Naughty Dog Finally Acknowledges Censoring The Last of Us’ Multiplayer in Europe

on August 3, 2013 3:08 AM

Since the release of The Last of Us there have been complaints from European gamers about a completely unannounced amount of censorship in the multiplayer mode of Naughty Dog’s latest masterpiece.

In the European version there’s no sign of dismemberment on survivors (while they can lose head and limbs in the North American version of the game), and there’s also a lot less blood.  Naughty Dog never officially acknowledged the cuts, until now.

The Community Manager known on the official forums as EvangM finally responded to an user, admitting that the European version of the game has indeed been censored, as you can see in the screencap below.


If you still didn’t get the game, there’s still the option to import the game from the US, as the PS3 is not region locked, of course, that’s if you care about getting more blood out of your multiplayer matches. It has been confirmed that the single player mode of the game is completely uncut in all regions.

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