Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta Is on Fire with Over 150,000 Concurrent Connections (UPDATED)

Just yesterday we reported on how the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn open beta achieved the record number (at least for what Japanese online games are concerned) of 120,000 users online at the same time.

Even that record didn’t last long, as reported by Producer & Director Naoki Yoshida over the game’s Japanese official Twitter account.

 FFXIV: A Realm Reborn Producer and Director Yoshida here. Thank you for your participation to the testing (Open Beta Test). Because we have a situation with over 150,000 concurrent connections, we’ll add three new Japanese servers at 6 PM.

In addition to this, in order to perform the induction of new players at the same time, we will implement character creation restriction on all existing Japanese servers starting from 6 PM. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your cooperation in reducing congestion so that everyone can play comfortably.

The three new servers that are going to be added will bring the total used for the beta up to a very respectable 47.

Update: Square Enix also announced that three new servers (Lamia, Phoenix and Siren) are going to be added for North America and Europe as well, bringing the total to a nice and round 50.

The developer also announced that since the beta forums are as congested as the game, many might have trouble finding the link to download the PC client, so everyone is encouraged to download it directly from this link.

Unfortunately the heavy traffic is also creating problems in game, with many players (including yours truly) getting disconnected upon zoning and then being prevented from logging back in with an “error 3102”, that seems to be generated by the fact that their character hasn’t been logged out correctly and is still recognized as in the game by the server.

Interestingly enough, this is an error that I see happening in almost every MMORPG beta (and even after launch at times). Developers around the world seem to pretty much always have serious trouble with it, but after all that’s what betas are for.

If you’re locked out like me and you didn’t play the original Final Fantasy XIV, or if you simply want to refresh your memories of the story, you may want to ease your wait by checking out the eight episodes of my The Story So Far column.  They will give you a nice overview on what happened during the first game, including all the relevant cutscenes. Since the story of A Realm Reborn is a direct sequel, reading on what happened before will help you enjoy it better.

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  • Daniel Ortiz Nieto

    I’m wondering if the error 3102 could make them do a rollback for the Early Access.

    I guess it really depends on their ability to unstuck all the locked characters or not, if they can’t (and some have been stuck for over 36h, so the problems doesn’t seem easy to fix) I guess they’ll have to rollback.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I doubt it. Everyone’s limited to level 20 anyway. That’s a very limited amount of progression.

      • Daniel Ortiz Nieto

        I don’t meant it because of the progress advantage, but for the possibility of SE not being able to recover the characters stuck with the error 3102.

        If those characters can’t be recovered, I’m guessing the sure thing to do so nobody (and 1.0 layers specially) loses their character is a rollback and start fresh again in the early access.

        • Remnant

          Characters can be moved manually by them to jails regardless of location. Problem is that its done 1 by 1. So it would take a lot of time but those char are definitely not lost. They each say exactly where they located on the character select. Mine is in copperfilled mines

          • Daniel Ortiz Nieto

            Before the beta forums went down there were over 6000 characters stuck posted in the intended thread.

            Now I’m willing to bet that number is well over 12k, that’s equal to a server and a half in terms of characters.

            I don’t think SE has the manpower nor the time before early access to unstuck over 10k characters, if the problem is not solved with a simple server restart or a soft roll back.

            If they have to do it manually I’m almost certain that there will be a character wipe.

          • Remnant

            A character wipe would discourage thousands of players from playing. Believe it or not, most people don’t enjoy starting over. Tell those people in early-access that they have to start over and they might just cancel their order. There is ways to move mass population, They can just make everyone start again in their starting city and let people log in on waves to prevent deep congestion. There wont be character wipe. Is just a precaution statement that they made.

            Only way there will be a character wipe is if theres an exploit that lv up instantly, or an NPC that accidentally give out 1,000,000 gil and people spread it all over the server. Or the servers catch on fire. Something super drastic. People with this issue have been able to get in before. The characters are not lost, is just a server login issue.

          • Daniel Ortiz Nieto

            As I told to Giuseppe earlier, I hope I’m wrong and you are right.

