Payday 2 Developers Show Us How to Plan the Perfect Bank Heist in New Walkthrough Video

on August 8, 2013 3:28 PM

How do you plan the perfect bank heist? And what happens when it all goes wrong? The developers at Overkill Software give us a handy multiplayer walkthrough of a bank robbery in Payday 2–how to execute it properly and how you can really mess it up.

There are two main ways to go about robbing a bank. The first is just to go in, kill everyone and then wait for the SWAT team. The other method is stealth, which is what the developers demonstrate in the video.

You can invest money into modifying weapons or into the heist itself, such as paying for insider information. There are different roles that each player can take on like Mastermind (the planner and most convincing when answering security calls), Ghost (the one best at taking out security cameras and sneaking into the banks) and the Enforcer (the actual combatant and wears heavy armor). Robbing a bank in Payday 2 requires a lot of multitasking and planning, which in turn requires strong teamwork between all the players.

Watch the video below and see how well the developers’ heist actually went.

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