The Assault on the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Open Beta Servers Continues, Two New Worlds Created

Today the open beta of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has finally been made free for all and things have been rather crowded, with more than 120,000 concurrent connections reported by Square Enix itself.

Heavy traffic prompted the developer to open two new Japanese servers in the morning (Typhon and Ultima), and this evening things are getting heated again on the western side, forcing Square Enix to throttle character creation on all the North American and European servers and open two new ones, Faerie and Exodus.

This brings the open beta of the game to a total of 44 servers, 22 for Japan and 22 for Europe and North America, pretty much all of which are filled to the brim.

That’s definitely not too shabby for a game not many would have bet on just a year ago.

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  • Greg Rowe

    I’ve played about 10 hours so far in this beta and I’m loving every second! I hated this game at original release so it’s come a loooooooong way.

  • Carlo

    So what does 120,000 concurrent connection mean? 😀 Im kinda curious as to how many players there really are. Oh and enjoying every minute of phase 4.

    • Quincy

      What else could it mean? lol but if you really don’t know then it’s players playing at the same time or basically log in at the same time…

      Not sure how popular my server is but every city and every starting zone is pretty jam packed with players. I had the same experience with GW2 when it first came out. But like any other games it becomes deserted eventually as time passes.

      Still kudos to SE for a good turn around. I think a realm reborn is here to stay.

  • William Trengove

    I’m curious how many of the people playing the beta are actually going to buy the final release…They’ll tell you they think it’s a good game, yet when it comes down to it, they want nothing to do with it.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      and you know how?

      • William Trengove

        because whenever I see people comment on it, all I see is them saying “It’s a great game, but I’m only going to play it when it’s F2P” because apparently SE is the devil

        Unless of course those comments just seem to be stack at the top of the threads and I’m just not seeing the other side of the picture.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Yeah. You aren’t. Besides. The “comments you see” aren’t a statistic 😀

          • William Trengove

            Did I called it a fact? NO! I was simply stating my ‘suspicions’…Two different things 😛

          • Nihelus Aurenis

            People on forums aren’t even remotely representative of the average gamer. The ones that whine and complain are almost always a small minority that thinks they’re important and must be heard. Don’t worry, the game will do just fine. It was very rare to hear anything negative in game, and people would tear them apart when they did dare to say anything negative. It think the only negative thing they have a point about that people didn’t tear into them much was the queue time for DPS for dungeons. They REALLY should have made the base group 5 people instead of 4. =/

    • Carlo

      Judging from the p3 beta forums at least I can safely say the number of people who are going to get this game + who thinks it good and at the same time have successfully invited their friends to play it is overwhelming. Sure there are those who cancelled realizing the game isn’t for them but over all I think the numbers are really good.

  • Perry Tanko

    I would like to gracefully point out that Phantasy Star Online 2 (SEGA, for PC and Vita) has concurrent connections of over 250,000 people at many points. And PSO2 is a F2P game, and it’s quite beautiful with an awesome combat system to boot.