Should PS4 Buyers and Fans Be Jealous About Titanfall? Maybe.

While in the thick of things at Gamescom, if there’s one title that seems to be standing out from the rest of the pack, it’s Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall. Back at E3, it was announced that Titanfall would be exclusive to Microsoft’s platforms and PC, leaving prospective PS4 buyers slightly bummed in the process. I mean, I believed (like everyone else) that games published by 3rd party publishers were done being exclusive, but Electronic Arts and Microsoft managed to prove us all wrong.

Sony has since shown off it’s own strong stable of exclusives, with many hopeful PS4 buyers and fans using Killzone: Shadowfall as the first person shooter that will fill the empty Titan-sized (pun totally intended) void that Respawn’s shooter has created. And well, judging from reactions of those that have now had a chance to play Titanfall at Gamescom, I’m not so sure that’s going to work.

Nothing against the team at Guerilla Games (as I’m sure Killzone: Shadowfall will be good) or any other studio creating exclusive experiences for the PS4, but simply from gauging some of the reactions from prominent journalists and their time with the Xbox One exclusive and it’s clear that the game is something special. Perhaps even lighting striking twice for the original team of core programmers that made up Infinity Ward  back in the day and brought us Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare; the same team that has since moved to Respawn.

Here’s a brief look at what some of those journalists are saying:

Dale North, Editor-In-Chief, Destructoid:

There’s Everything Else, and Then There’s Titanfall

The other thing I think that could be winning players over is that Titanfall feels amazing. I’m not the greatest FPS player, but even I gelled with the controls instantly, and never fumbled from that point. Movement — both as a pilot and a titan — is spot on. The control in Titanfall is so beautifully executed that I think people are taking it for granted. I’m guessing that they’re so wrapped up in how cool it is to pilot a Titan that they’re not realizing how nice of a job Respawn has done under the hood. 

What a game, folks. What a game.

Vlad Savov, Senior Editor, The Verge

Titanfall,’ the best thing at Gamescom 2013

Respawn Entertainment’s debut title won more than 60 awards when it was unveiled at E3 this year, and now that I’ve played it for the first time, I can see why…The beauty of Titanfall’s gameplay is in just how well all this variety comes together. Spotting an enemy Titan feels suitably terrifying, but height obstacles keep them away from the covered-up areas of the map and out in the open. A pair of Titans can thus dominate the center of battle, but there’s plenty of room for quick-witted Pilots to outmaneuver and take them down. Wall running, in particular, hasn’t felt this good since I first experienced it in the Prince of Persia series.

Tom Senior, Editor, PC Gamer

Titanfall hands-on: hop, skip and double-jump in this fast-paced multiplayer FPS

Thanks to Respawn’s ex-Infinity Ward contingent, Titanfall is fated to be compared endlessly with Call of Duty. In the quick snap-to-aim motion of its guns and its pacey room-to-room manfights those comparisons are entirely justified, but there’s a variety in each noisy ten-second blast of combat that CoD can’t hope to replicate. That’s not because Titanfall has mechs. It’s because it has jetpacks… If you hadn’t gathered, Titanfall is a very exciting videogame.

Ryan McCaffrey, Executive Editor – Previews, IGN

Titanfall Demo First Impressions

It [Titanfall] is far and away the biggest killer app from anything that I think we’ve seen so far, and especially now that we’ve played it.

Keeping in mind that previews, just like reviews, are someone’s opinion that can be taken with a grain of salt, these are all vetted  and respected journalists (and  in Vlad’s case not just in the gaming space). These are guys that spend a lot of time writing about games (and their trends). So what does that tell us? It says that Titanfall might very well be the envy of any self respecting shooter fan who also bet his or her money on a PS4. Maybe.

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  • foureyes oni

    The game looks amazing and really fits xbox one’s style. Can’t say i’m jealous since i’m not really into shooters.

  • The game is published by EA so it will eventually make its way to PS4.

    • it *potentially* can. But with all this talk about “teh cloudz” you never know.

      • Carlo

        Wont ps4 be utilizing teh cloud as well next year?

      • You know as well as I that’s not going to hold it back anything can be ported.

        • It’s funny because the game is being released for Xbox 360 yet no one asks about the cloud there.

          @XpAcErX:disqus I really hope so. This game looks really cool. Maybe not $500 cool, but cool nonetheless.

          • I agree

          • jmc8888

            It’ll also be on PC’s, which means the PC version will be the most advanced graphically, probably by a wide margin, and not need the mythical cloud.

            Personally I find it hilarious that it is even counted as an exclusive, because it isn’t, especially when the one who is claiming it is isn’t even the definitive version.


            Preorder now the definitive version of Star Trek: Into Darkness, exclusively on DVD.

          • Nihelus Aurenis

            A wide margin? Are you serious? I have a damn good computer, and the new systems will be pretty much even graphically since they’re consoles that don’t have to run anything but the games that are optimized to play on them.

    • AlilTussin187

      Well, hopefully at least. Unless MS paid EA an ungodly amount of money I don’t see it skipping the PS4. Say this game sells like COD this gen. It’s sells like 10 million, at least, on Sony’s machine. You do the math. Just being conservative and going at $35 a pop, that’s 350 million dollars. EA likes money. Of course the install base is not going to be anywhere close to current gen but you guys get my point. EA likes money.

  • Christopher McNair

    I’m not that into FPS games. So personally, it’s not anything to be jealous over. It doesn’t change my opinion of the Xbox One either, since most of the “required” features suddenly are optional. Kinda makes the extra $100 on the price tag seem like a money grab, instead of the cost of those “required” features.

  • SpinyBlueLobster

    I’m really digging what I’ve seen from this game so far, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.
    Others will probably dismiss this game for being a FPS, but I think it really has the potential to be something special. It looks like big dumb FUN with mechs and guns. Remember when games were about having FUN? Not everything has to be “The Last Of Us”.

    It’s still not enough to make my EVER purchase an XBONE, though. I’ll just have to build a better PC…. or wait until EA cracks and puts it on the PS4. :T

  • MoukkaGamer

    No, the game is a timed exclusive for one-year. It’s coming to PS4.

    • foureyes oni


      • bigevilworldwide

        Really cause Infinity ward has already talked about it….I’ll just wait the 12 months for Titanfall on PS4 with the DLC, while I’m also waiting for Dead Rising 3: Off the record with the DLC on PS4 also….

        EA and Capcom are not going to miss the opportunity to make money….Doesn’t matter if Micro$haft is publishing DR3 or not …Ninja Gaiden 2 became Ninja Gaiden sigma 2 and Mass Effect 1 went everywhere also…

        Funny though Sony seems to be able to hang on to their exclusives…Like the Joker challenge maps in Arkham Asylum, Frontlines HD coming with MOH, DS Extraction coming with Dead Space 2….The added bonus levels in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2….

        • foureyes oni

          considering how much microsoft keeps hyping up this game i just don’t really think that they are going to let this go to the ps4 without a fight.

  • TheExile285

    If it wasn’t online only I’d say yes.

    It is online only or am I incorrect?

  • Emil Vega Morales

    The fact that it will come to the PlayStation 4 is enough. I’m pretty sure Sony fans like myself will be patient.

  • Zerosion

    I’m looking forward to getting Titanfall on PC.

  • AlphaGamingNerd

    why get envious for a timed exclusive?

  • joe

    It sucks but it’s also coming out for PC so I’ll just play it on PC until out comes out for PS4 a year later.

  • datdude

    This is a joke, right? Sony has the best first party developers in the industry. Read this articles’ title back to yourself when Infamous Second Son drops. Peruse it after laying eyes on The Order:1886. Read it again when we see what Naughty Dog, Guerilla, Sony Santa Monica, Quantic Dream, and Media Molecule are working on for the PS4. Then put on your jammies, tuck yourself in, insert thumb in mouth, and try to get some sleep without wetting the bedsheets.

  • ramz

    my next Steam summer sale purchase!

  • ramz

    personally, if anything, Killzone isnt the PS4 shooter I am looking to fill the void with but Destiny! I am so excited for that game, but then again its also coming out for PC :D. I love choices

  • Mildra

    since it’s also coming to PC, i’m not worried.
    besides, its not like i’m in a rush anytime soon

  • aozaki

    im not jealous bcoz im also a PC gamer. bwahaha. 😀

  • Justin

    Titanfall looks like a pretty cool game, but to be honest I have completely lost interest in ANY shooter due to the over-saturation of FPS’s on the current generation market. That’s half the reason I’m getting a PS4, Sony has a launch lineup rounded out with games not all about putting bullets into other folks online.

  • Suzaku Kururugi

    nice b8

  • David Cox

    It’s on PC don’t worry. You don’t have to have an xbox if you got a decent rig…plus you should be playing this on PC anyway >_>