Primary Auction for Atlus Officially Confirmed, Index Announces that “Several Candidates” Have Been Selected

Index Corporation (Atlus’ mother company) just officially announced with a press release that the primary auction for the acquisition of the company’s assets (including Atlus), that until now was only rumored, has indeed been conducted.

According to Index, a “large number” of companies took part in the bidding process and “several candidates” for the transfer of business have been selected. The publisher also announced that a second auction between the chosen candidates will be held in the future in order to define a final buyer as soon as possible.

Atlus is on sale because Index Corporation filed for Civil Rehabilitation (the Japanese equivalent of a soft Bankruptcy) after finding itself in debt by 24.5 billion yen (almost 246 million dollars). In the meanwhile the studio reassured customers that business will continue as usual and future releases won’t be affected.

A previous report by Bloomberg Japan, based on the usual “Executives familiar with the situation” alleged that the highest bids amounted to about 20 billion yen (201 million dollars), and that Sega Sammy Holdings was one of the parties that took part in the primary bidding process.

Unfortunately (but not surprisingly) no names of potential candidates were mentioned as part of this press release and no details about the amount of the bids were given.

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  • aozaki

    CAPCOM 😀

    • No, I don’t want them to make SMT or Persona into a mobile games.

      They don’t have a good reputation.

      • aozaki

        TECMO KOEI

      • William Trengove

        Ummmm….They’ve (Atlus) ALREADY made SMT and Persona into Mobile games in Japan…Capcom can’t do any worse.

        • Capcom is also known for killing of their franchise. That’s worse than mobile games.

          • William Trengove

            for games THEY Develop…Atlus will probably be given control of their development teams…

          • “Atlus will probably be given control of their development teams”


          • William Trengove

            Seriously…I don’t need this from a bunch of wusses that are scared of change

  • Dollow Rlance

    Microsoft will win, just watch… eh.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      lol, that’s so very unlikely.

      • Dollow Rlance

        So was Sammy SEGA betting on Atlus for me before that came out, at this point I am not ruling out anyone. heh eh

        • I actually can thinks of several big names, which I don’t want to appear on this list.

    • Weisse

      Yeah, so they can turn Atlus into another useless dev to make shovelware, just like they done with Rare, I’d rather see another buyer that will at least release their future title as 3rd party.

  • Charlotte Buckingham

    I don’t want MS, Sony or Nintendo to get them… I’d like for them to stay 3rd-party.

    That being said, if it WAS one of those 3, Sony or Nintendo >>>>>> MS. I don’t want all my Atlus games on the Xbox One :/

    • FrancoDHorse

      I want it to go to another faceless company. I’d hate it for ATLUS to go to Nintendo , Sony, or MS. Even if it was one of those three, I’d still hate the idea.

  • Kamille


  • archer21

    246 million dollars !!! that a lot of money they own

  • Sideras

    Nintendo or Sony. They don’t belong anywhere else.

    • TheExile285

      How about a 3rd party so they can keep making games for both Sony and Ninety?

    • Testsubject909

      They don’t belong in either.

      I love Sony. I love Nintendo. But Atlus becoming a first party developer is just going to cause a lot of shitstorm and is going to restrict them further.

      They need their liberty and to remain as third party. And we’re under the assumption that only devoted developer/publisher/console making companies are interested in Atlus. What about those who work on middleware or on the general entertainment business?