Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Launch Event Highlights: Housing Trailer and Naoki Yoshida’s Teary Final Speech

After three long years Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn released worldwide, starting the uphill battle to redeem itself after the disastrous launch of the original game in 2010.

To celebrate the occasion a launch event was held in Tokyo, where the core members of the team were introduced and given a chance to say a few words to the fans. During the event, after a hilarious message by former president Yoichi “Uncle Housing” Wada (the reason behind the nickname is that he always used to show off classified housing artwork during the Letter from the Producer Live broadcasts) a short trailer showcasing the housing feature and a wide variety of furniture was shown. Housing is scheduled to be implemented in patch 2.1.

In addition to that, Naoki Yoshida held a final speech during which he apologized for the server issues happened during the three days of early access, remembered the three years of hard work gone into creating the game and thanked the fans for their patience and faith in the development team, asking them to continue supporting the team. In a definitely emotional moment, the ever-smiling producer was moved to tears as he tried hard to keep his composure (You can check the translation of the whole event made by Reinheart Valentine here. The relevant part is towards the end).

Those like me that followed the game since the previous launch through all the problems and hardships, won’t have any difficulty in understanding how he felt. I have to admit that I teared up a little bit myself. When I interviewed Yoshida-san at Gamescom it was very easy to perceive how much he cares about the game and its community.

You can check out both the housing trailer and Yoshida-san’s final moving speech below. They’re both worth watching.

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  • Daniel Ortiz Nieto

    Good work mate, I really appreciate this, and I’m sure Yoshi will get our full support for a long long time.

  • Thane Krios

    Thank you Yoshida, you have all my support. You guys did an amazing work with this game, you must be proud of it.

  • Rich

    Dammit whose cutting onions in here? Honestly the server issues weren’t that big of a deal, they threw us another 2 free days of play for the early access mishap. No biggie the game is impressive considering its original state back in 2010 and as someone who hated the 1.0 release I have been having a ridiculously good time these past few days. Good job guys!

  • Galen Nycroft

    I haven’t been this excited about a Final Fantasy game since FFX. Definitely on my list of must haves!

  • Cyanide

    He’ll get my support when I can log into the game I paid for.

  • Michael Vicks Dog

    Why is he not fixing the servers instead of giving speeches?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Because a game’s director doesn’t work on the servers.

  • Michael Vicks Dog

    Seriously, he should be crying over another disastrous launch.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Considering that the game is pretty fantastic, I doubt a couple days of server problems make a “disastrous launch”.

      • Mildra

        especially since Neverwinter had the same problems for weeks.

  • Michael Vicks Dog

    Error 1017!!!

  • 1Truth

    Kudos to Yoshi-P for making the best FF game since FFXII, and I don’t even like MMORPGs.