Gamescom 2013: New Trailer for Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster Samples The Battle Theme in Remastered Soundtrack

If there’s any series out there with some of the most iconic and memorable music in gaming, it has to be Final Fantasy. Luckily, with Sony and Square Enix working on the HD remastering of Final Fantasy X & X-2 for later this year, Square Enix is paying extra special attention to some of the classic tunes and pieces from the soundtrack for Final Fantasy X HD.

In a new trailer released this week from Gamescom, Sony and Square Enix present a short comparison with SD footage with the original Battle Theme in the video’s first half, followed in the later half by HD footage with the remastered version of the theme. A lot’s changed in 12 years, no?

Sony also notes in its announcement on the PlayStation Blog that Final Fantasy X HD will also feature over 60 total tracks that have been rearranged or remastered from the original Final Fantasy X soundtrack with new HD audio – fans of the original, prepare to be excited for new-found Final Fantasy auditory bliss.

Final Fantasy X & X-2 HD releases later this year on PS3 and PS Vita. Check out the trailer below, and give your eyes a listen:

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  • Chris Nunez

    i really dont like the Remastered theme :(. I hope they have an option to keep the original.

    • Carlo

      Its just improved graphics and a bit of added content. You could always play the original on the ps2

      • Chris Nunez

        dont get me wrong i love everything else lol, just that battle music remastered didnt do it for me but FFX is my favorite game of all time so im buying this on everything

        • Carlo

          Oh I havent checked the music yet kinda wanted to be surprised I might be getting this on the vita just so I can take it with me anywhere

  • I think this looks and sounds great. Vita players are in for a treat.

    • ChadAwkerman

      I’m getting mine on the PS3. 😉

      • Kenneth Richardson

        I might go PS3 too, simply because I think it’ll be out sooner. It sucks that big games like this and Dragon;s Crown are skipping on cross-buy, though I always thought that feature was too good to be true.

  • Galen Nycroft

    They added real horns, but didn’t beef up the drums, it sounds a bit off. Also said horns are a bit too soft. The hard edged sound of the synthesized trumpet is gone. Didn’t think it was possible to ‘nerf’ a soundtrack.

    Still not horrible, and everything looks fantastic. Can’t wait!

    • Zerosion

      Yeah the drums aren’t nearly as pronounced anymore. It somehow feels like there is less weight to the music.

      Regardless, it does sound good. I’m looking forward to this remake.

  • Panda83

    AHHH! I can’t wait! Man so many great games coming out in the next 3 months! Ys Celceta, Rune Factory 4, Pokemon X &Y, Final Fantasy X HD, Etrian Odyssey!

  • Nicholas Perry

    Sounds amazing IMO. I love both versions. I always was bugged by the Bass sample they chose to use in the original. Now it’s much more subtle.

    I wonder if they will let you choose between original and arranged OST in game

  • orangpelupa

    the electrict distorction guitar they use on the new one much too pronounced, etc.

    maybe they design the music to be heard optimally from VITA’s internal stereo speaker?