Gamescom 2013: Sazh is back in New Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Trailer and Screenshots

If there’s one question I heard every time a new character was confirmed to return in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, that’s “but where’s Sazh?”

Today Square Enix answered with a new trailer titled “The Savior’s Choice,” in which the fan favorite character finally makes a comeback alongside his son.

Happy? I sure am. You can check out trailer and screenshots below. And yes, if you were wondering he still has his chocobo chick in his almighty afro.

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  • Remnant

    Did he just said blasted fk bone?

  • Baka

    Wow this is looking so amazing to me. The visuals are beautiful and I
    like how bright and colorful the world is. This is a day one buy for me.
    Also we get to go to the village of the moogles!! Besides, Fang can fight with us ?

    That scene between Snow and Lightning was…er…intense to say the least!
    She looked shook when he grabbed her collar!!! It almost look like they
    were gonna kiss…. Dammit February is taking too long to get here 🙁

    • Levi Elwood Myers

      I can’t get over how fast paced some of the gameplay looks, and that scene with Snow… man, I’m hype as hell now!

  • Zerosion

    Awesome! Sazh was my favorite character of 13. 😀

    Good to see him again.

  • Galen Nycroft

    Fang…is…FIGHTING again! Oh, and Sazh is the worst father ever, will Dajh ever be able to grow up healthy? Where is Mrs. Sazh?