The Promised Battlefield 4 Xbox One Demo at PAX Is Just a Nerfed PC Version With a Controller

Just four days ago Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb promised a juicy Xbox One demo of Battlefield 4 at PAX Prime 2013 on his blog.

As you head to the Washington State Convention this week for PAX Prime 2013, be sure and stop by the Xbox Booths at #412, #422 and #432 for an great lineup of the latest and greatest games only Xbox One can offer.

Battlefield 4: Known for their world-class multiplayer, DICE is bringing Battlefield 4’s epic 64-player battles, vehicular combat and all-out warfare to North American fans this week. Gamers will have a chance to go hands-on with the “Siege of Shanghai” beta launching in early October. With the release of Battlefield 4 this holiday, players will experience an all-new level of destruction and dynamic environments with a game-changing concept called Levolution, and for the first time for Battlefield console gamers, 64-players running at 60 frames-per-second on Xbox One.

Unfortunately things are not as exciting as Hryb described, at least according to the report by veteran NeoGaf user GrizzNKev, that tried the demo and came out less than impressed.

According to GrizzNKev the demo was running on twenty demo stations at the Xbox booth, some of which were inactive, with boxes hiding Windows 8-based PCs with Xbox One controllers attached.

Pausing the game shown the mouse cursor and the UI displayed keyboard keys. The game crashed to Windows 8 screens and upon death it shown a “Battlefield 4 at E3” splash screen, indicating that the demo is possibly just the E3 pre-alpha version retooled.  The demo was also limited to 8 vs 8 players, which on the full sized map ended up being rather unimpressive.

YouTube personality TotalBiscuit also confirmed that the demo was running on high end PCs (including the detail about keyboard keys on the UI). You can check out his own video at the 3:36 mark. He also mentioned that the frame rate was a bit spotty.

At the bottom of the post you can see two very telling pictures taken by Reddit user DanTMWTMP.

Mind you, this definitely isn’t the first time that a “console version” of a next gen game is caught running on PC with controllers attached. Just to bring an example the “PS4 version” of Watch_Dogs was running in the same way at the Ubisoft booth at Gamescom, as I could personally verify, but at least in that case Sony or Ubisoft didn’t make much of a big deal of it, nor hid the keyboards, that were in plain sight.

BF4XboxOne (1)

BF4XboxOne (2)

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  • Green God
    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Thanks for the catch. Adding those 😀

      • Green God

        yup, I would have posted those in the neogaf thread because they wanted proof but I don’t have the correct type of email to post there. 🙂 Be nice if you could drop it in that thread since the article came from the thread

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Done 😀

  • Run88

    Were does Herb say that the demo would be played on Xbox One? You people need to learn how to read.

    • abberjam

      You’re right, maybe it is stupid and naiive for people to read that XBox One will be playable at Gamescom, then go to the XBox One booth to “experience an all-new level of destruction….running at 60 frames-per-second
      on Xbox One” and still think they might ACTUALLY be playing it on a genuine XBOX ONE – Fools.

      • StiC

        “With the release of Battlefield 4 this holiday, players will experience
        an all-new level of destruction and dynamic environments with a
        game-changing concept called Levolution, and for the first time for
        Battlefield console gamers, 64-players running at 60 frames-per-second
        on Xbox One.”

        You left out out most of the statement. Note the part where it states “With the launch of Battlefield 4…”. Did Battlefield 4 launch at PAX?

        • abberjam

          Oh I read the statement and I understood it, but many people wouldn’t. In context of the fact that Mjr Nelson is talking about Gamescom, BF4 and Battlefield, it’s easy for the more casual reader to infer that they’ll be playing BF4 at GC on XB1. Such statements are designed that way. Otherwise they’d be flat out saying “You’ll be able to play BF4 in our booth, running the XB1 build on PC hardware” – Shenanigans

          • Winning!

            Knowledge of the English language for the win!

  • Oh Crap

    I have been wanting an X1 since E3. The only thing i thought was shady is that you had to have Kinect plugged in all the time. And I was going to get an X1 bundle with BF4. But honestly, I think this may have finally pushed me to PC gaming. The X1 and PS4 seem to be having trouble running BF4 and the last thing i wan’t is horrendous frame rate on 64 players. Instead of getting an X1 i think im going to but a $498 PC bundle from Wal Mart. I know, i won’t be able to play BF4, but ill just buy it for the 360 and stick with a solid frame rate. A

  • Oh Crap

    And on my PC i will play Trouble in Terorrist Town. That is all.

