certain consoles that they want to fracture the ATLUS fans by forcing them to choose a console they might not want?

        • atlus1

          thats what am wondering as well. i rather atlus stay third party so smt still goes to nintendo and persona still comes to a sony console

      • frumpus

        Strawman argument at its finest. You can’t prove that Sony and Nintendo aren’t willing bidders on Atlus simply because you think they haven’t bought publishers before.

    • ifniarcnum

      PLease give the praise to those who deserve it, Dragon crown is from Vannilaware, one of the few developers that use hand drawn 2d hd sprites, which is much more harder than 3d.

      • theodor70941

        As a 3D artist I must comment on what you just said quote “2d hd sprites, which is much more harder than 3d.”

        It’s not harder to make 2D because if you make a 2D game then you just have to make the art of the world, characters and then program the code for the game… But when you make a 3D game then you must first have someone who’s making the concept art for the character or object and then after that have someone remaking it in a 3D software like maya or blender but that’s not all… After all that’s done you must have someone to take the texture of the concept art and add it onto the 3D model.

        And then you also must have a game engine for a 3D game like Unreal, but it’s not just to put something where ever you want it to be, you must always think on things like it it’s going to look good or bad in that chosen place in the game world!

  • David

    I feel like a nervous wreck. I’ve been checking the news aggregators for ages. Knowing that any day now, I could see the news that would fill me with dread, and despair, that would mean I never get to play an Atlus game again.

    I know this sounds like typical gamer insensitive hyperbole, but it feels like waiting to hear the judge’s ruling on your custody hearing – that you might never see someone that special to you again.

  • Guest

    It would be great if sony purchased them. But given their financial condition its not possible. Whoever gets atlus needs to release persona 5 in ps4.

  • Binks5

    up to 20 companies? that is quite a lot, I wonder who bid? im suprised to see sega did

  • Stealth

    I bid lol. Seriously though I would prefer Nintendo take them. They know how to treat rpg studios

    • Dantendo

      They did in 1993, not 2013… Super Nintendo was the last console Nintendo excelled with RPG studios like squaresoft, enix and Capcom.. Since then they could care less.. At least they make an effort internally with fire emblem.. The crystal chronicles games have been a joke however..

      • Stealth

        Are you freakin kidding? They are a jrpg developer and have teamed with dozens this gen.

        The ds was the biggest rpg system of the last 10 years……

        • atlus1

          umm your kidding right? psp had more quality rpg than the ds

          • Stealth

            now that I know is fiction

          • altus1

            keep telling your self that

          • Stealth

            More DS rpgs were critically acclaimed and sold far better, anything other than that is opinion

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Yeah but almost none of those was developed by a Nintendo or by a Nintendo owned studio. They were on the DS for one single reason, installed base.

          • Stealth

            None of them were developed by sony either. But that isnt part of the discussion.

            Also nintendo DID develop tons like golden sun, pokemon, ect

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Pokemon is not developed by Nintendo. Game Freak is not a first party studio, but a second party studio.

            The same can be said about Camelot Software, that developed Golden sun.

          • Stealth

            Gamefreak are owned by nintendo, they essentially are a first party studio.

            Camalot is different they only have a contract with nintendo

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      You mean by censoring what they make?

      Yeah that’s treating them very well. Indeed.

      • Estarvia

        they censored 1 picture in a 90h game… seriously whats with the whole censor thing you keep pushing everywhere? It has been quite a while since they censored anything significant

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          It’s censorship, and nonsensical censorship to add to it.

          So yeah, I’d much rather not have it happen to Atlus’ games.

          • Stealth

            it wasnt a big deal. They didnt keep mara out of smt iv

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Didn’t know that SMT IV was owned by Nintendo. Oh wait, it isn’t.

          • Stealth

            But they could have demanded a censor if they cared

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            They sure cared with Fire Emblem.

            That’s the difference between a third party game and a first party game, which some people here fail to recognize.

          • Stealth

            Its falled fire emblem? 1 item that took less than .5 seconds, still has death murder, actual mature stuff

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            It’s censorship. And censorship is unacceptable no matter what it is on.

            Only someone that doesn’t care about Atlus’ games would justify the possibility of them being censored in any way.

          • Stealth

            It happens with more games than you think its just never publicized.

            I would rather have a little censorship if it ensures atlus games will have a stable home

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            there are plenty stable homes out there that don’t do any censorship and leave their studios complete creative freedom. Actually financially more healthy than Nintendo.

          • Stealth

            we will find something to agree on. might take awhile but we wil lget there

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Haha, I don’t mind disagreements. They keep things interesting.

          • frumpus

            You have no idea what actual censorship is. Companies willingly making changes for different markets is not censorship.

