Japanese Gamers Really Want the Final Fantasy XIV Preorder Code, Going for 168 Bucks on Auction

Preorders for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn are going really well in Japan, so well that Square Enix ran out of preorder codes that give three days of early access (from August the 24th to August the 27th), a Moogle-shaped hat and a Cait Sith minion, as you can see in the picture below relevant to the North American market. The bonuses are the same.


Some Japanese gamers really want these bonuses, and where there’s a demand, offer normally appears to match it, in this case in the popular auction section of Yahoo Japan, but how much are Japanese gamers willing to pay? Turns out, quite a lot.

The preorder code that sold the highest so far went for 16,500 yen, which equates to a little north of $168.

FFXIV Auction

And there are more for auction, and you can see at the bottom of this page, with plenty bids and prices varying between a relatively reasonable 3,100 yen (31 bucks) to 8,000 (81 bucks), but those still have several hours to go, so they’ll probably raise quite a lot towards the end of the bidding period.

It’s important to note that the offers include only the preorder code, and not the game. As a term of comparison, if you were to buy the game from Square Enix Japan (without the code), it’d cost you justย 3,300 yen for the PS3 version and 3,900 for the PC version (about 33 and 40 bucks).

FFXIV Auction2a

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  • Jack

    losers japanese people don’t understand that the game is still on beta

    why would you even bother when the game comes comes out all your saves will be lost forever

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      because the open beta ended today, and the character does carry out in release.

      The game is Japanese. It’s likely Japanese people understand it better than you ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Jack

        i’m half japanese

        • That guy, you know, the one

          The other half must be pretty terrible :/

          • Jack

            well it’s american so i guess you’re right

  • James

    FFXIV’s open beta and the early access given to preorders saves transfer to release. Anything they do in those periods WILL be saved unless the discover a major game fault.