Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Shatters Records with 187,000 Concurrent Connections; 200,000 Expected Soon (UPDATED)

Square Enix just suspended digital download sales of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn in order to avoid further congestion of the servers due to unexpectedly heavy traffic while they prepare to launch new servers, but just how heavy is that traffic?

The publisher just sent in a press release giving some numbers for us to crunch. After launch concurrent connections have reached a record number of 187,000 players connected at the same time (the previous record for a game operated by a Japanese company was 150,000 during the open beta of A Realm Reborn), and Square Enix expects that the numbers will grow further and will reach 200,000 in the near future. It’s notable that a MMORPG overtaking just after launch the numbers of its free open beta is a quite spectacular result.

The suspension of digital sales was decided in order to prioritize the quality of the experience of players that already purchased the game, and is of course just a temporary solution while more servers are deployed and the login capacity of each server is increased. The development team expects to be able to improve server capacity significantly in both the Japanese and North American/European data centers.

Square Enix estimates that the operation will be completed by the beginning of next week, when digital sales will resume.  The exact date will be announced at a later time. The retail version of the game and players that already purchased the downloadable version will not be affected by the suspension of sales.

That said, if you’re interested in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, you can check out my interview with Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida filmed recently at Gamescom.

UPDATE: Yoshida-san just posted a message in Japanese mentioning that the concurrent connections record is now 218,000, and that players will receive free days of gameplay once the problems will be solved. You can find more details here.

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  • foureyes oni

    how many were they expecting?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      If they said it, I would have written it 😀

      • foureyes oni

        i’ve got to admit i did not think they would do so well starting out. I was thinking they was gonna have a massive drop after the beta. well now that i think about it there was a drop but still glad to see it doing well.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          from 150,000 concurrent connections to 187,000 doesn’t seem a drop to me, unless math has become a matter of opinion.

          • foureyes oni

            but didn’t like a million people sign up for beta

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            *concurrent connections*

            It means people connected at the same time. That has nothing to do with total people that bought the game. Just a fraction of those that have the game are connected at the same time.

          • foureyes oni

            yes , i know what it means but i still don’t think it will hit anywhere near that number when they were letting people play it for free. There still has been no mention yet of how many people own the game so i’m still kinda on the fence on how much of a success this game will be but evidently its more than what square thought it would be.

          • New Fan

            I’m speaking as someone who has diligently played MMOs since 1997 Ultima Online when I say that Square Enix is in a very, very good position to rake in millions of players with this release.

            The game itself is quite good albeit there are some serious annoyances (like the inability to quickly skip intro sequences and quest dialog and everyone wearing a skirt). Besides that the game runs, looks, and plays flawlessly with great gameplay.

          • anonnn

            you can skip intro sequences and quest dialog by hitting esc. Itll pop up the option to skip in the lower right.

          • ElliotRyan

            For the intro sequence, that doesn’t work. When you first make a character, you cannot skip any cutscene until later into the intro.

          • Kara

            And as someone who played Final Fantasy XI for about 10 years…. I can see this game will have about as many if not more players then FFXI did back then….

          • foureyes oni

            i guess i just feel off about the game’s success , i’m mostly playing this game since i’m a fan of final fantasy and i just don’t see a reason outside of my love for this series to play it. I mean like innovativewise its got all the basic stuff of recent mmo’s i’m just wondering if there was a reason to be into it outside of a love for ff. Don’t get me wrong i’ve enjoyed what i’ve played so far and will be playing it for several years its just i don’t see why others would outside of it being your standard solid mmo with a final fantasy flavor. background info i played 1.0 and maxed out 11 of the 18 disciplines so i’m not hating on the game.

          • anon

            You can skip cutscenes by pressing circle and triangle simultaneously

          • frumpus

            They probably would have had even more if they didn’t have so many server issues. With the beta though I doubt a million people actually played. That’s just how many people signed up. Perhaps only a fraction actually bothered to play.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Probably more than a million played the beta, considering that the “million” figure didn’t include all those that signed up for the open beta.

          • Christopher Call

            The game will also release in China at a later date, which could easily double the sub numbers.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            You’d be wrong. Math is not an opinion. More concurrent connections pretty much mean more people. There aren’t two ways around it.

