Japanese Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn TV Commercial Reveals Possible Relic Armor (UPDATED)

Yesterday a TV commercial for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn was aired in Japan during the Mezamashi TV morning broadcast on Fuji TV.  You can see the clip down below thanks to Youtuber dondon banban.

While very interesting in its own right, the commercial hides a little mystery. The main character is portrayed wearing what looks like Paladin artifact armor, but the colors are radically different, and more similar to the Relic gear you could find in Final Fantasy XI (portrayed below, picture courtesy of FFXIclopedia).


Considering that in the Letter from the Producer Live IV Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed that the use of dyes with Artifact gear would not be available at launch, we’re left wondering if the armor portrayed in the commercial is Final Fantasy XIV‘s version of the Relic gear, or some similarly upgraded version of the Artifact armor.

Of course it could just mean that  they just decided to allow the use of dyes with Artifact gear, but the color pattern seems quite different (a picture of the actual artifact is at the very bottom of the post), so I’ll chalk it as unlikely. Check out the commercial below and see for yourself.

Update: Square Enix just released the official version of the clip, titled “Parallel Visions”, and you can now see in all its glory below.

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  • L’anzce Beatrix

    that the rumour AF+1 😛

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      whatever it is, it looks awesome and I want it 😀

  • Chris Nunez

    I actually really really like the original AF…. does this make me a bad person? Lol . I feel like a spoiled kid who’s pissed because he got only 2 of the 3 games he wanted.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I sure don’t dislike the original one, but I like the blue one more 😀

  • Ena Sccis

    dyeing this would be a bit too easy so i’m thinking it could be the next tier of AF gear or “AF+1”. the alt colors looks very stylish and it would be awesome if we had to go on another set of AF quests to get them since the current AF gears are only item level 52; which no longer holds water with the newer dungeons or what not.

    • Remnant

      I have seen the next tier of AF gear and I can tell you this is not it. This is for sure a dyed version of the original AF. The next tier looks different than the original and can be told apart from a far distance.

      • Ena Sccis

        I agree that this is the same exact gear model but dyed. I just think that it looks way too cool to be easily dyed right off the back, instead of extending the AF quests a bit longer to receive the new colors with better stats.

        I think I have seen those data mined pics also and only remembered seeing alts of darklight gears and top tier GC gears, unless we’re seeing different pic sets.

  • Carlo

    Doesn’t it look the same except with different colors ._. Where did the creativity go

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      It looks good, so what is the problem?

    • Excalibeard

      If they were completely new sets similar to how XI had AF/Relic/Empyrean, then I’d agree. Since it’s only a +1 version of existing AF, i’d say you can let it slide.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        honestly even if it was a completely new set I’d let it slide, we saw what kind of variety there’ll be in terms of looks. Can’t really say they slacked there 😀

        • Carlo

          Well I have to admit the variety I’ve seen so far is amazing. I’m just being nitpicky I guess. Is it weird the first thing I’m waiting for is the barber

  • Remnant

    Love this website. Your constant coverage of FFXIV is what got me here. Keep it up.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Glad you appreciate 😀 we do our best.

  • Oni123

    looks badass =) but i think it’s just dye

  • Ena Sccis

    these gears can be bought at revenant’s toll with cracked materia trade in currency.. so this is not just a dyed version with same stats but they are level item 90…