Gamescom 2013: Star Citizen Could Come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One Out of the Question

Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts has always been pretty clear on the PC-centric nature of his upcoming space simulator Star Citizen, but the reveal of the PS4 as what is basically a PC in a console’s disguise seems to have changed his mind.

While I was interviewing the legendary developer at Gamescom in Cologne, I asked him straight out if he was considering the possibility of porting the game to the next generation consoles, and his answer was surprisingly quite clear:

Roberts said that a PS4 version of the game is definitely possible, after the PC version will be complete and stable, as the PC version itself remains the primary focus. Porting to PS4 would be pretty easy as CryEngine already works on the console and there would be no need to compromise anything important. After all, the more players the better.

He explained that the PS4 is basically “a gaming PC with a stripped down operating system and a bit more-gaming friendly.”

The conditions for a port are the ability to patch the game timely and cross platform gameplay with the PC version, as Roberts wants all his players to share the same universe.

We already know that these conditions can be fulfilled, as they already apply to Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. On the other hand Roberts agreed that these same conditions mean that an Xbox One version is simply out of the question, since Microsoft does not allow cross platform gameplay with its console.

One thing is for sure: if Star Citizen were to be ported to PlayStation 4, Sony’s upcoming console would gain one of the most visually spectacular games on the market. During the interview I was shown the new hangar modules that backers will be able to download and try on their own PCs in a week, as well as some of the ships within them, and they really make CryEngine shine.

You can look forward to the full interview on DualShockers soon. In the meanwhile, if you don’t know what Star Citizen is all about, you can check out our extensive coverage of the game.

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  • Dan

    Even before launching, the PS4 is just selling incredibly well, Sony can’t produce them quick enough, will have a huge user base by the end of next year. Really hope this game comes to PS4 next year, looks brill, it would be a huge hit and would work really well with the new Dualshock 4.

  • jmc8888

    Sweet. As a kickstarter backer I really think this game is going to be amazing.

    They are really good with giving updates, but I guess I should be reading them more with the blurb in the article about downloading the hangar and testing it on my PC. Hadn’t seen that yet.

    i7 3820@4.3 ghz and GTX 670 should have no problems. But how this game plays (when launched) is also going to indicate whether or not I should jump on the Nvidia Maxwell (GTX 800 series) or wait for a later generation. (or ATI equivalent)

    More players the better. PS4 should have enough power to run it pretty good, and definitely be a great looking game for the PS4 in a genre that is barely catered to. Xbox One won’t have a game like Star Citizen. Things like this will help widen the gaming experience possible on a console and give it another edge over the Xbox One. Also Chris Roberts is probably the best at the genre, so if you can’t play his….well…good luck with that.

    I’d think since this is a late 2014 PC launch, a PS4 version would be a fall 2015 title. E3 2015 with this and the new Battlefront game under development and with the new consoles hitting their strides will be off the hook.

  • Erik Jacobs

    Good to hear, this has the potential to be a console seller game.

    • Jason Andrew Hahn

      I’d buy a PS for this game, I’m really hoping Xbox one switches stances here as well.

  • Bjørn H.

    I certainly hope it will be out on Ps4 – even Roberts use a similar control to ps4. Besides, he will get a lot more customers in 2015 who will enjoy sci-fi Star sim. 🙂