This Dragon’s Crown Sorceress Figure is Beautiful, Mysteriously Unavailable

Less than a month ago I reported about the prototype of a figure of the Dragon’s Crown’s sorceress by the Japanese manufacturer Alphamax showcased at an art exhibition held in Tokyo. Today we actually get the completed and colored figure, and as you can see in the gallery at the bottom of this post, it’s downright fantastic (and boobtastic, I guess).

If you want to get this beautiful piece of 1/8 scale art to decorate your own shelf, you’ll probably have to wait, as Alphamax posted a mysterious notice on its official website advising customers that all orders have been halted.

The notice does not mention any specific cause for the decision besides “various reasons”, concluding with the usual “we’re sorry and thank you in advance for understanding”, so at the moment we don’t know if the figure will be made available again in the near future or not.

Did those massive breasts break the mold? We can’t know, but you can check out plenty pictures in the gallery below.

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  • Vrrumdri

    I’m not surprised. It looks scandalous. I’m always expecting them to pop out!

  • Balalaika

    As much as big breast are nice the missing nipples makes the figure disturbing and if you use the excuse of “the nipples are being covered by the cloth” then it would mean those are some deformed breasts if the nipples are that low.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I would say that there wasn’t any doubt that they’re somehow deformed 😀

      • Should could have a condition. Don’t judge her. ;p

        • Balalaika

          Still those are some nice supple breasts.

          • lmao. rude. XD

          • Drithe

            supple. lmao. you win.

  • Vincent Wolf

    Dayum… I’m not into those statues thingies, but if I ever saw that one on a sale, I’d grab it in a blink. But I agree, areolas should be like 2/3d exposed with nipples.

  • Will

    They fix the nipp situation, and I may consider. What am I saying, either way I may consider lol.

  • aozaki

    is that a cast-off figure? if it is, then it is a must buy! 😀

  • xavier axol

    I have a major problem here, why aren’t people speaking up against this!?…… that is not where the staff should be, usually she used it for bottom support.

    • Vrrumdri

      That would have been too sexual for a main-market figurine. This was intended for general sale, and the original pose.. well, no need to go into detail. The altered one looks far more “tough girl” and acceptable.

      • xavier axol

        don’t take it too seriously, it was just joke. i like the figurine as it is, though it seems like the face needs more detail that’s all.

  • Kenneth Richardson

    With this kind of merchandise being promoted, one could be forgiven for forgetting that there’s more to Dragon’s Crown than T&A.

  • KuchikiSentou

    I WANT!!

  • KuchikiSentou

    This figure is obviously going to be uber expensive; other figures on the site are 9800 yen-ish.

  • TheDynastQueen

    I’m a statue collector but I’ve made it a rule not to collect female figures (I like my muscle men, leave me alone), though if more DC ones come out of this quality especially the Amazon and Dwarf I may relax my standards.

  • abnerayag

    i want this but i’d be too embarrassed to buy this in person lol

  • Marz