Killer is Dead is Selling Quite Badly in Japan According to Major Retailer’s Weekly Charts

Every week the prominent Japanese retail and rental chain Tsutaya releases its own weekly sales charts giving a good glimpse on what the situtuation in the country may look like. Since they’re released before the more accurate Media Create Charts, they’re often looked at to get an earlier indication of the market trends.

Today Tsutaya released the top twenty for the week between July the 29th and August the 4th, and it comes packed with a rather sad surprise for the fans of Grasshopper Manufacture and Goichi Suda. Here’s the top ten for your perusal.

  1. Disney Magic Castle: My Happy Life – 3DS
  2. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Dual Destinies – 3DS
  3. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team – 3DS
  4. The Witch and the Hundred Knights – PS3
  5. MIND ≒ 0 – PS Vita
  6. Youkai Watch – 3DS
  7. Killer is Dead <Premium Edition> – PS3
  8. Dragon’s Crown – PS Vita
  9. Fantasy Life Link! – 3DS
  10. Dragon’s Crown – PS3

As you can see Killer is Dead  is debuting in a rather dreadful 7th place for a game on its first week of sale, beaten by a few games on their second week like Ace Attorney 5, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and The Witch and the Hundred Knights. It’s even behind

While the version of Killer is Dead listed above is the PS3 one, the Xbox 360 version didn’t even make the top 20. If you’re wondering about the “Premium Edition” part, all the first print sales of Killer is Dead are automatically upgraded to premium.

This definitely doesn’t paint a good picture for the debut of Goichi Suda’s latest game, especially considering that the game was heavily promoted. As for the reason for such a weak performance, your guess is as good as mine, but possibly the peculiar art style of the game didn’t click with the picky Japanese audience.

Of course the chart quoted above belongs only to a single retailer, even if a very prominent one, so we’ll have to wait for Wednesday’s Media Create charts for a more precise outlook on the situation, but things aren’t likely to change too much. In this case the old adage “sex sells” may have failed to deliver.


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  • aozaki

    well, the game is out now here in the Philippines. haven’t bought one yet. might as well wait for a price drop after 4-6 months I guess or buy used copies later. tee~hee.

    ToX is hyped and everyone’s goin ga-ga on the release date which is tomorrow, here in my location.

    • sifu

      Same here I’ll wait.till ts cheap that art style just seems kinda rushed.

    • sifu

      Also really want witch and the hundred knights and dragons crown.

    • Splintee

      Dragons Crown and The Witch are the only thing that I see interesting….
      And buying Killer is Dead right now is not a good choice. I mean where both on the same country LOL

      • aozaki

        hey there, kabayan. Today is Xillia day, well for some. I’m not buying anyway. I’ve set my sights for Fairy Fencer F and Legend of Heroes Sen no Kiseki, although its in japanese, dun care. 😀

        • Splintee

          “Tumitira lang naman ako sa sulit com eh” LOL

          • aozaki

            ahaha. 🙂

  • Jack

    most people are ignorant they think just put boobs on it and it will sell in japan
    probably because they watch to much anime

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      the fact that the game has “boobs” doesn’t mean it can’t be a good game.

      • aozaki

        Senran Kagura SHINOVI Versus.

    • Splintee

      Dragon’s Crown is a good game and it has Gigantic boobs than Killer is Dead.
      Though I prefer Dragon’s Crown. 😉

    • awaiken

      I hate anime and I am interested in this game because I like Suda’s game design style

  • Anonymous917

    People have finally caught on that Suda’s games tend to be all style and no substance.

    • barnfeet

      Killer7 was loaded with substance. A bit cryptic and very bizarre, but fascinating if you dig into it. Style and gameplay were both highly polished, if a bit quirky.

  • Perry Tanko

    game looks good, SHUT UP and actually play it before you criticize peons!

  • Nicholas Perry


    Ugh, so unfair for Suda. His games are always amazing

  • Mic Redford

    isnt Dragon’s crown doing worst?