New Monster Hunter Frontier G Screenshots, Renders and Trailer Show the Deadly Anorpathis and its Loot

on August 16, 2013 3:58 AM

Yesterday a new and deadly Class G flying wyvern-type monster has been added to the Japanese servers of Monster Hunter Frontier G, and today we get to see it in all its majestic fury in a new batch of screenshots, renders and a trailer.

The Anorpathis comes with a secret weapon in the form of a powerful horn growing from its forehead, that helps him tear through thick ice. It can then easily swim underwater thanks to its peculiar fish tail, then it can suddenly emerge again to attack the hunters from an unexpected direction.

Below you can check out a trailer showing that peculiar form of attack in action, and a gallery with a few renders of the monster and of the loot that can be created by salvaging its corpse.

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