  • Ghậyath Alkubaisi

    dumb noobs
    its devs kit
    its power just like xbox one !

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      No, they aren’t. They’re high end PCs.

    • bigevilworldwide

      dumb noob

      NO it’s NOT

      It’s running specs the One80 doesn’t even have..Bet they still have Nvidia graphics cards in it too just like E3 yet they’re using AMD

    • TheGameGuru

      Dev kits don’t use nvidia 780s.

      AMD built console, AMD sponsored game, plays best on intel/nvidia. Go figure, Both AMD and MS are a bunch of fuckups.

  • orangpelupa

    no one copying it to usb flash disk?

  • PhantomVash808

    This makes Major Nelson look bad. Didn’t he say they have real retail consoles running retail code? Anyway hope Dice can get both PS4 & XB1 versions running smoothly.

  • roozbeh, again

    a PlayStation site reporting something negative about xbox. why am i not surprised?
    they did nothing wrong. sony does the same thing. it is industry practice

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      I must have missed the memo about this being a playstation site 😀 Guess they’ll fire me as soon as they notice That I report more about other platforms than about playstation ones…

      • roozbeh, again

        did i ever say you shouldnt report on other platforms?

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Sarcasm flew all over you. This is not a playstation site, nor it specializes on playstation. It’s that simple.

          • roozbeh, again

            dualshockers. isnt it obvious?

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            No, not really. A site is defined by its content, not just by a title. The fact that the name homages one of the most classic controllers in the history of gaming doesn’t make this a playstation-focused site, just like Kotaku isn’t just about Japanese games.

          • roozbeh, again

            nice comment. but also judging by the content the site seems more playstation focused.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            The site doesn’t have a platform focus. We encourage our writers to write about whatever games (regardless of platform) they find interesting. For instance, I’m primarily a PC gamer (even if I have all platforms besides a WiiU), so my articles tend to gravitate more about PC games, but I’ll report whatever is newsworthy.

          • roozbeh, again

            i know. but take a look at the site’s articles. notice anything?

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            yeah, there’s a lot more PC than anything else actually. Guess I have to write less. 😀

          • roozbeh, again

            yes there are a lot of pc articles.
            but in the console comparison there is more playstation articles. way more.
            dont take this the wrong way i like your material but try to write about everything if you can

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            That’s what we do. Unfortunately we also have limited staff, so some thing will pass by, but we try to cover everything that’s newsworthy.

          • roozbeh, again

            well post more xbox articles then. there really is a lack of those here

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            I disagree mate 😀

            Besides, I’ll post what I find relevant, I don’t select the platform first and then the news later. The same goes for the others.

            When I see something relevant, I’ll post it. The platform is irrelevant. Games are games.

          • roozbeh, again

            alright then why was this posted? how is it relevant?

            plus check your own articles. like this one.

            this is not games are games this is a platform. explain this one for me.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Both are relevant to games first and foremost. This was posted because it shows how unprepared devs and platform holders are just a couple months before next generation.

            Of course we’ll cover platforms too, but we don’t select what to cover depending on some obscure equation aimed to give every platform the same attention. We cover what’s relevant when it happens and that’s all there’s to it.

            Ultimately mate, let me make something clear: We won’t let anyone dictate what we cover and what we don’t. If you don’t like our coverage spread, door’s that way.

            Cheers. 😀

          • roozbeh, again

            oh well. had to try. im not dictating what you write but i was just merely suggesting. if you want to be defensive about it it is okay.
            it has been a good conversation. but i still hold strong to the fact that you shouldnt patronize a console if you are a independent, unbiased, none fan site.

            i guess i will leave then. but i had a good few months here. thanks for the productive time.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            My pleasure. It’s exactly because we are an independent and unbiased site that we don’t make any calculation on who we should cover and how much.

            When something happens and someone is there ready to cover it, it gets covered. If the stars don’t align, someone else will cover it. It happens. The industry is too big for a single site to cover it ALL.

