Here’s the New Pricing for PlayStation Vita Memory Cards (UPDATE: Official)

Moments ago Sony announced not just a new price for their PlayStation Vita, but also its memory cards.

Although the discounts aren’t as steep as some of us would have hoped for, it’s still better pricing nonetheless. It appears that Amazon and Gamestop are among the first to display the new pricing, but I’m sure you can expect to see similar pricing among other retailers by the end of the week.

Here’s the breakdown currently seen on Amazon:

The 16gb model is seeing the biggest decrease down from $59.99 to $37, around a 35% savings. Both the 8gb and 32gb models are getting a 20% savings, with the smaller card going from $29.99 to $23.13 and the biggest card getting marked down from $99.99 to $78.38

Again, not the best pricing on memory, but it’s hard to complain about paying less. So who’s running out and picking up that monstrous 32gb card now?

(UPDATE) Sony’s PlayStation Blog has confirmed the new MSRP pricing across the board. It’s official folks!

Memory Card Size

Previous Price

New Price

Memory Card for PS Vita 4GB



Memory Card for PS Vita 8GB



Memory Card for PS Vita 16GB



Memory Card for PS Vita 32GB



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  • vicfermino

    I’ll even pick a Vita now.

  • Thomas Crane

    That’s it? A Sony 32 gb SD card costs $19.99. It’s outrageous.

    • bigshynepo

      Yeah, but a 32GB MICRO SD is still more than $20 outside of black friday. Compare apples to apples if you’re gonna b!tch..
      Speaking of Apple, they charge 100 bucks for an extra 16GB of memory in their devices.

  • Weeb

    78 dollars is still ridiculously expensive for 32gb.

    • Kenneth Richardson

      definitely agreed.

      • Teo

        a 32gb microsd is 40-50. $60 would be MORE than fair for the sony card.

  • antindf

    Those aren’t the new prices. Amazon has had those prices for months. You can see pretty clearly that the old MSRP is still there, crossed out. If they had officially dropped (which they haven’t, because Sony said they’re dropping them *at a later date*), there wouldn’t be a crossed out price.

    • Take a look at Target, Toyrsus, Walmart and pretty much every other retailer. Those haven’t been the prices permanently.

      Walmart (arguably the cheapest retailer in the US):

      • Censure

        I’m on Walmart right now. I’m looking at a 32gb for $91.87. If you wanted to be investigative you could always just call and ask instead of trying to infer.

          • Censure

            “Now what?”

            Seriously? I was trying to phrase what I said as politely as I could without coming directly at your neck. Okay then.

            1) You’re a bit late. Puffy already posted that link with the official (not speculative) prices. You can see where I thanked him.

            2) Your prices were in the ballpark, but nonetheless wrong! You didn’t even have a price for the 4gb.

            3) #2 may seem like I’m nitpicking, but it really gets at the heart of the comment I made that you seem to have taken offense to. You claimed the prices were the same at Walmart. They weren’t. That’s not me calling out everything about your story, but pointing out an inaccuracy in claims which you were basing your assumptions upon. Additionally, as it turns out, your numbers were not quite accurate. You were trying to infer something by doing a quick search for whatever reason (I suspect just to be the first to have it) when some simple investigative journalism would have cleared this whole thing up. Before you even fall back on the “blogger” thing, just know that all it would have taken was a call to Amazon, Walmart, or any of your other “sources” asking whether those were sale prices or permanent prices. That would have cleared the whole thing up. It takes about as long as it does to go back and forth with someone in the comments section. I’m sorry. You don’t get points for making assumptions that are almost right. Just take the extra step next time. Are you really worried about being scooped in the time it would take to make a phone call?

  • Puffy Gryphon

    You jumped the gun Joel, these are the normal discounts at Amazon. As for GameStop, they may be just be having a sale, seeing as how the Vita is not updated like Amazon is.

    • Check every other retailer. Not the normal prices.

      • Puffy Gryphon

        Target 99.99 (32GB)
        Wal-Mart 91.87 (32GB
        Sony Store 99.99 (32GB)
        Toys-R-Us 59.99 (16GB – no 32BG)

        I shop Amazon almost every week, and the price has hovered between 75.00 to 85.00 since October when I got the AC3 Vita bundle

  • Comp

    Yeah I don’t think these are the official price drops. You can check the product’s price history on websites and they’ve already been around this range. You wrote the 16GB is $37… but that’s not true, that’s being sold via a 3rd party and not Amazon. They have it as $44.71… it wouldn’t take much to click on each card and compare the prices or do research but I realize you wanted to be first to report incorrectly.

      • Censure

        4GB is $14.99. You had no price for that. 8GB is $19.99. You had it at $23.13. 16GB is $39.99. You had it at $37. 32GB is $79.99. You had it at $78.38.

        What’s weird is that you think you have vindicated your guess work. Which of your guesses is a match for the official price? You jumped the gun and made an assumption based off of some sale prices you saw. That was your bad, but you refuse to own up to it. Just because the new MSRP ended up in the ballpark of your guess work does not mean you had the official prices. Sometimes a retailer like Amazon will sell items for a little bit less than MSRP, but look at the official price for the 8GB versus your guess price. Your guess is actually more than the actual price. People, including myself, came to this article because they thought you already had the official numbers. It’s insulting that a mere poster here had to bring us the real deal, and even more insulting that you are now copping an attitude because you were called out on your clear fallacy. You should be apologizing for your mistakes to the readers that took time to read your work, not reacting petulantly when someone correctly identifies your mistakes.

  • Nicholas Perry

    80$ for 32GB?

    Lol sony.


    Thats like learning you can get a lambo for only $199,000 and then learn you got to pay $78,000 to get it tagged each year….Vita’s still a rip-off.

  • dirkradke

    There is nothing special about these cards except they only work with PlayStation Vita and people give Microsoft a hard time about overpriced peripherals. It appears Sony does the same thing. Prices for Vita memory cards is still crap. Everyone of these SD Card prices are actually for Micro SD cards that come with adapters that can be used in card readers to transfer data to your PC. Found prices at Walmart.

    Vita – 4GB ($14.99), SD card – 4GB ($4.99)
    Vita – 8GB ($19.99), SD card – 8GB ($6.99)
    Vita – 16GB ($39.99), SD card – 16GB ($15.99)
    Vita – 32GB ($79.99), SD card – 32GB ($29.99)

  • Ctrl_W

    So they want me to pay almost a quarter of the price of a psv for something that should cost 30 bucks and is the size of my fingernail?