Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Open Beta Gets Extra Time, Solves Login Problems

Yesterday we reported on how the open beta of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn broke traffic records with 150,000 users connected at the same time, and also broke the login servers, with the now infamous “Error 3102”, that forced thousands of players our of their characters for several hours, while said characters were still considered online.

In a laudable example of dedication Square Enix’s folks have been up and about yesterday evening manually releasing those thousands of characters from the bug one by one, and with an emergency maintenance that was just concluded they got rid of the terrible 3102.

In order to somehow compensate those affected, and to test the fix,  the open beta has been extended a few hours only for the servers on the North American/European datacenter until today at 8 AM PDT/ 3 PM PDT.

If you want to squeeze some more gameplay, and testing, before the servers close again until the early access on the 24th, this is your chance.

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  • Daniel Ortiz Nieto

    I am so so glad to have been wrong!

  • Krysanthia
  • James

    The game is fun, but its biggest problem is that it is just too easy. Nothing from 1-35 (prior phases counted) takes skill. I’m not sure how new players are supposed to progress skill wise when the bar is so low. Level 50 hard modes or not, that’s too long, and the game will suffer for it.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Is there still someone that thinks that MMORPGs take “skill”?

      The whole genre is and has always been fairly easy, especially before the endgame. The game will be just fine.

      • Mildra

        putting aside that difficulty in a game like this is subjective and has to account for a multitude of player tastes and playstyles, weren’t there some infamously hard parts of FF11?

        • Daniel Ortiz Nieto

          If time consuming means hard, then yes.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Time consuming, yes. Hard, no. For me “hard” is a racing simulator, or something that requires real skill and precision like that.

          MMORPGs are mostly an exercise of patience and repetition.

          • Mildra

            but I’ll be fair, the ‘hard’ complaint in this context reads like another case of “gaming as a fashion accessory”, but that’s just me.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            hey, turns out that according to Edge’s preview the game has a “steep learning curve”.

            I don’t like to shame fellow writers, but come on ^_^;;;;;

          • Mildra

            “steep learning curve” is one of those phrases I laugh at, to be honest. especially since it often comes from the same people who bemoan difficulty (besides the subjectivity of the term itself). But let’s be real here, when a game goes out of its way to provide a tutorial and we live in an era where guides are easy as all hell to find, it’s a hollow complaint.

        • Remnant

          FFXI did in fact hard some hard parts. Chain of Promethia missions was notoriously difficult when they was first released. Defeating Dynamis Lord require a strong team of players with the know hows on tactic. Many of the Burning Circle 99 missions was difficult as well. But over all the game wasn’t difficult.

          The same can be said about FFXIV. The minor quests and leveling is not exactly difficult. Mission 15 was notoriously difficult, so difficult that people dropped dead 1-5 times before winning, they complained hard in the forums and got the difficulty lowered. But some of the less noticed missions can be difficult, specially some of the class quests.

          Early game and mid game is usually easy in almost every single MMO out there. End game which is about 70%-80% of the true content is where challenges located. Right now, having played early game, There are some parts a bit difficult for my friends. I have to stand outside and see if they die to raise them. If you are an hardcore gamer who has quick strategy thinking and are familiar with the concepts then of course you will manage to beat it easier.

          Difficulty does vary between people and their experiences. Most of my friends are coming to this game as completely new to MMOs or having played only P2Ws and used to being overpowered from the start.

          Yoshida said one of the dungeons in end-game will be so hard that he wonder how many people will be able to beat it before update 2.1.

          To James,
          Is funny when people die and go back to town, then return to the battle, win and think the mission was easy. Let me guess, Dark Souls was too easy also. Can’t please everyone, I guess.

          • James

            Dark Souls is of perfect difficulty. It doesn’t handhold and treat you like a child. It lets you learn and progress, and overcome challenges. The current difficulty level in XIV is insulting, and that’s why you see such an uproar about it on the forums.

          • Mildra

            Comparing difficulty in Dark Souls and FF14 as if there’s a linear standard of difficulty and using an ad populum argument is the true insult, if you ask me.

          • Rob Nevico

            I’ll give you the Mammet fight. That was actually hard, but everything else was a slow dungeon crawl with super aggressive mobs. The boss fights themselves weren’t all that difficult if the party knew what they were doing. Go back and do CoP now and see what easy really looks like. I almost rented a chick flick and bought a tub of ice cream after I solo’d the very Mammet fight that kept me in stasis for months while my LS rolled people through various stages.

      • Rob Nevico

        You’d be surprised. I blew through several class quests but was amazed to see people in the chat log asking for tips to get past the level 15 class quests. I found them to be easy, even in P3, but I have to remember, I’ve also been playing both MMORPGs and Final Fantasy games in general for a very long time. To people less seasoned or used to something that requires very little brain function to execute, I can see how this game would appear to be super hard to some. My wife, after explaining the Armoury System and the class quests, flat out refuses to play because it sounds complex to her and, to be fair, I know it would be a huge challenge for her and it’s not because she sucks at gaming… on the contrary, she’s pretty badass, but she favors a system that allows her to free herself. So I get how there is a mix of people who think it’s either easy mode or super hard. So long as it keeps me entertained and has the potential to let me have more years of joy with a Final Fantasy MMORPG, I’m good. And, I can’t even judge the level of difficulty because no one has been able to do anything endgame as of yet anyway.

      • Carlo

        I suddenly think (phase 4) was too easy. So easy some might get turned off and get bored before they reach the end game. Personally I don’t mind since if its like that I tend to set limits to challenge myself but the difficulty in phase 4 was just way too easy in my opinion

  • Quincy

    And here I thought dualshockers won’t be littered with people who cries about how game is too easy. If the game is too easy then MMO is not for you. I’ve played a lot of MMO in the past few years and nothing from the early stages of the game is ever hard. It progressively gets harder, you guys are old enough to understand that right? If not then maybe you should not be playing any kind of games at all.

    • Mildra

      or at the very least, don’t treat gaming like an oversized gold chain.