          • dakan45isback

            Yup no one here dares criticize ps4, its clearly a playstaion site. Even if the authors did not intend to, the naming intended to do so by the start, which brought playstation fans and that lead to the site writing more about playstation and less about xbox.

          • Mark Lenz

            Just take a look at the article content. The writer even goes as far as to list other sources that have witnessed the same occurrence.

            Facts are plain to see. The XBone isn’t performing as well as Micro$oft has claimed. It’s likely BF4 is very taxing to a console and the XBone results were less than impressive hence the decision by Micro$oft to use PC’s.

            From the slower GPU to the limited video memory speed, it’s going to be a very common problem. I feel bad for XBone owners.

            Well maybe not so bad. 🙂

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            I think you’re reading a tad too much into it. There may be a whole lot of reasons why the demo was shown on PC, including the simple possibility that the *game* may not be performing as well as expected.

            Or it may very well be simply a matter of logistics. It ain’t always the console’s fault.

          • roozbeh, again

            the inquistr reported the difference being like a 7950 vs 7970.
            specs are not that all different

          • Mark Lenz

            There are some third party developers that have stated(off the record) that the PS4 ran their games faster than the XBone version.

            It’s quite clear given the PS4 version was running in plain sight at Gamescon. If the XBone can’t even be ready to show its version at PAX then I can tell you many third party developers are running into the same performance issues with it.

          • roozbeh, again

            the xbox one was present at gamescom idiot.
            john carmack and hideo kojima said the there almost the same. i dont care what you say, i care what they say. the differences are negligible.

            dont bother to respond. i know i wont after this

          • Mark Lenz

            Moron, we all knew the XBone was present at Gamescon but it WAS NOT running BF4. The point here is that BF4 requires a fast system to deal with what the game offers and a console like the XBone isn’t quite up to the tasks without some time consuming optimization.

            Simple enough for you or are you one of those who fell off a “stupid” tree and hit every branch on the way down.

          • Calum Sutherland

            Awww, look at him… So adorable, you cute little xbot.

            PS4 is better #DealWithIt

          • roozbeh, again

            as a person who is getting both i got to say. you are a disgrace to sony fans

          • Calum Sutherland


            Can we keep him?

          • roozbeh, again

            best of luck to you dualshockers. he is handful

    • dakan45isback

      This is a PlayStation site allright, praising ps4 and bashing xbox.

      I have seen that multiple times adn Guiseppe is a freakign troll that should spend more time running the site and less arguing with whoever dissagress with his opinion

    • abberjam

      Nearly every Sony title was running on bonafide dev-kits at E3: – Not PCs, not Emulators, DEV KITS. The simple truth is that Sony is more than ready for this launch. Microsoft is not.

      • roozbeh, again

        and every xbox one title was running on a pc? right?
        man why do i even bother responding

        • abberjam

          Every fish flaps when its running out of oxygen. *takka takka takaa
          You’re an Xbot, I get it. That’s fine. Just try not to get too deluded. K?

          • roozbeh, again


  • jonam

    Xbox One DONE 😀

  • datdude

    What a shock. Microsoft is full of lies and subterfuge once again. The sheep are being led to the slaughter, and they never realize it. Good luck with that Xbone, folks. You’re going to need it.

    • dakan45isback

      Chill sony is the master hype liar and have been since ps2 era.

      Just wait and you will see ps4 underperformed too on BF4, so far they say its 720p on medium settings.

      Face it both consoles are weak and hardly “next gen”

  • Stereotypical_White_Fella

    I’m not worried Xbox One has the definitive version of bf4 on consoles according to dice

  • Jack Slater

    *attention – big news*

    Battlefield 4 xbox one version will be playable at HOME, next 15th of November, running on a finalized rock-solid ps4 console.

    Don’t miss your chance to finally see that game running on a console.

    • Dual360Axixs

      you forgot that the ps4 is going to be delayed. small detail you left out there bud.

      • WarBroh


  • Phil Balliet

    Meanwhile Ps4 runs battlefield at “medium” pc settings. Lmao you’re all fanboy fucktards.

    • dakan45isback

      Well said but the dumb fucktarded pauperstaion boys are not gonna admit that.

