Hands-On Video Shows Why You’ll Play Better With The Xbox One Controller

One of the biggest successes of the Xbox technology is the Xbox controller: that’s why Xbox’s YouTube channel has added a new hands-on video that showcases the power of the Xbox One gamepad.

Speaking with Senior Product Designer Quintin Morris, Xbox’s Graeme “@AceyBongos” Boyd gets educated in the X1’s new design architecture, stronger haptic technology, and why it was made for gamers, by gamers. Check out the video below, and let us know if the Xbox’s famous and beloved controller–upgraded with so much more new tech–will be leading you to the Xbox One aisle this holiday season.


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  • Refugee

    Bongos should’ve been taking notes during that interview…

  • Jason Mounce

    Why you’d play better in comparison to Xbox 360? Very unlikely since they are nearly one in the same.

    Why you’d play better in comparison to PS4?…. Hahahahaha.

  • 596

    thats no way too prove it, it was posted by microsoft, They aren’t gonna post bad stuff about their controller in their own video, now are they?! Not really a hand on if the guy never actually gets a hands on the controller.

  • SpinyBlueLobster

    From what I’ve seen, while this looks to be potentially, significantly improved from the _horrendously bad_ Xbox 360 controller, I highly doubt this will be a proverbial “game-changer”.
    Also judging by Microsoft’s previous design ideologies, I doubt this will be good for anything other than the typical first-person shooter genre that they so love to market.
    ( Which is ironic, because it appears that they still have no idea what a “trigger” is. )