Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Explains How PS4 and PS Vita Will Interact in Remote Play

Many have been wondering about how the PS Vita and the PS4 will interact in remote play mode, and what kind of load will the Vita itself have to work with. Today SCE Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida took to twitter in order to give some details on what the interaction between the two consoles entails.

He also further confirmed the fact that only games that require special input devices like “dance games” will not support remote play. Everything else will work at a system level, without needing actual development support from developers.

A few days ago Yoshida-san also explained that remote play does not require a large memory card on the Vita, probably implying that the software necessary on the portable itself for the feature to work with PS3 will have a small storage footprint, which is good considering that large memory cards aren’t exactly cheap for the moment.

Personally, I’ve always been very interested in remote play since when it was announced for the PSP and the PS3 (and enjoyed it quite a bit with PS1 classics), but I have been very disappointed by the lack of support for the feature in the previous generation consoles. Here’s hoping that the new hardware really will really exploit the feature as it deserves. The dedicated video capture card included in the PS4 will hopefully do the trick, by taking the load off the back of the main hardware.

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  • Vera

    One word: LAG! Just like Gaikai it’s going to ruin it, not evn the fact that the controls won’t fit perfectly for PS4 games. It’s going to suck!

    • vicfermino


    • One Word: Wi-fi! Unlike Gaikai , Remote Play will run through direct wi-fi connection and not through the internet.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      17,000 units a week in Japan alone tell that your “Vita is dead” statement is a tad premature.

      • jujubee88

        Add to the fact that every week (for the past few weeks) the VITA has had a lot of games worth playing.

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      its run on wifi genius!! try again

      • John Mumpitz

        not really, when you are NOT in the same room as the wifi-router you will have a huge LAGGGGGG! its not WIFI-DIRECT (!!) thats what XBOX ONE supports, thats why smart glass is freaking fast! but PS4 does NOT support wifi-direct! thats why its going to lag, unless you sit right in front of the wifi-router!!

        • Jeremiah Enrile

          how do you know? sony hasn’t even announced or confirmed that it will or not support wifi direct. Thats the best defense you got about xbone? pathetic. Sony is a hardware maker and MS is a software maker if you forgot xbot, smart glass can stream thru the internet? Hahaha you live in your dreamworld, but DREAM on!! xbox is just copying what SOny does, no DRM, can resale used games, no second hand game blocking, headset in a box, kinect not mandatory so pathetic and unprofessional. the early 360 doesn’t even have a wifi and the PS3 does. oh and why is it there’s a blu ray on the Xbone?? sorry dude but in terms of innovative hardware sony pioneered it so no wifi direct on PS4 is just a bull created by guys like you. Ex-Box Done!!

    • Kamille

      if it’s over the internet then of-course is gonna lag. =/

      But routers have 2 modes of streaming:

      1. over the internet, it goes as fast as your internet speeds and is directly affected by ping.

      2. local, usually goes at the maximum speed of the router which is between 50-100MB up and down. So at least when playing in your house you shouldn’t worry about lag.

    • BubWright

      Did you ever play with GaiKai or OnLive?

      personally i can’t fault them, depends on you internet connection i guess?

      • heratiki

        Yeah I played with OnLive and it worked flawlessly even during Beta phase. But I have a great internet connection and full control of my firewall so I didn’t experience issues most did.

        • Steel

          I know someone with a crappy as hell connection on most xbox live games that had no lag with Onlive, and my connection ain’t perfect either and it worked fine with it, so….

      • theodor70941

        You can use local Wi-Fi connection so… your argument is invalid

        • John Mumpitz

          not really, when you are NOT in the same room as the wifi-router you will have a huge LAGGGGGG! its not WIFI-DIRECT (!!) thats what XBOX ONE supports, thats why smart glass is freaking fast! but PS4 does NOT support wifi-direct! thats why its going to lag, unless you sit right in front of the wifi-router

          • theodor70941

            Have you ever tried remote play on vita? I’ve played a few ps3 games on my vita via remote play and they don’t lag so do you really think that a ps4 game Will lag on thé psvita?… And you said that smart glass won’t because of Wi-Fi direct you do releaze that smart glass is a app for tablets and smartphones and the fact still remains not every tablet and smartphone Will support Wi-Fi direct… And even if it’s too much data for a router to handle then you can compremize thé date like thé Wii u does, you can play a Wii u game via blootooth 2.1 on a toilet whitout lag… Wi-Fi direct is Only going to connect thé controller to thé console and therefore smart glass won’t utelaize thé power of Wi-Fi direct… Get your facts before posting a srupid comment

    • Splintee

      Comments directly from the ass LOL.

    • jspillen

      You’re a troll man… If you owned a Vita you’d be singing a different tune. Every person I’ve met who owns a Vita thinks it’s badass. All of us are looking forward to more great games. And 85 games are coming by the end of the year. I think on top of the several AAA titles coming in the next two months. I think the Vita was sweet, and remote play for all PS4 games… makes it a hell of lot SWEETER.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Glad to know that Sony was able to leverage the workload so that it doesn’t require a lot of memory and take a toll on the experience.

  • DesmaX

    “Everything else will work at a system level, without needing actual development support from developers.”

    Oh, that’s good to know. If it would require work from devs, they would just not bother with it

    • Thomas Ella

      Well, it’ll still need a bit of work. They have to retool the control scheme to work on Vita, for one.

      • Greg

        That’ll probably be customizable just as playing PSP games on Vita is. You’ll probably hold down the home button and a menu will come up where you can assign the back touch pad and touch screen to certain functions.

      • Steel

        Basically they’ve already explained that l2 l3 r2 r3 will be tied to the back touch pad corners, probably customizable. Not ideal but workable.

        • Thomas Ella

          I’m assuming it’s different game-by-game, but customizable, definitely.

  • Russell Gorall

    I kind of worry how much more of the OS they had to dedicate just to have this functionality.

    I want a beast console, not a beast gimmick.

  • Krakn3dfx

    Very excited about the idea of laying in bed, playing Watch Dogs on my Vita remotely. I played a bit with Gaikai through a Samsung TV at the Consumer Electronic Expo the year before Sony bought the company, and the tech seems pretty solid with no real artifacting or lag in controls. I imagine it has been improved on in the last 18 months or so, and I’m definitely looking forward to trying it out for streaming games off of the 4 to the Vita.

    • Greg

      I’m really excited to play Elder Scrolls Online and Planetside 2 on my Vita!

  • XBO FTW!

    XBO FTW!

    • Russell Gory pauper


    • Jeremiah Enrile

      Ex-box done for the lose!!

  • That would be awesome 😀

  • Russell Gory pauper

    The PoS Vita is dead $0n¥. GFY with your laggy remote play which won’t save it.

    • Jeremiah Enrile

      what is a low class degenerate Xboxer doing here?? got nothing good to play on your 360?? boo hoo Hahaha. so uhmm wheres your new exclusives??

  • NeoTechni

    Probably implying? Has no one tried remote play in the eight years since it came out? God knows nintendo did when they ripped it off entirely for wiiu

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