Shuhei Yoshida Shares How You Can Grab Free PS Plus Games for PS4 Even Without Owning a PS4 and More

When a game goes free on PlayStation Plus you have a limited time to grab it before it rotates out of the instant game collection. If you don’t, you miss your chance. On the other hand if you secure the game while it’s on offer, it’ll be yours as long as you’re an active PlayStation Plus subscriber.

This poses the question: what if you don’t intend to purchase a PS4 at launch, but you still want to secure the free PS4 games offered by PlayStation Plus before they get phased out? Turns out that you can via the PSN web store, as shared by Sony Worldwide Studio President Shuhei Yoshida on Twitter:

As an unrelated but interesting note, Yoshida-san also mentioned that cross-platform gameplay between PS3 and PS4 is theoretically possible, but its implementation depends on the publisher of each game.

It’s quite interesting to see that Sony doesn’t intend to put restrictions bound to the ownership of a PS4 to getting the free game on PS Plus, but it should come as no real surprise, considering that the publisher has gone above and beyond the call of duty to make the offer compelling, and will probably redouble that effort in the future, in light of the PS Plus requirement for online gaming on the PlayStation 4.

That said, you’ve been warned. If you’re a PS Plus subscriber but want to hold back on buying a PS4 until a while after launch, you better make sure you grab the free PS4 games timely when they get included in the instant game collection. When you’ll finally grab the console, you’ll be happy you did. May also want to do the same with PS Vita games if you don’t own one, since you can already do that.

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  • Zerosion

    I don’t know if i’ll be a launch buyer for the PS4 or not so this is pretty interesting.

    • cozomel

      make the jump, you’ll be glad you did. Launch times are usually the most exciting times

    • SwappingFrom360toPS4

      I don’t know why you got downvoted so much =P
      but yeah theres no doubt PS4 will be awesome, and you get incredible value for money, but it’s up to you when you get it, you can always wait a few weeks and check video reviews or wait for sales around Christmas time

      But as cozomel said, it will be a very exciting time that only comes around once every 7 or so years =P

      • Zerosion

        I know i’ll get one, just don’t know if it’ll be at launch. I built a nice PC for a reason, its my preferred medium of play. It’s things like PS+, console/PS4 exclusives etc that will necessitate a buy. I’ll buy launch most definitely if they proved a lineup thats worth buying immediately, or if that PS4/Vita bundle for 499$ is real. Then i’ll buy at launch, because i’d be worth the price even if I had to wait for games on the PS4.

        As for why I got down voted, probably just fan-boys who can’t fathom that it may not be a smart decision for someone like me to get it at launch. It’s 400$ and I gotta be careful where I spend that kinda money.

        • Splintee

          The PS4/PSVita combo is the best deal to me IMHO..
          I mean you have a good decisions comrade XD

  • GribbleGrunger

    I’ll be queueing those PS4 games like crazy

  • Daniel Sims

    With 500GB you might as well download most PS Plus games even if they look terrible. Storage shouldn’t be a problem and it won’t be a waste of time thanks to the new download in background and play as you download features.

    • J A H

      I download every free title PS Plus offers. Even crap games I have no interest in now, I’ll download. You never know, a year later, that crap game might be the hottest thing everyone is playing. I’ve filled my 320 GB HDD up several times and had to delete a bunch of stuff, but I can always go back and re-download them.

    • zakcole

      Download and cancel. Then it’s still tied to your account and just download it when you eventually want to play. Or at least that works on Xbox. Can’t see a reason for it not to.

      • cozomel

        Yeah, you can do the exact same thing on PS3, just download then hit cancel and it will be in your downlist forever (check your dl list to be sure though)

      • angh

        just go to store by website, whatever ‘bought’ for 0$ going directly to your list. And it’s faster than psnstore from ps3.

    • cozomel

      500GB is not alot of space by todays standards, plus dont forget these are games that are going to be bigger in size than 4-8 gigs, alot of these games are going to be up to 25-50 gigs. And you need to install ALL games on both these systems.

  • Truth

    $0ny PauperStation = lies, overhype, underdeliver. IDGAF!

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      of course mate, of course. Now breathe, ok? 😀

    • Lord Akki

      That’s hilarious coming from you, truth. When you speak only lies. Keep them insults coming, you’re an entertainment.

      • Jason Mounce

        Idiots still entertain you? Wait until you tire yourself of seeing them everywhere….

        You’ll wish you had a Death Note.

    • Splintee

      I smell some butthurted ass(PUNS) in here LOL.

  • shark_tsuki

    Xbots are jealous of ps4. RROD2, NSA big brother, weaker hardware and so called “timed” exclusives have drove them crazy. Long live playstation.

    • zakcole

      You made my skin crawl a little bit there. Kudos.

    • Splintee
      • shark_tsuki


      • Something

        Can’t stop laughing at this. Touche sir.

    • rileycarey

      Not really. I have my PS3 and 360. Love them both, and i think PS+ is fantastic ive had it since the beginning, but im gonna wait on the PS4, it really doesnt feel “Next Gen” to me. My Computer can do everything the PS4 does currently so i really dont feel compelled to get one at this point.

      • shark_tsuki

        I used to own two xbox 360’s in past but both RRODed. This is the reason
        I dislike xbox brand. I am amateur graphics designer and have a good pc
        (7970). I know the difference between consoles and pc, eg, far cry 3 or
        crysis 3 looks like $hit in ps3. But still ps3 is my primary console. I
        am a fanboy because of some platform (mainly xbox 360 and pc) specific
        fanboys immature behavior and response. But I think recently I am
        behaving like them. I will grab ps4 and infamous second son bundle next
        year. I might pickup xbox one but 2-3 years later.