          • CantiPrime

            Censorship is bad, but you’re really exaggerating the effect that this particular instance had. There are dozens of scenes in FE that are more suggestive than the one that was censored. This leads me to believe it was not something that was thought about very hard and was overall a case of poor judgment rather than an indication of Nintendo’s overall design philosophy.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Nintendo’s overall design philosophy is well known. Miyamoto states what their main target is basically with every interview.

            The fact that there are more suggestive scenes that weren’t censored makes it worse, not better, because it means it’s arbitrary, and I wouldn’t want to see games with the kind of themes Atlus does in the hands of people that censor their games arbitrarily.

          • CantiPrime

            That is absolutely asinine. Very small arbitrary censorship is in no way worse than consistent complete censorship. Censorship is bad, period. The reasoning behind it is irrelevant to how bad it is.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            You said it, Censorship is bad, period.

            Which is why Atlus shouldn’t be owned by a company that does it.

      • Metrium

        How can you be so much concerned about censorship when we know that they are publishing Bayonetta2? If they were so focused of censoring everything and keeping their consoles 100% rated E like you seem to be claiming, why would they pay to have Bayonetta2 as an exclusive? Sure Platinum is not owned by Nintendo but Ninty is still paying for the game to happen, showing their interest for a crowd like Bayonetta’s fanbase. If they are willing to pay for Bayonetta I don’t see any reasons why Ninty wanting to have a game like Catherine would be any different.

        Clearly that picture in FE being censored was a poor judgement from someone within the NoA organisation. Obviously it’s something that rubbed you the wrong way, but it was just a insignifiquant picture in a game that had nothing to do with sex in general. Probably those guys at NoA thought that this ”sexual” picture was out of place in a game like FE. Do I agree with the decision? No. But it does’nt mean they will censor a game like Bayonetta that has a big part of it’s identity rely on sex. Same thing would go for Catherine or SMT that are aiming for the M rating (wich FE did not). I would also point out that personaly I think that if the opportunity of censoring that picture would come again, I doubt NoA would censore it again giving the fact that it did upset alot of ppl like you (and me also to some extent) for a small thing that was just not worth the trouble, but that’s just a guess from my part.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          No censorship is insignificant.

          And if you think NoA cares any about a few core gamers that are upset because of censorship. I’m afraid you’re being naive.

          There’s a LOT of difference between publishing a game and owning the IP and the studio. You can take a lot more liberties in the second case.

          Mind you, I played Bayonetta 2 at an event. There’s *absolutely* no nudity in sight. Zero. Everything is well covered up.

          It’s hardly a piece of evidence that Nintendo doesn’t do censoring.

          By comparing Bayonetta 2 with Catherine you’re comparing apples to escalators. Bayonetta 2 is slightly titillating in some very indirect ways, Catherine has very clear cut sexual content in its imagery, themes and dialogue.

          There’s an enormous difference there.

          • Kenneth Richardson

            Not saying it’s on the same level as Catherine, but “slightly titillating in some very indirect ways” is a bit of an overstatement. The Joy angel begs to differ: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkdNzuf7Ftc

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            You mean the same Joy angel of which there’s no trace in Bayonetta 2 so far, and that is completely smooth?

            Yeah, Barbie made that kind of things acceptable a few decades ago.

          • Kenneth Richardson

            Hm..could have sworn you said “comparing Bayonetta with Catherine you’re..”, which sounds more like you’re addressing the series/franchise as a whole instead of Bayo2 specifically. In any event, it’ll be interesting to see how much (if any) censoring Nintendo does to Bayo2, given that the first game is absurdly raunchy, bloody, profane, sexually suggestive, etc. It would really be glaringly obvious if they tried at all to neuter that game.

            BTW Joy might be flat but It doesn’t get much more direct than moaning suggestively while caressing one’s private areas. That said, I wonder if any particular angels will return for Bayo2 I’d love to fight Ardor again.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            The only thing we have so far is the demo. I actually have it on camera, really need to get around posting it…

            It’s definitely quite tame, while very, very spectacular on other elements.

          • frumpus

            look at this douchebag consistently bringing up censorship. Prove it, you turd.

      • Mohammad Badir

        wow, you’re really dense, seriously, this page is filled with you saying Nintendo would ruin them for XYZ, sheesh, if you don’t like what people are saying, can’t you just ignore them or something instead of all this whining?

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          You seem to have a problem hearing the uncomfortable truth.

          That’s exactly what you’re going to find on this site.

          • frumpus

            You seem to enjoy making up lies. Nintendo doesn’t censor.


    I still am kind of hoping that Sony acquires them. We’ve all seen what Sony has done with exclusive JRPGS, like Dragon’s Crown, Ni No Kuni:Wrath of The White Witch, Tales of Xillia, and less recently with Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. I think they’d be in good hands.

