You Can Now Download The Full Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn PC Client for the Open Beta

A few days ago Square Enix made the installer of the open beta available for download (if you still didn’t get it you can find it here), but it was impossible to actually update it, leaving the biggest part of the sizable almost 7.5 gigabyte download out of the picture.

The good news is that the PC client is now fully operative, allowing you to download the full package and get yourself ready for tomorrow’s romp through the new Eorzea.

So what are you waiting for? Get that download started while you wait for the floodgates to open.

Remember that only those that fullfill certain conditions¬†will be allowed to enter the open beta tomorrow morning. Those that don’t will have to wait for the morning of the 17th. The PS3 version of the client has already been available for those that received the download code from Square Enix.

It’s also good to know that this is the last full download we’ll have to do, as this client is the final one, and from now on it’ll just be updated for early access and release on August the 27th.

See you tomorrow (or the day after) in Eorzea. If you happen to pass by the Balmung server and see Abriael, say hello. It’s a me.

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  • Zerosion


  • Chris Nunez

    Ohh grandios day!

  • Remnant

    Just downloaded PC and PS3 versions. I like juggling between both depending on my mood.

    • Henry

      Honest question, but what is it like going from PC to PS3 and having that huge quality drop?

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        It’s not so bad. The quality is definitely lower, but for A MMORPG on old hardware like the PS3 the game definitely looks pretty good. PC is much better though, so if someone has a PC i’d definitely advice playing on that.

      • Remnant

        The graphic quality is noticeably different but that is not really a huge issue. There is almost never any lag dips and the game play between PC and PS3 is different in feel. The PS3 version is more action type because of constant switching of hotkeys and alternating trigger buttons. I really enjoy it.

        I usually play it on PC because is easier to do browsing of internet and using voice chat services like ventrilo/teamspeak/skype/etc. But when I want to lay on my bed or couch, I just grab my remote and blast my surround sound and dive right in with the PS3.

  • Quincy

    2 more hours to go. GOing to be a long 2 hours…

  • Almog Asaban

    whare is the link to the dwonload?

  • jesus juice

    I tried and its not open beta unless you pre-ordered when is the all access open beta for those that didnt preorder

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      tomorrow at 2 AM Pacific