Think the Xbox One Is Big? Its Power Supply is External Again… and it’s Massive

When I first laid eyes on Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One console, I thought to myself two things. First, “ohhh shiny, that’s sexy” and then “damn, where am I going to fit that thing, it’s humungous!” Although I had my reservations, I remained optimistic that it may very well mean that the engineers at Xbox HQ may have finally figured out a way to tuck away that unsightly external power supply from the Xbox 360 that has haunted the space behind TV stands throughout the world.

And boy was I wrong.

Today, Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb posted up the first (and official) Xbox One unboxing video, giving us all a preview of what to expect when popping open a day one console bundle. And while most of the add-ons are nice, the massive power supply is a reminder that this is very much an Xbox.

Now, it’s all I can see.

If you’ll excuse me, I have to figure out where I’m going to hide that monstrosity. Check out the full Xbox One unboxing video here.


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  • Escopablobar

    Damn! Well… it doesn’t look to be much larger, if any, to the 360’s power brick.

    • QwietStorm

      Well that thing is literally the size of a brick to begin with.

  • Mildra

    you know there’s gonna be at least one story of someone stubbing their toe on that thing.

  • Matt

    Looks to be the size of a normal power brick… it’s still pretty stupid that it needs one though. Sony probably has the benefit of being in the consumer electronic market for decades thus having the patents for the higher quality and smaller PSU’s ready to go for the PS4… M$ on the other hand already has to pay out loyalties for the wifi and BR drive so I bet they capped it off and stuck with the 360’s patent but with a black case.

    It’s all patents.

    Silly litigation aside… PS4’s aesthetics are beautiful when compared to to the XB1’s lazy design. I’ll stick with PC though… :p

    • I’m just having trouble understanding how a machine with (reportedly) 50% more raw processing power has almost half the footprint and no external brick needed.

      The only way I see MS running out of space inside of that giant box is probably because of the size of the tech needed for the DVR/TV functionality. But even then… I don’t get it.

      • islan

        At least I hear that the XB1’s case is designed for great cooling, making it more about function than looks.

        • Carlo

          as long as neither of em overheats il be glad but in relation to the power brick if a robber comes you can hit him with it

          • islan

            Gamer Flail, ho!

          • Carlo

            If you’re wearing a viking hat and in your underpants at the same moment you’ll get a gold star from MS :3 (I might seem to be bashing on MS but I’m not I pray nothing but success for all consoles) Just some light fun

      • Matt

        I think the FCC rated the PS4 it at 32c operating temp? That’s room temp… and it’s smaller than the XB1 with the PSU inside.

        The 50% more power is not an accurate portrayal… real life performance of both consoles will be on par with each other considering their both AMD Apu’s with almost the exact same heart and brains inside them. PS4 should be capable of better frame rates and AA due to having more compute units but they won’t add anything visually noticeable; just a much smoother picture if properly utilized.

        The interesting thing getting ready to happen which will benefit console and PC gamers alike is that games are getting ready to be super optimized for every platform… very few games make full use of more than 4 cores on PC and are just DX9 games ported to DX11 so with the introduction of the new consoles, finally games will be built from the ground up with DX11 in mind. What that means is that there will be a whole slew of optimizations for PC and consoles alike that haven’t been fully realized yet… better use of multicore cpu’s and Cuda/Compute Units along with tessellation which will get rid of noticeable pop-in are just the start… it’s a play on words with the marketing of PS4 and XB1 by stating all these features are new when people with PC’s have been waiting for years for their tech to finally be realized. It’s exciting to say the least.

        • BestJinjo

          That’s now how Graphics Core Next architecture works. If you have 50% more compute units, you have 32 ROPs vs. 16 on XB1, you have 72 Texture mapping units vs. only 48 on XB1, you have 50% more shader processing power, and you have 176GB/sec memory bandwidth. Overall performance should be 40-50% faster, much like comparing HD7770 vs. HD7850-7870 style GPUs. PS4 will be able to support higher resolution textures and more advanced graphical effects like global illumination, higher quality shadows, particle effects and tessellation. We should see the greatest difference in their first party titles. 3rd party games won’t be that much different though.

    • islan
      • Matt

        No reason to over indulge until there’s a reason to do so… The market is over saturated in FPS’s so Killzone has no appeal for me considering it would cost me $450+ (buying the PS4, Buying the game) to play it. Watchdogs is coming to PC along with every other multiplat being released at launch so considering I own a rig that’s more than capable of keeping up with next gen (8350fx,680gtx) there’s little to no incentive for me to even worry about the consoles at this time.

  • senpai

    And that is why I don’t support M$……or as Kevin Butler used to say: “Pfft what is this like 1995!” luckily we all have the freedom to choose right? archaic technology in the one, or reliable futuristic technology in the 4…… the end all gamers win, some just with style 🙂

    • islan

      “in the 4”

      At first I thought that sounded dumb. Then I noticed “in the one” prior. Now I tip my hat to you.