Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Shares More Info on the PS4’s Remote Features

SCE Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida is always a great source of information on how the PS4 will work and interact with other devices,  and today we get two more juicy tidbits directly from his Twitter account:

After setting Remote Play up on any display that has a HDMI input, you basically don’t need a TV anymore. You can, if you want, just operate the PS4 from your Vita indefinitely.

There are quite a few scenarios in which this could be useful. For instance if your TV has a single HDMI port and someone else in your family needs to plug some other device into it, you can just unplug the PS4 from the TV and enjoy the console by using the Vita’s screen via the Remote Play feature.

The second tweet is even more interesting: not only will you be able to buy games from the PSN on your smartphone or tablet thanks to the web store, but it will actually wake up your PS4 that will download the game on its own, and then go back to standby mode when the task is completed, allowing you to purchase your games remotely and find them already downloaded and ready to be played when you get home.

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  • Balalaika

    Very sexy features.

    • Bob Dole

      Indeed, and the PS4 isn’t bad either. Yoshida-san is a sexy beast.

  • Wait so I can be at work (sans Vita) find out about a game I might want to check out, and have it downloaded for when I get home. Mind = Blown.

    • rich155

      Even better, with a Vita, you can download it on your PS4, then start playing it on your Vita right after!

    • That’s the power of the cloud.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        This is cool. What’s up Mark Cerny? Usually don’t see you in the comments section. I just have one quick thought: So in the case you can use your PS Vita or Smartphone or PC to tell PS4 to download a game, when a PS4 game is downloading to the system and you’re in a remote place that’s not your house, can I start playing while its downloading when using PS Vita? Or I can only play while downloading if I’m playing with DualShock 4?

      • adrian cole

        this isnt the real cerny it cant be…….

      • zackfair345

        no way…you’re mark cerny. I hardly haven’t seen you on here. how are Sony?

      • Darqing

        you are my hero Sir! <3 Thanks so much for all your efforts in bringing PS4 to life!!!

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    Cool; except the part where he mentions not needing a TV sounds a lot like Wii U, really hope they’re not just copying it with PS4/PS Vita and put it to good use or show some cool feature or improvement with it.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      only, the wii U doesn’t work through the internet, so you’re limited to how far you can go.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        True. Touché.

        • Maldrin

          Also the ps3 and psp was doing this long before the Wiu came out…

          • Nicholas Perry

            Except they weren’t doing it well. Infact Remote play just was a piece of crap. Just like The Eye toy, Sony had some good ideas but they didn’t do them well. Kinect was the first camera based motion device to work somewhat well (Even though it’s still a bit crap)

            Just like the Wii U was the first to do any type of remote play actually any well. AND it doesn’t cost you any extra. AND it doesn’t require an existing wireless network either.

            Remote play over the internet with PS3/PSP required a separate device and there was a TON of latency and extremely poor image quality and 90% of games didn’t work with the feature at all. 90% is being nice. The image quality and latency were even god awful when you were connected via local network and sitting literally 5 feet away from your router and PS3.

          • GaySkull

            You need Nintendo Fans Support Group sessions this instant.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            Except Wii U is able to make the GamePad and the TV screen show it in full HD simultaneously while PSP and PS Vita don’t have that much power to do that…that’s the difference.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Ahem, the Wii U’s gamepad resolution isn’tv even close to full HD. It’s 854 x 480, which incidentally inferior to the Vita’s 960×544

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            Yes, but Wii U GamePad is nine axis while PS Vita is only sixaxis so whatever it can’t make up in resolution it can do with full motion control on X, Y, AND Z axes. Plus Wii U has more buttons and bigger screen and rhe resolution isn’t that much higher so Wii U’s second screen on the GamePad would be the better choice, regardless PS Vita can be carried anywhere.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            You seem to be reaching. A lot.

          • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

            Just trying to say Wii U and PS4/PS Vita are good for their respective features. Not trying to hate on either or show favor for one as I have Wii U and want to get PS4 and PS Vita later this year, especially since there is a rumor that Sony is working on a special bundle that may have both the systems. Not trying to start a fan boy war or anything like that. But still people underestimate Wii U too much compared to how much attention PS4 and PS Vita are getting now. Can’t deny it.

    • GaySkull

      Dude PS4 and PS Vita were designed in 2007 and 2008 respectively, years before Wii U. And Wireless Remote Play tech for PSP was there since 2007, dude. Sony is the one which is copied by Nintendo.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        I know that genius; you’re not the only one who pays attention to the industry. The thing is Sony copied Nintendo’s original two screen concept of the DS and applied it to the PS3 and PSP, but of course you’ve never owned a DS so u wouldn’t know that. Regardless that Sony started the wireless play tech between two different game devices, with PS3 and PSP, Nintendo’s way is more effective in the sense that since Wii U GamePad is essential for Wii U to function, more devs will take advantage of it and find more uses unlike with PS4 and PS Vita where most devs will just do remote play or cross play since the devices aren’t one and inseparable and instead will have to compromise, as though PS Vita has a lower resolution than its counterpart like the Wii U GamePad, it has to run on its own power so it won’t perform as well as Wii U giving all power to the GamePad and outputting all its got the GamePad, where PS Vita’s power is all its gonna get, so games will run smoother on it in that sense when compared from that perspective. But I do acknowledge Sony has the advantage that PS Vita doesn’t require close proximity to PS4 to work, so both are great devices with their own advantages and although I have Wii U, I want PS4 and PS Vita to do that also. Although NIntendo’s copying the wireless concept from Sony, it’s sony copying the play off TV concept from Nintendo if you get what I’m saying. Try doing ur research next time like a real gamer such as me has obviously done so that you don’t make Nintendo look like the only bad guy, as although both of them are at fault, it’s Sony who started it and left Nintendo copied by them in the first place, not vice versa. Either way, I’m right so check your facts next time, though I seem like a fan boy to you which will make you automatically think I am wrong.

        • TheScienceEnthusiast1130

          Agreed. 🙂


  • Gobstopper

    And they laughed at me when I bought a Vita. They all called me a mad man. I told them it was the long game, I told them next gen was on the horizon. LOOK AT ME NOW! MUFWAHAHAHHA remote DL and play 😀

  • GaySkull

    The thing is you can Remote Play your PS4 with your PS Vita miles and miles away!

    And wait until Gaikai extended remixes the PS4+PSV Remote Play features up a bit.

  • BeastlyRig

    ps4 owns!!! It’s like a wiiU but next gen! cost more of course.

    • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

      Plus, Wii U will be $300 starting September 20 so if you don’t have one or nobody who don’t own it, now is the time to get it.

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