      Whatever sony says is CORRECT and a FACT despite they got a history of overhyping and underdelivering. Whatever MS says is WRONG.

      Seems like they HOPE the ps4 will be a powerfull system becasuse thats what they buy and sony’s hype brainwashing claiming it can run planetside 2 without a 4000$ pc and other garbage lies are only increasing the stupidity of the sony fanboys.

  • This is why we can’t have nice things.

  • Jack Slater

    I have a feeling…
    While the ps4 is already being manufactured as we write, it looks like the guys at microsoft are still soldering components, cables, etc, and tweaking the xbox one beta Bios:

    *OK guys, let’s try to reduce this voltage here, increase the power there, and see what we get*
    *damn, the system looked stable during 7’23”, right before the memory dump*
    *relax, we still have 2.5 months before the ps4 is out, we need to stabilize the system so it runs at least 2 months, before the rrod2 shows up*
    * maybe the boss should release the system without the main APU, the 14th of November.then,later on, we will offer our customers a nice bundle with a screwdriver, the apu and a coupon for a water cooler. We’re confident they will see the true value of our system*
    * and for those who don’t want to wait for the final kit, we can lend them a windows 8 computer, with a 15 day office license , with an xbox one theme, and for showing them how important out customers are,for us, we will, exceptionally, offer them a totally free version of ‘cut the rope’, for only 2.49$, or .99$, if they get a 1 year live gold subscription*
    *wow, we are so gentle, at microsoft, and everybody knows it*
    * OK, back to work. Heh, yeah, right. Let’s try -0.015V here, and see what happens, this time around*

    • Tom

      best comment ever

  • AJ

    This is probably because DICE doesn’t want to show a lackluster looking version of the game like they did at Gamescon on the PS4 dev kit.

  • Krakn3dfx

    No hUMA confirmed.

  • well it happens just about everywhere .. considering these consoles are nothing short of PCs themselves .. I’ve never gotten upset about this when they use PC dev units or stand ins etc.

  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    The difference is that Watch Dogs didn’t crash because the specs were actually equivalent to what will run on PS4 when it launches, while just as the headline says, the Xbox One demo for BF4 demo was simply nerfed and not actually optimized to run at Xbox One specs which is why it crashed. Call me a fan boy if you want but I know the difference.

  • Megaman

    Is everybody that blind an not se what microsoft is up to….you guys are all fooled an soon will see why there doing all this….hahahahaaha

    • Joey Dezaeger

      Please share with what evil masterplan MS has in mind for us!
      I just want to know what is happening in that big empty head of yours?

      • Megaman

        Your reply shows me how dumb you are an maybe u should stop sucking sonys finger an make some friends in the industry like me that can say stuff like microsofts xbox is much more powerful then ps4 an you’ll find out soon an when you do come msg me again….good day sir

        • extermin8or2

          HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *takes deep breath* ok so you claim to work in the industry then make a statement that a) as a reply to TheGameGuru is totally irrelevant as he never mentioned how powerful the Xbox one would be compared to PS4… and b) is totally wrong. So either you need to go get a life instead of lying about your position within the industry to try and hide obvious ignorance, fanboyism and just general stupidity. OK where to start… both consoles are virtually the same however if anything the Ps4 will be slightly more powerful going of it’s APU specs and speeds. Also TheGameGuru merely mentions manufacturing issues that do seem highly likely to be occuring given the evidence..

          • Megaman

            hahaha i cant beleive im responding but ok…..i wish i could get to see the look on your face when u find out….thats a moment im gonna miss but hey….just like the sony brain washers out there enjoy the ps4 hype while it last….i’ll have both systems by the way so not a fan boy i just laugh at nerds like u on the internet thuggin or acting like they no wtf there talking about…APU GDDR5 Blah blah blah hahahahahaha good luck stupid

          • extermin8or2

            That wqsnt my point… nor was it his the main point was that you are pretending to be a developer to make others pay attention to your post when actually you are some deluded troll.

