Muramasa Rebirth is Cutting a Path to Europe

Vanillaware’s drop dead gorgeous PS Vita exclusive hack n’ slasher Muramasa Rebirth will make it to Europe after all, courtesy of Aksys Games. The game will be available in Europe this fall, apparently as a digital only title via the PSN Store. Although it is unfair that European fans may miss out on the considerable collector’s edition version of the game we saw in the US, this is definitely a title you’d rather play than miss out on entirely.

While you’re here, check out our positive review of Muramasa Rebirth.

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  • ifniarcnum

    Good for europe, and now that DC was released i wonder if vannilaware it’s already working in the episodes dlc’s for it, i mean i want to play with the Nekomata!

  • Erik Jacobs

    Great game. Already imported the collecters edition at a very decent price. Best game I’ve played on the Vita after Persona 4 Golden

    • Kenneth Richardson

      Sweet! It’s not nearly as rare as the Persona 4 Golden Premium Edition, so you’d definitely be able to get a fair price.

  • theodor70941

    I already imported the game! 🙁

    • Kenneth Richardson

      Then you can enjoy it now and don’t have to wait until this Fall 😀

  • Oni123

    digital only T-T