Learn to Create Mobile Games with this In-Depth Unreal Developer’s Kit Tutorial

on August 13, 2013 5:02 PM

The Unreal Developer’s Kit is a powerful tool to create games, but it’s also not exactly easy to pick up. If you’re curious on how mobile games are developed, or you just want to learn something new, you can check out the tutorial that Epic just released, starring Unreal Engine’s Zak Parrish as he walks us through a an extremely interesting lesson on the ins and out of the development tools, clocking a whopping two hours and a half.

It’s important to mention that the lesson isn’t intended for beginners, so if you’re not familiar with the concepts and terminology, you may find yourself a bit lost in several areas, but it’s still worth watching to satisfy your curiosity on game development. Who knows, you may discover that you like it enough to try your hand at it.

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