PlayStation Plus Won’t Be Required to Record and Stream Video of Games on PS4

on August 8, 2013 5:42 AM

After we learned that Xbox Live Gold will be necessary to record and stream video of games on the upcoming Xbox One, many wondered if Sony Computer Entertainment would pull the same stunt with the similar feature on the PS4.

Since Shuhei Yoshida is well known for running an alternative “customer service” on Twitter, by his own admission, many took to the social networking site to ask him the burning question, quite a few times. Luckily the answer is no. Yoshida-san confirmed that the recording and streaming feature will be accessible to everyone, regardless of their PlayStation Plus subscription status.

That’s most definitely what you call concise but sweet, straight from the lion’s mouth. If you were afraid to have to pay for PlayStation Plus in order to access the recording and streaming features, you can now rest easy.

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28 responses to “PlayStation Plus Won’t Be Required to Record and Stream Video of Games on PS4”

  1. Carlo says:

    I wish they released another clip like in e3. How to share videos with your friends step #1 press share button…… end

    Come on Sony don’t lose your touch

    • dave mcnair says:

      Yeah you can imagine how long a milked answer micro$haft would have if they had one positive thing to confirm like that!

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  3. datdude says:

    How long before Microsoft reverses yet another policy to copy Sony’s lead? This one they may not reverse, as the money grubbing leeches at Microsoft probably figure it will entice more poor suckers to sign up for gold. Good luck with that suckers.

  4. Jorge Murphy says:

    What’s point in this argument since you still need PS+ to play online? This is kind of a mute question.

  5. Joel Taveras says:

    Sony’s PR team: “If they do this… then we’ll do this.” And then someone at the meeting says “BRILLIANT!”

    This is Console War 101 people.

    • anon says:

      and we the consumers are winning.

    • MetalFaceDoom says:

      I believe that they (SONY) already touched upon that subject, this is just a confirmation about it after MS said you need LIVE as a gateway to access those other services.

      • Carlo says:

        I believe Sony just gave a basic idea of what will be behind the pay wall which is online play well p2p online play. This just confirms what services will be behind and not behind that wall

    • Testsubject909 says:

      Add to this that the PS4 had a 5 year dev cycle, closer to a regular dev cycle for a new console in which they worked their asses off and ate their humble pie big time (you can see a 40 minute long video about it called “The Road to PS4” with Mark Cerny (Which also doubles as his own personal journey since his involvement was integral to the PS4).

      And that the Xbox One had… if I remember clearly… roughly 2.5 years? Basically half the development time taken for the PS4 and less then the normal dev time for a new console.

      … But yes. The PR team this time around are doing brilliant things.

      • Carlo says:

        I watched that was too technical for me the only thing I really really liked was the development time cycle for games which was years for ps3 and for the ps4 its around the ps1 time cycle of 1-3 months if i remember it correctly

    • LOL says:

      Wrong. Youre speaking as if Sony is following MS’s nonsense decisions and doing the opposite.

      Jack Tretton already said this, but you need to follow your business plan and execute it. Sony’s decisions since Feb all make sense.

      It’s people assuming that, “oh MS is doing it, therefore Sony is suspect of doing it too!”

      I mean, come on. It all started from the DRM, used games, etc. etc.

      Sony’s PR team is MS. It’s like watching your rival put an ax in his foot rather than the wood he’s supposed to chop. Meanwhile, you just keep on chopping wood the way you’re supposed to, the way which makes sense.

      • Neonghost says:

        Dev and PR are not the same. He is probably right that the PR team had different messages for E3 based on the XBox reveal. The PS4 didn’t change only the marketing.

    • Krakn3dfx says:

      Sony has said from the beginning that only MP would be behind the pay wall, this isn’t Sony being reactive, this is them reiterating what’s been said before.

  6. foureyes oni says:

    was kind of expecting this but its good to know its been confirmed.

  7. Lord Akki says:

    and this is why SONY is the only next-gen choice for me! PS4, greatness truly awaits for us hardcore gamers 🙂

  8. shark_tsuki says:

    Ha ha ha. PS4 makes Xbox One as a huge piece of $hit. Oh wait, Xbox One is already huge piece of $hit.

  9. Krakn3dfx says:

    As someone who only plays multiplayer games on a PC to any great extent, but still pays for Plus for the free and discounted games, this is great news. It’s nice to know if things get tough financially and I have to cut Plus, it won’t mean losing access some of the cooler features on the PS4 like this, Netflix, and everything other than MP for paid retail games.

  10. Thomas Crane says:

    Since Sony is consumer focused, they are not going to sell a product with a ransom. When you buy a PS4, you get primarily all the benefits of owning that console.

    I seriously don’t know how XBox fanboys defend this practice. If Apple sold iPads and then charged extra for access things like iTunes, Facetime, Apps, Maps, and Wifi they’d be DONE as a company. There’s some sort of double standard that is being applied, and I just don’t get it.

    • conroy123 says:

      What bothers me is how this relates to Xbox…it doesn’t. Why must you Sony fanboys, yes ‘fanboys’, have such a hard time keeping MS out of your mouths? If you like Sony, cool. Don’t hate every other company that’s not Sony, because of your fanboyism. Christ.

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