PlayStation Plus Prepares its Debut on PS4 With a Lovely Montage Trailer

Playstation Plus has brought lovely deals and “free” (airquotes obligatory) games to PS3 and PS Vita owners for a while now, and Sony is now preparing to move the service on PS4, propelling it with Driveclub by making it mandatory for online gaming.

Today Sony Computer Entertainment Europe released a trailer for the service with a montage featuring mostly PS4 games, but also reminding us that PS Plus is already available on PS3 and PS Vita, and that subscribers will get access to their instant game collection on all three consoles.

Whether you’re interested in the service or not (I can’t really fathom why any PlayStation owner wouldn’t be, but that’s just me), may as well give it a look just below. At the very least you’ll get some spiffy gameplay footage, and that’s never a bad thing.

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  • TheRealShamba

    Two things spring out immediately… First is that there is a moment in the drive club sequence where you see the drive properly… Customisable drivers? Camera face capture possible? Who knows. Second is that the ps plus version of drive club will be a stunted version, not the full game… Had no idea of that. Certainly not been made particularly obvious by Sony in any pressers I have seen… Still looks epic mind you. 🙂

    • DigitalTwisted

      They said from day 1 when they announced it at E3 that it was a “cut down” version. Not on stage during the conference, they simply called it Drive Club “PS+ Edition” but in the interviews afterward they detailed that it would have less cars and tracks, but everything else was the same.

      • TheRealShamba

        Cool. Like I said I must have missed it. 🙂 did you see what I meant about the driver you see in the clip? Has anything been said about customization do you know?