An Update on the Western Release of Final Fantasy Type-0 Could be On the Horizon

Operation Suzaku is a group created by Final Fantasy fans for the sole purpose of making sure Square Enix hears the loud, ongoing demands for a western release of the PSP title Final Fantasy Type-0 (also called Final Fantasy Agito). Square has been consistently quiet and indecisive about releasing Type-0 in the west, but this could change soon if Square Enix’s CEO of the Americas and Europe Phil Rogers has his way. Operation Suzaku reached out to Mr. Rogers regarding a western release of the coveted Final Fantasy title and he responded today, saying:

I’ve seen your Facebook page and I hear your question clearly. I’ve posted on the blog that this is one of the first questions I’m going to tackle. It’s not a quick question to answer but I’m looking into it and I’ll update everyone when I can.

Mr. Rogers stresses that he doesn’t want to get anyone’s hopes up and reminds us of how difficult it can be for previously released games to be localized, but any official news on a western release of this game would be greatly appreciated. I’d honestly be happy with a digital only release with English subtitles. Let’s hope for the best and keep our expectations in check.

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  • Krysanthia

    Glad to hear some sort of news about this, but not holding my breathe on this one. Then again I never thought Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney would get localized and here I am proven wrong, hopefully I will be wrong about this case too.

    On a side note, did Square ever give a reason why their PSP games are not available on PSN? Like Crisis Core, Kingdom Hearts BBS etc?
    I would really love to play these on my vita.

    • Ni

      BBS is because Disney don’t support digital distribution. CC I just don’t know

  • rpgmaniac

    ” I’d honestly be happy with a digital only release with English subtitles.” +1 me2 that’s exactly what I want also just English subs & menus that’s it I don’t care about English dubs & I’m against playing JRPGs with dubs in general, JRPGs like anime is something u must experience with original audio.

  • Carlo

    They could improve the graphics a bit and release it for vita sort of a remake. if this does get a western release im buying any console / handheld its on been waiting for this for so long

  • GaySkull

    This is why I love the PSP!
    It has burned so brightly since 2004.
    Sony makes great legendary hardware like the PSP.
    The PSP community is alive and well 8 years down the road.
    I have a feeling FF Type-0 will get a western release for PSP and PSVita.

  • I saw all of Operation Suzaku were terminated. What does it mean?

    • Vrrumdri

      The reason is they’ve reached their target on all but the petition. They’ve got 20,000 likes on Facebook, 1000 followers on Twitter, and all their other campaigns seem to have worked, but they still haven’t quite got 15,000 signatures for their petition. It doesn’t mean they’re giving up, it means they’re close to one of their goal.

    • Khalia

      We have tried a lot of different ways to get Square Enix attention. Operation Suzaku continues, but our actions have changed along the road.

  • Zerosion

    “Mr. Rogers stresses”

    Mr Rogers never stresses, he dresses.

  • tubers

    If international PSP piracy would be an issue, I hope they’d just upscale it to the VITA’s res + AA if they don’t plan to update the game assets (textures/geometry).. and keep it a VITA digital exclusive at worst..

    Unless a limited physical and expensive portable game is more sound as a business decision (FE:A was 50 bucks right?).

    • TheExile285

      I’d buy it so fast, the flash wouldn’t be able to keep up.

  • Sam

    “I’d honestly be happy with a digital only release with English subtitles. Let’s hope for the best and keep our expectations in check.”


  • Nicholas Perry

    Just release it as a PS3 game! D: (Like Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD)