Star Citizen Gets a New and Detailed Spaceship Database as it Flies Towards 16 Million

on August 17, 2013 1:08 PM

Do you like to spend hours looking at the statistics of shiny star fighters and corvettes (if you are an EVE Online player the answer is probably yes)? Then Star Citizen has some new interactive porn for you.

Cloud Imperium Games just opened a new spaceship database page with all the implements of space faring and destruction that can currently be purchased for the upcoming game. The database lets you check out the specs of all the ships and even select some to compare without being cluttered by the rest.

Star Citizen is currently sitting on a staggering $15,650,230 in crowd funding. Considering the average daily funding rate, it will be at 16 million dollars in two more weeks. With 226,259 players that already paid and are pretty much in the bag, the game definitely seems to have a bright future.

In the meanwhile you can check out the new ship database here, while we wait to see the new playable hangar module that will be presented at Gamescom. I already have a chat with Chris Roberts scheduled there, so you can expect more info on our virtual pages soon.

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