Japanese Version of Dragon’s Crown Gets Patch, Improves Online and More

Today Atlus released a new patch for the Japanese version of Dragon’s Crown, numbered 1.01.

The new patch, said to “improve the systems across the board, comfort of operation and user friendliness” implements the following changes:

  • Improved stability of network connection.
  • Hidden items can now be taken just by bringing the finger cursor over them (this is a big one especially for PS3 players, since the function was a tad awkward with the analog stick, as you can read in my review)
  • L1 (PS3) and L (PS Vita) buttons can now be used as a shortcut for items.
  • Pressing up and triangle you can now throw daggers and bombs diagonally.
  • The ability to batch-repair all the items in the bags has been added.
  • Users can now select the desired region for matchmaking in the options menu.
  • The rune stone display has been improved for visibility.
  • The limit of dropped arrows has been increased depending on the number of elves in the party.

The patch notes also state that further patches will be released in the future, even if their contents have not been disclosed. The English version doesn’t have the patch available yet, so I guess we’ll have to wait for Atlus to localize it.

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  • yo

    glad I am in Japan! This patch is great!

    • derpdedurr

      Don’t be so smug,obviously N.America will get the same patch soon.

  • foureyes oni

    i was reading this article at work and thinking this is NSFW.

  • SolidusGodzilla

    Really enjoying the game so far, here is my unboxing for it at http://youtu.be/o0h1Ly81j7Y