    • ifniarcnum

      Sony didn’t do anything to hep these games…. It’s all third party games that received no support of Sony:
      DC: Developed by Vannilaware, plubished by Atlus, sucess was cause of publicity that Atlus made.
      NI nI KUNI: Level 5., plubished by Namco.
      TAles of xillia: Namco, sucess cause of the phrase that saued that the future of the localizations depends of this game
      FF: Multiplataform: Square, sony didn’t help, so square wasn’t bound to sony
      KH: Multi plataform: Square, sony didn’t help, so square wasn’t bound to sony

      I dont want to be rude, but these games aren’t good cause of sony, they are good cause of the hard work of the developers.

      • AyaisMUsikWhore

        Your wrong actually. They are publishers that didn’t need Sony’s help. It’s not because Sony didn’t want to. That was smashed after Capcom claimed Sony didn’t want to publish MH. Sony did help market all those franchises you just mentioned but they don’t publish them and they also don’t cause them to go Multiplatform. Ultimately, the publishers make that choice.

      • CISUM

        I wasn’t saying that they did anything directly. I just meant that they’ve had success with publishing these games as exclusives, and bringing to the target audience easier. Do not mean publish as in directly published by SCEA, but fed through Sonys consoles. And Kingdom Hearts, the original two, were PS2 exclusives.

        • atlus1

          and still is since the hd collection is coming and only to sony system

          • CISUM

            but the spin-offs, like 385/2 and Dream Drop Distance are on Nintendo systems

  • Testsubject909

    I’m not surprised so many would jump to bid high for Atlus.

    As I’ve said to quite a few people in other parts of the internet. Atlus is doing fine. Atlus is making a profit. They’ve got a good rep and they’re not the ones in trouble. Index is the one that put itself in the shitter and in turn put Atlus in this shitty position.

    Whoever they land with. I hope three things: They let Atlus have their independence since it’s a profitable one anyways… And that they don’t drag Atlus down with them. And that they remain third party. I for one enjoy the variety they provide on a multitude of consoles. It gives a lot of flavor to enjoy and it would be a damn tragedy if any first party got hold of Atlus…

    Please tell me Microsoft isn’t one of the companies bidding.

  • Moon Goose

    I’d see Nintendo firing in a bid because from what some articles have been reporting, they’ve been very pally with Atlus recently, almost treating them with the same respect and love as a true second-party. The SMT x FE crossover lends itself as the crux for Nintendo to fire in a bid.

    If they do and are successful, people will get pissy. No reason for it though. Nintendo will treat Atlus just fine. Oh, and there won’t be any censorships. If there are, that’s solely Nintendo of America’s fault. Can’t see it happening given they’ve told Platinum to do what they want with Bayonetta 2, and I don’t see the sex appeal of that game going South any time soon. SQUAWK!

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      You’re comparing apples to oranges. Nintendo doesn’t own platinum, nor Bayonetta.

      There’s a large difference between publishing a title and owning it.

      • Moon Goose

        Are you really that dense?
        Nintendo funding the development of Bayonetta 2 as an exclusive for their system is pretty much pseudo-own (given Nintendo doesn’t publish (or rather no longer publishes) their games on non-Nintendo hardware). If Nintendo were going to interfere with Platinum and make large scale changes in regards to censorship etc, Platinum would have walked away.

        It’s not comparing apples to oranges, it’s stating a fact that Nintendo, if they were to acquire Atlus as a second-party studio, won’t make any large scale changes. It’s the ‘kiddie tag’ that everyone’s so hell-bent upon that makes Nintendo undesirable. We know Nintendo’s own games are aimed at the family audience, but that doesn’t automatically mean that Nintendo’s second-party or collaborative offerings are going to be ‘family friendly’.

        Learn to accept it. I doubt Nintendo will acquire Atlus, but if they do, it won’t be a great shame. SQUAWK!

        • anon

          That’s good logic, and a very valid point, but the majority of everyone hates Nintendo. I suggest you give up.

          If Nintendo did buy Atlus, there will be a lot of hate. People would rather Sega or a third-party company acquired them. At least that way everybody wins with the likes of SMT, Persona etc.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Lol @ Pseudo-own.

          There’s no “pseudo-own” in this industry. Nintendo doesn’t in any shape or form own Platinum games, nor they own the game, nor they own the bayonetta IP. Which means that their contractual power to impose changes is much lower than if Platinum was a first party studio working on an IP owned by Nintendo.

          The only real “fact” is that the option that will grant Atlus the most independence and creative freedom is staying third party.

          Those that want them to be acquired by Nintendo or Sony are swayed by their fanboyish wishful thinking to see more exclusive for their console of choice, and not by actual care for Atlus’ games.

