Gamescom 2013: Black Desert Online Developers Considering PS4 and Xbox One Ports, Already in Talks with Sony

Black Desert Online is a beautiful looking PC MMORPG currently in development at the Korean studio Pearl Abyss. With many developers exploring the idea of porting their MMOs to consoles, it was only natural for me to ask about that possibility during a meeting with the studio’s COO Jaemin Youn and CFO Brian Oh at Gamescom, Cologne.

I actually expected a vague answer as usual with this kind of question, but they enthusiastically answered that yes, not only they’re considering porting the game to both PS4 and Xbox One, but they actually already had meetings with Sony Computer Entertainment.

Of course they aren’t saying that it’ll happen for sure, and they specified that before such a thing were to occur, they want the PC version to be stable first, but love is definitely in the air, and a port on both consoles is on the menu, with the PS4 slightly in the lead, as the folks at Pearl Abyss specified that on the Microsoft side met just with the Windows team, and not with the Xbox team yet.

If you don’t know what Black Desert Online looks or plays like you can find some impressive screenshots and trailers here, here and here, and you can expect video and further commentary from our meeting soon.

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  • foureyes oni

    I honestly don’t think the ps4 could handle this game.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      from what I’ve seen today yes it can.

      And if it can handle FFXIV, it can handle this one.

      • Jarand Moen Romtveit

        Just the fact that you compare FFXIV graphics with Black Desert makes me laugh, hard.

        • shadonic

          i think both of them are extremely beautiful.
          but FFXIV has great art design that blends in with the rest of the game very well, while Black Desert aims at high resolution textures while keeping the rest at standart and their own characters typical korean styled.i wonder if that will work well with the setting of Black Desert.
          Black Desert is running on a Homemade engine just like FFXIV, so that’s a plus, but that’s also a point that makes it currently impossible to judge untill we can actually test it ourselfs.
          it’s impossible to judge graphics from Trailers & Screenshots.

          • Jarand Moen Romtveit

            Ive already seen the gameplay videoes in 1080p from PAX and its, better, ALOT better, FFXIV looks crap compared to this.

    • rpgmaniac

      Get serious man PS4 have almost 2 GFLOPS of power do u have any idea what that means? that means similar to a GTX 660 & it have 8 GB of GDDR 5!!! even the best graphic cards have from 2 to 4 GB, I play the best looking MMORPGs of today like TERA & Aion with a much worse graphic card, PS4 is a beast it will play this for fun.

    • orangpelupa

      fixed to
      I honestly don’t think the ps4 could handle this game text chat.

      sure it can handle it, but it will be clunky. Except if Sony gave system-wide virtual gamepad rose-keyboard (see steam big picture)

  • Kie

    Cool 😮