          • Remnant

            I have a legacy character on Hyperion and a character on Leviathan. I talked to my friends and they said I appear offline from the game side. I try to log on either of those characters and I still get the character logged in issue. So its not the character itself that is causing it. I made a new character in Alexander server which is JP server and I can log in just fine there. Only the NA/EU servers have this issue. Wish they put more emphasis on fixing it(and restoring people faith and willingness to buy the game) than trying to make new servers (and have more people suffer the issue).

          • Daniel Ortiz Nieto

            Then again, if they have to unstuck manually more than 10k characters (the official thread has over 1000 pages now), I highly doubt that SE has the manpower nor the time to do it.

            If it has to be solved manually for each character, there will be some kind of rollback for sure.

            If not, well, better for all those that didn’t had the problem.

          • Rob Nevico

            Looks like they managed to unstick them manually 😉 There will be no rollback.

    • Quincy

      I hope they fix it, I’m one of the victims of this error and it would really suck if I have to do it all over again. Not only I manage to max to the level restriction of my main class but got my second class to lvl 9 with 4 profession to at least level 6+. May not seem a lot but they are time consuming.

      I hope they didn’t get overconfident that they only need to stress test the game for 3 days. I’m starting to think maybe they needed a week of open beta because of these issues.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      That’s very unlikely. This is actually a pretty common problem during beta tests, and it doesn’t have to do with the data itself, but just with the login server.

      • Daniel Ortiz Nieto

        I hope you are right.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          I’m 99% positive. Technically there’s no reason why character data would be affected.

          Also, I know people for which the problem has been solved by posting their name and world on the forums.

          • Jihl

            Some of us haven’t been able to post on the forums though to get that far.

          • Allanon80

            The 3102 error does not cause me to be worried, but according to some players, when they log in they log into someone else character from their account.

  • Carlo

    This is crazy. I hope they have a few more “servers” in their back pocket. They shouldn’t underestimate the numbers come early access. Surprisingly though the JP servers are filling faster than the NA / EU ones. The amount is just staggering but what can you expect the game is awesome so we all should have seen this coming.

    • Allanon80

      The reason that the JP are filling faster is because all the 3102 NA players can actually create a character on the JP if they are locked out of the NA ones

  • Nickson Phosy

    To put this number in perspective. a game like Dota 2 usually have 300k concurrent players.
    so if i read this correctly, that 150k could potentially be for japan alone.

    either way, Can’t really expect these kinds of numbers once the servers or 24 hours. it’s lively and fun right now though! except i can’t play because my character is stuck in 3102 limbo..

    Cant say the number for other games, not easily accessible

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Unlikely that 150k is for japan alone. It’s a very high number for a MMORPG, and it means an average of 3400 players for each of the 44 servers.

      DOTA2 is a MOBA, with direct steam support. It’s normal for it to have much higher numbers.

      • Nickson Phosy

        The point i was trying to make was FFXIV is very close to the numbers of a very popular and growing game, not trying to downplay its numbers.

        someone can read 150k and say ‘that aint nothing close to a milliun’, I’m saying that 150k concurrent can easily mean 700-1mill monthly users and in turn 700k-1mil subscribers.

  • Zerosion

    Ran into this myself, and i’m fine with that now. This is the kinda stuff weere here to find in the first place.

  • Merck

    And the I remember Simcity launch!

    • Zerosion

      Diablo 3 comes too mind too.

    • Old McGroin

      This isn’t a launch, it’s a Beta.

  • Carlo

    Seems like even the new ones are beginning to fill as well >.>

  • Remnant

    I’m stuck on 3200 limbo also. Japanese server are getting higher than normal traffic BECAUSE of this limbo. Everyone with error 3200 can just play on the JP servers (as I am) while we wait for a solution. Sure means making a new character that will be ditched in the future. But that’s alright, can just go back to it if NA servers ever drop dead. Beats not playing at all. JP servers are soooo quiet that you can get to lv 20 without speaking a single word without offending anyone.

  • MoukkaGamer

    It’s not an open BETA if you’re required to have a code!

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Actually no. You’re mistaken. It’s an open beta as long as it’s open to everyone, and since you get your code automatically as soon as you register, it is an open beta.

  • PrinceHeir

    the game is almost here!