          • Stevo

            What a douche. The author of the article arguing with his own commentors. First, concurrent connections doesn’t mean much. If only 187,000 people bought the game, but 100% were online concurrently, then that is not a very good sign of how well the game did. Also, this is launch, and login numbers are always inflated during launch. How many of those people are still going to be subscribing 1-3 months from now? If you want to get an accurate picture of a games success, you need to consider many facets. First you should certainly consider game sales. How many total people bought the game? Then also factor in concurrent connections. Concurrent connections, when leveraged against total sales, are a great way of figuring out how much enjoyment the players are getting that so many want to be online as much as possible. Then repeat this process in intervals for the first year, perhaps every 3 months. If you can get this data over the course of several years you can start to paint a very accurate picture of a games success.

            So, for the sake of all of us here, please stop arguing with the people reading your articles, especially when you clearly do not know what you are talking about. It really isn’t very polite, or good for business.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Thank you for your concern, but we don’t really need you to worry about our business. I’m quite sure you don’t like to have someone argue against you, but guess what? On the internet it’s going to happen, and on this site we’re plenty allowed and actually encouraged to chat and even debate with our commenters. if you don’t like it, door’s that way 😀

            Making completely surrealistic assumptions like 100% purchasers online at the same time doesn’t help your point. Insults don’t help it either.

            We already know that the game was first on amazon US, and it beat the record of preorders on the Japanese PSN’s history, so sales are obviously very good.

            We don’t need to have hard numbers to see that, and the number of concurrent connections, which is much higher than open beta when the game was completely free, corroborates that data.

            Game’s doing plenty well. I’m sure there are some out there that will fume at the idea, but that’s where all the data we have points.

            As for how many are still going to be subscribing 1-3 months from now, I don’t know, and neither do you. I’m not here to predict the future, but I can describe the present. And the present is undeniably that the game is seeing much higher traffic than the open beta, which is quite an achievement 😀

          • buttman20

            Someone call the burn ward!

          • Red Nation

            To my eyes you are the douche and the impolite one here.

  • Thegaijin

    it’s full full full… hopefully I will get lucky to connect this week-end hehe

    • Zetsubou

      Since yesterday and I didn’t face any login problems. I logged in many different times, some had queue but wasn’t for longer than 3min. I’m located in Hyperion and that server is very crowded.

      • Thegaijin

        no issue this week end but yesterday was impossible

      • rensuchan

        Actually according to this, Hyperion is the least crowded NA Legacy Server:

        Not that I’m complaining, I’m a Hyperion player too so this is welcome news.

        • Kara

          part of me wishes i was in Hyperion… we are in Balmung x.x that’s crowded as heck…

  • foureyes oni

    i actually got to log in i’m so happy i could cry.

  • Anon

    Btw guys, there is a program at that will spam the server login for you >.> it got me in several times last night

    • joe

      better off making your own macro with auto it or auto hot key.. thinks like this are most likely key loggers!

      • Anon

        I been using it for a few days with np :/

        • faggot

          how are you aware if its a key logger? you wont know until someone logs you out and changes your login info! don’t be stupid.

          • JDup

            Because you don’t have to run it until you actually hit the play button on the launcher, at which point there is nothing to do but just keep spamming the enter button?

    • Butt

      Judging by it’s other features i’d say it’s a bad idea and could get you banned

    • Capsfan

      I would recommend just spamming num 0 instead of installing anything that alters your game.

  • Random person

    1 million registered for beta, not all got keys though

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      1 million registered for beta long before open beta. Everyone that registered before then got a key, and during the open beta the key was automatic.

  • Carlo

    I for one think its an outstanding success. Just go around the world people are littered everywhere. Towns fields and such. Until SE officially releases numbers we really can’t positively say how successful it is. Ofcourse theres no telling how many will stick down the line but from what I’ve seen the people at least that I’ve talked to are in it for the long haul. You can feel the atmosphere in the game. People are enjoying it, they love it sans the login errors which will be addressed by next week. I hope and expect this game to continue being a success 🙂 Cheers Eorzeans

  • Reinaldo Nolasco Sanches

    I’m not part of this, can’t login.

  • Clarence Liu

    “Every now and then when I go to log in, I get this weird bug.
    Instead of the familiar old 1017 error box, for some reason the loading screen comes up, and after a brief wait I am looking at my character standing in town and there’s a bunch of people running around doing stuff.

    Logging out usually fixes it, though. Weird right?”

    Best quote this week 🙂