Here’s how Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s “Free 30 Days” for PC and PS3 and “Welcome Back Campaign” Will Stack

Square Enix has been quite vague, in the past, on how the free 30 days of game time coming with new boxes of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for different platforms would stack, and if they would stack at all with the two free weeks veteran Final Fantasy XIV players are going to get as part of the “Welcome Back Campaign”. At long last the publisher decided to fully clarify how it’ll work.

The basics are that if you purchase a PS3 version or a PC version of the game you’re going to get 30 days of game time with it. Everyone that purchased the original Final Fantasy XIV will be able to dowload the game for free and will also get 14 days of game time, until September the 9th. The actual details, though, are a little more complex than that and there are a few caveats to keep in mind as the table below explains.


Basically, you will get 30 days of game time with your copy of the game only if you register a new platform that you don’t already have, meaning that if you played the original Final Fantasy XIV, purchasing the new PC version won’t do you any good, because you cannot register it, since you already have an active PC service account. On the other hand, if you purchase the PS3 version and add it to your old PC service account, not only you’ll get your free 30 days, but you’ll also get the “Welcome Back” bonus, meaning that your new 30 days won’t be counted down until September the 10th.

If you’re a completely new player and you purchase both the PC and the PS3 versions and register them both to the same service account, you won’t just get 30 days, but the two versions will stack up to 60 days.

So, to sum it all up, here are all the possible outcomes:

  • Veteran Final Fantasy XIV player making no new purchase: 14 days
  • Veteran Final Fantasy XIV player purchasing the PC version: 14 days
  • Veteran Final Fantasy XIV player purchasing the PS3 version: 44 days
  • Veteran Final Fantasy XIV player purchasing both PC and PS3 versions: 44 days
  • New player purchasing the PC version: 30 days
  • New player purchasing the PS3 version: 30 days
  • New player purchasing both PC and PS3 versions: 60 days
  • New player making no new purchase: you can watch the pretty pictures on the internet I guess…

A bit complex for my taste, but better than I expected to be honest. At the very least, whether you’re a fresh face ready to brave Eorzea for the first time, or a veteran “warrior of light” coming back after the fall of Dalamud, now you know how many days you have.


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  • Quincy

    So I created my account for the beta (july 2013) and then pre ordered the PC CE of the game so do I still get any free days? To what I understand on your article I don’t since I already created it, I dunno I’m confused -_-

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      if you created the account for the beta, you’re still a new player, since you didn’t play the original FFXIV, so yeah, you do get 30 days 😀

      • yams

        Great! That is what I was hoping for. I was worried I would be stuck buying the game and still not getting 30 days. XD Thanks.

  • Teras

    There are people with unregistered 1.0 codes how many days will they get? I mean I have one that had bought for my girlfriend and she never played. I contacted SE support and told me that my unregistered code is still valid and can be used when ARR is released. So my question is how much of free game time will I get?

  • Vash bane

    wow @_@ that was kinda confusing to understand lol so thanx for the explanation and thank the od for sorting things out in the comments 🙂
    (this will be my first p2p game so yeah)

  • yams

    So what do you do if you played beta of FF14 from the first time but never bought the game? it still has me as registered for FF14 but would I count as a new player since I never paid for it?

    • Vash bane

      read mod comment below 🙂

  • ticotico3000 .

    If i buy the pc download and i already played FF 1.0 can i stack the 14 days with the 30 days i get free from buying the game? And i also want to play on the 24th of august


    So basically, i need to pay a monthly fee for the game? Screw it, I’m not buying the game.

  • hamako

    Me and my GF want to play on both PC and PS3 (we use the same Box). Since we will be using different accounts, do we need 4 game copies for this (2 PS3, 2 PC)?

    I had hoped the game copy is cheaper or at least can be shared with multiple accounts, since we will be regularly paying for the subs anyway.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      yes you will, unless you played the original Final Fantasy XIV.

  • JoFry

    how do i pay on ps3 can i use a psn card or whatÉ

  • JoFry

    Can i pay on ps3 for the subscription with a PSN card?

  • Ace

    Can you use Final Fantasy 60 days Time cards on ps3 and ps4 I need to know pls help me

  • Dawn

    They keep using the term “free trial”, I don’t think they understand what that means. Since you have to pay for the client it’s not really free unless you can get your money back somehow if you decide not to contniue playing…