Project Phoenix’s Protagonist Gets First Model Reference Artwork

We heard a lot about Project Phoenix (even more so in my recent interview with Game Director Hiroaki Yura), but we still did not see much in terms of visuals. At last today we get a treat from Creative Intelligence Arts in the form of the first “rough” reference artwork for the in-game model of the protagonist of the game Marcus Stern.

The artwork comes directly from the pen of Lead Artist GONTARO, and you can see it in its full glory just below (you click on it to enlarge to full resolution). Doesn’t he look lovely?

If you want to help fund Project Phoenix you can do so by pledging on the official Kickstarter page.



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  • Kamille

    he looks like link from the back. Nintendo are gonna sue them!

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      he doesn’t have a green condom on his head 😀

  • rpgmaniac

    Can u ask them plz if the various gear we r going to equip will be visible on top of characters? for example when we equip a new armor or wpn does the appearance of char model change?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      From the artwork it definitely seems it does at least to some extent. I’ll ask next time I get a chance 😀

  • DesmaX

    I’d change the color of his cape, so that he would stand out more on the battlefield (Because, you know, he’s the main character. Main Characters are always the ore powerful characters, at least for me)

  • Tai

    I so wish this game could control individual player like Somma Bringer….. that would be awesome