          • anon

            The point was more on Nintendo are funding projects for exclusivity, just how Sony and Microsoft would to any given developer for the rights to any given game of their choosing, which is a good initiative. The only problem is, as Moon Goose states, if Nintendo did buy Atlus and owned them as an in-house developer (first- or second-party), you won’t see any more Persona games on Sony systems, they’d all be shifted onto Nintendo systems, and that would annoy the Persona fans who went out of their way to buy Sony hardware for those games. So “pseudo-own” as a term there is actually rather correct, though I would prefer “semi-own” if it’s just to do with who’s publishing the game. Nintendo don’t own Platinum, but they do own the publishing rights to Bayonetta 2, and that won’t be released on anything else but the Wii U. Likewise, if Sony bought out Atlus, that SMT x FE crossover would be canned, and the other Atlus games that are established on Nintendo hardware won’t be available there any more.

            I think, Giuseppe, with all due respect, you have to agree that Moon Goose is right in that regard and swallow whatever pride you may have in hoping otherwise, but yes, I think we all would rather a third-party or impartial company grabs Atlus (hence why we’re all agreed on that point). For all we know, it may not even be an established games company that wins the bid. We just don’t know in the business world. It’s open to all.

          • anon

            I should amend that it’s what I’ve read into that point of Moon Goose’s, which I see and understand fully. Still, I’m one for an impartial company rather than one of the big three.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            I have no reason to agree with it, because it’s false.

            Under every point of view there’s an immense difference between owning a studio and IP and just publishing a game. It’s immensely ignorant to state the contrary.

            When a company is acquired by another, it’s a natural business process to that the acquired company will adapt to the policies of the buyer. There’s no way around it, and it happened with every company acquired by Nintendo (or by anyone else really).

            Again, the only real “fact” is that the option that will grant Atlus the most independence and creative freedom is staying third party.

            Anyone that wants a first party acquisition, cares for the first party, not for Atlus.

  • TheExile285

    Something tells me this won’t end >_<

  • Firion Hope

    Please not nintendo, Id be forced to buy the system just for that. Sony would be better but it would be best for everyone if they remained third party

  • islan

    Never have I been more nervous in the corporate dealings of the gaming world…

    I can’t keep myself from holding my breath.

  • Michelle Taylor

    Sega PLZ

  • Baleoce

    My only hope is that someone who has a good EU publishing division buys them >.>

  • WEL

    I hope Sega does not acquire anything because then just look at: Bayonetta, Vanquish, Yakuza, Shining Force, Valkyria Chronicles, etc. They killed everything. We would never see another Atlus game in the west ever again!

    All Sega publish outside of Japan is just mediocre Sonic games and Rome.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I agree, Sega is definitely not the best option. My first choices would be Kadokawa Games and Gung Ho, that have demonstrated to give full creative freedom to their studios and have a very healthy financial situation.

  • johnvonhugendong

    If sega buys atlus I’ll commit jenga.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      then I’ll commit sudoku.

      • AllCreation

        Committing Shogi as we speak!!

  • Galen Nycroft

    SEGA-Sammy would destroy ATLUS…ditto for Square Enix. Nintendo would probably be the best bet for the company to continue making the same quality of products.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Censorship and watering down of themes aren’t conducive to quality.

      The best bet for the company to continue making quality products is to remain third party under a publisher that gives them complete creative freedom like Kadokawa or Gung Ho.

      • AllCreation

        Nintendo Had Eternal Darkness and Xenoblade which were both fantastic.. They also have the best selling first part stock despite traditionally having a weaker console to work with.. Also with the way the Wii U is selling Nintendo could really use the boost right now.. I think they would be a great option

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          You’re thinking in terms of helping Nintendo, not in terms of doing the right thing for Atlus. Xenoblade was good, but it was actually a lot lighter than the typical Atlus game, and very much cleaned up in themes compared to Xenogears and Xenosaga.

      • frumpus

        please tell me what censorship was in SMT4

  • chrispenwell

    I really hope they get to be owned by a company who localizes a lot. Sega is the company I’d least like seeing Atlus owned by.

  • Peter

    Only 20 billion yen?
    That’s pocket change for the big dogs.

  • JohnnyD

    If SEGA bought Atlus games/gamers be doomed! Sega will destroy what Atlus stood for :-/

  • Saratoga

    Sega Sammy? That is pachinko and the like. Sort of an important detail to leave out O_O

  • OBI

    microsoft buy them like you bought rare and brought us killer instinct!!!

    • usrev

      and killed rare? I don’t think so. also I don’t think non-Japanese companies can buy out Japanese companies by their laws.

  • anon

    Allow me to throw this into the ring: http://bit.ly/1cpsElU

    Pretty interesting article from a Sony as to why Nintendo should fire in a bid for Atlus.

  • Erik Paul Vasquez

    as long as persona is on ps4 and above and is kept independent im happy

  • frumpus

    I hope Nintendo buys Atlus just to piss off Giuseppe Nelva

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      You seem mad 😀

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