Project Phoenix Overtakes $600,000 on Kickstarter, Gets New Character Artwork and Team Members

Project Phoenix is continuing it’s cavalcade on Kickstarter, where it just passed the $600,000 mark in pledges, sitting at $602,292 at the moment of this writing, with 17 days to go.

We also learn that the team gathered two new members: character designer Asami Hagiwara, known for her lovely SD artwork featured in the monthly newspaper published by MOGRA Club in Akihabara and concept artist Koji Moriga, that worked on monster design for Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin.

We also get a first look to the protagonists of the game, by GONTARO. You can check the artwork below, and if you still didn’t pledge your support for Project Phoenix, you can do it on the official Kickstarter page.



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  • rpgmaniac

    I hope that it will reach the $1.025.000 stretch goal because overworld = MUST! for a game like this one, it will make the game so much better & the element of exploration will be boosted 10-fold.

    • ifniarcnum

      yes really hoping for a exporable world, in this art it would be gorgeous.

      • Mildra

        Given the RTS-esque elements of the game, I think that an overworld is unlikely, but I welcome the chance to be proven wrong.

        That said, I’ve always believed that an overworld is a luxury, not a necessity.

  • that dwarf is a tank

  • GaySkull

    looking good!
    Oh yeah, you can count on hardcore PlayStation gamers to get things rolling when it comes to spending on great games.

  • Pernesti

    Looks a lot like Final Fantasy Tactics artwork and that’s a good sign since it was an awesome game!