40 New 1080p Screenshots and Bonus Map of Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster Released

Square Enix just released 40 new lovely screenshots of the upcoming Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster  for us all to enjoy.

The screenies focus mostly on the familiar locations that we’ll revisit in the game in their updated HD glory (this time around in full 1080p), but we also get a bonus glimpse on the map, the summons (or better, the Aeons) Ifrit and Shiva and a few battle shots.

It doesn’t look too bad for a 12 year old game, isn’t it?

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  • Name123456

    I bet the game is going to be 720P

    • benbenkr

      It’s already said, it’ll be 1080p.

  • David Rodriguez

    Can’t wait to replay this!

  • PrinceHeir

    this is cool as hell!!!

  • theodor70941

    Ever since this game was revealed by Square I’ve been wondering… Is this just a hd remake or a hd remake whit added content like story?

    • Zenith

      Its an hd remaster but if you live in NA it comes with the international content that was never released here. It includes some nerfs to overpowered abilities, a new sphere grid, dark aeon battles, and a new superboss.

  • Nicholas Perry

    Those CGi Shots look really upscaled. Blockiness/Banding/Aliasing where there shouldn’t be. (Like a bad emulation upscalling filter such as 2xSAI)And it’s not because of being a JPG either (These are actually 4:4:4 Jpgs)


    I’d imagine considering when the game started development in 1999 that they probably don’t have the sources anymore. That was a long time ago. Everything else is looking great though. I am EXCITE

  • Quincy

    This is my favorite of all final fantasy series (A Realm Reborn might replaced it soon). Played this game for more than 100+ hours. Played blitzball many times, tried and failed to dodge light 100x in a row and it’s the only final fantasy game I own that I finished. If I had a Ps3, it’s a day one for me.

  • XBO FTW!

    Why should I play this for the 12th time?

    • Dustin King

      well if you only played the north american version on ps2….thats why. because ffx and ffx-2 are the international versions on ps3. theres a huge difference on the international versions including new side quest battles that was not in the north american version.

      • XBO FTW!

        Ok, thx.

    • Nwoodhouse

      Dkings right man gotta kill them dark aeons in hd 🙂

  • Masterlink

    I have been looking for any info on a release date and so far i found October 17th is a possible date now this is not a confirmed date but hopefully is true

  • tre

    I keep hearing about bonus maps but cant find anything. I ssearch it and this site shows bonus maps under the html and description. Is it true or not?