        • rileycarey

          People peg me as an Xbox fanboy because i got the 360 at launch and have a preorder for X1 as well. But that didnt stop me getting a PS3 at launch either, and ironically enough my PS3 fried and my launch 360 is still trucking, my brother plays it about every day or so. I may favor xbox but i love all the consoles, i think the ps3 is fantastic, i think xbox is fantastic, and my PC with 2 GTX 660s in sli is fantastic too. Ill prolly get a ps4 close to launch, maybe next summer, but i want to see more compelling features first, because lets be honest, PSN is terrible currently, even though i pay for it as well.

          • Guest

            7970 > gtx 660. Nuff said.

      • andy

        Sweet so your PC can actually play Battlefield, awesome feature right there.

        • shark_tsuki

          Better get battlefield 4 in next gen consoles used. Dont let EA grab your money. Avoid them as much as possible.

        • rileycarey

          Not a fan of battlefield, my copy of battlefield 3 that i have i didnt pay for either, after the SimCity disaster im not putting money in EA’s pockets. And FYI my rig can run BF3 on max just fine.

      • Cyberjin

        then why did you get a PS3 and 360?
        clearly your PC could do the same and more/better?

        • rileycarey

          Two reasons, the first is that i like playing games with my friends, call me nostalgic but pc cannot replicate a split screen experience, and at that point who cares about graphics anyway. Second is simply exclusives, im a big fan of halo, god of war, and little big planet as well, cant get those on pc. Now thats not to say that my copy of skyrim on my pc isnt vastly superior to that of a console, but im not that big of a snob to really care or rub it in peoples faces. Hope that answers your question.

          • Cyberjin

            so it has nothing to do with you’re feeling about it being “next gen”
            or what your computer can do… being my point 🙂

            why are you disagreeing with yourself? lol

    • TVippy

      You’re a quite pathetic creature. As all PS3 fanboys are. They’re the worst, even among fanboys.

      • shark_tsuki

        “Many are hoping that Sony is not purposefully evading the issue just to announce they have a similar policy at a later date.”
        assume that is plain stupidity. Sony is cooking the same exact program,
        if not worse. They’re just more cowardly and wait until the last moment
        to reveal it.

        Ha ha ha. You wrote this two months ago. I can see who is the real “pathetic” one.

  • vicfermino

    Thank god. I still regret not buying a PS3 last year (instead of waiting until yesterday, because, hooray, I bought one!) and missing some Plus offers. I’ll try not to miss any of these, now.

    • God did bless you indeed.
      now give your life to Jesus:D

  • Aroc23

    Good to hear. I currently do this for the free VITA games.

  • Tainted-Meat

    I hate to hear you brainwashed people say games through the PS+ are free! No you idiots, you PAY for the PS+ so the games aren’t free. Let the PS+ expire and all those games are gone. It just a glorified game rental service. But go ahead and keep telling yourself its free morons. Ungh, this world is full of you frickin people! For the love of Christ and all of humanity please QUIT BREEDING!

    • Tainted-Quorn

      Your a tit.

      • Tainted-Quorn

        Apologise, that should have been you’re a tit.

        • Splintee

          Your replying to yourself 3 times OMG! LOL

        • Zerosion

          You’re correct in your correction.

          • Splintee


    • Splintee

      Now that you bring that topic up how about Free to play that has microtransaction?
      Can you call that game a F2P if you purchase something?
      Just asking.

    • PSN+ is just a rental service man

    • Luis

      looool with the VALUE of PS PLUS that 5 bucks a month will be payed off instantly with multiple games to choose from.

  • CecilsDarkSide

    hey Giuseppe (i got it right this time), you know DualShockers is gaining popularity when it has ign-style ps4/x1 hater trolls (“minez better!”; “NO , mine iz!”) come wandering into the comments section. good work! lol

  • cool beans…

  • WellWisher

    Rotating the games doesn’t make me tempted to pay for PS+. They should let them build up to the point where it’s like Netflix and I can just pick and choose. I’d subscribe in a second if they did that. BRING ON THE DOWNVOTES!!

    • I would NOT be surprised if this is done with the entire PS3 library via Gaikai in 2014.

      • WellWisher

        I would then trade in my PS3 for a PS4.

  • this is what I do
    whenever you see any game on PSN+, just purchase them all before they go. You don’t have to download them!
    because the PS will recognise that you have bought this item, therefore you can download it ANYTIME you want.

    i won’t get ps4 at launch, will get it end of 2014. So I will have about 12-16 games for free ready to download on PS4 aka BEAST!

  • On PS4 Launch Day, can I play the PS+ games on the PS4 or do they mostly only work on PS3?

  • Joe Vicious

    Why would I want a ps4? Ps3 already does everything the ps4 does

    • Luis

      Well, geez, where do I begin?
      1. It’s not 8 years old.
      2. It’s not going to be abandoned in 1 or 2 years.
      3. No one is telling you to get a PS4…if you just got a PS3, good for you, go enjoy the games it has to offer.
      4. Amazing graphics.
      5. Better user interface.
      6. More developers will choose to release their titles to PS4 rather than PS3, as it will be more popular.
      7. Your PS3 can’t play PS4 games.
      8. PS3 titles will be able to be played via Gaikai streaming in 2014 ONLY ON PS4.

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