          • Megaman

            LMFAO….im pretending to be a Developer???were did i say i was fool….im an not i just no people in the industry an i’m trying to give morons like u a heads up about the xbox one an that everybody that thinks ps4 will be more poweful then the X1 are wrong an will soon see later this month….dont get mad at me get mad at sony….research you’ll find some pretty cool stuff about what im talking about….dont cry

      • TheGameGuru

        There is no plan. MS is pulling this stuff because they’ve been having major manufacturing issues with XB1 and are having issues keeping them from setting on fire.

        Not a single working, playable XB1 unit has been to any of these conventions. That’s a HUGE red flag.

        • Megaman

          lmao….i’ll get back to you soon an when i do i wanna see what your gonna say 🙂

          • Megaman

            Go on N4G ….see anything suprising???well i guess i dont no what im talking about

          • Ben

            N4G is such a Sony site it’s not funny at all I seen worse things there then anywhere else

          • Megaman

            yeah i no…some stuff i just dont understand why they post

        • Joey Dezaeger

          Pulling what stuff? Are they rickrolling anyone? Its a shame they are not using real Xbox One demo models in the conventions, but do I care? I’m in Europe, in one of the countries that will have to wait till begin 2014 to get a Xbox One. Everything will be resolved by then. And I am just not going to trade it in with a PS4 because I’m used to the interface and like the Xbox Exclusives a lot better then the PS4 ones. They just don’t interest me enough.
          So whatever you do, don’t try to change my mind, ’cause it won’t work…

    • Nikola Kostic

      LOL loser. sure you are connected in the gaming industry. Im glad morons like yourself will get the xbox one, and think its more powerful, so i dont see you on psn. I personally am going to get ps4 first and perhaps an xbox one 2 years down the road when they get rid of mandatory kinect and drop the price to $300 or less. The shitty hardware is not worth more than that

      • Megaman

        theres alot you dont no my friend….that link you posted is funny if you knew what i knew but here is something alittle bit more fresh 🙂

        • Nikola Kostic

          Pure rumor and most likely untrue. But even if it were it still shows ps4 is superior by the specs.. Dont get me wrong id love for both consoles to be much stronger, id rather pay 6-700 for a ps4 (or xbox) with a gtx 780 in it. anyways back to the topic: microsoft goes on record and says specs are irrelevant, yet they tell us how they increased the GPU frequency to 1.75ghz (10%) and cpu to 853mhz (6%). Therefore they also want us to believe their specs are better. However they released nothing about the GPU specs, because everyone knows theyre inferior to PS4’s, and so microsoft does not want a direct comparison. Believe me if they had a better gpu we would have been hearing about it since day 1. On top of that they admitted that kinect cost almost as much as the rest of the console.. thats why they have a mediocre gpu and DDR3 RAM. I dont blame them for that, thats a direction they decided to take but for me i just want the more powerful system with the lower cost. and if you want to talk about rumors go by the one that told us ps4’s exact gpu, exact ram, xbox’s exact gpu, exact ram a while before either was even announced.. those reliable rumors and all since then (except this random one) point to microsoft having the much weaker console. but if you wont listen to reason then as i said im glad youre not getting a ps4

          • Megaman

            lol to you an alot of people its a rumor but to me i already no the truth…..i even knew that post was coming before it did lol….what im trying to tell you is that i no alot more then u of whats going on in the inside an your just getting fooled by whats being post on the outside….i agree with you to i would rather buy a $700 console thats way more powerful also…iv never understand why people can buy an ipad thats almost $1000 an cry about a 399 499 price tag….these days thats not much money lets be real….Microsoft said that because its some what tru…specs dont make a great game…the reason why microsoft hasnt said nothing yet is because sony has a contract with AMD an that ends sept 21st or the 29th….so when that contract ends you will see microsoft start crushing sony … knows whats going on an there trying to updrade there specs but no matter what they do the X1 is still gonna be more powerful….look out for TGS…an stop reading old post keep up to date…..that $700 system you would pay for is only 499….thats why microsoft wont change there price

          • Nikola Kostic

            Lol I am not going to buy either console until I know what im getting. From all the knews I hear now ps4 is going to be more powerful but if what you say is true then I might get an xbox. The issue I have is why would Microsoft keep downplaying specs, and a ms developer say ps4 looks better on paper. And you cant legally make a contract between sony and amd that says Microsoft cant talk about its own hardware.. its impossible. We already know ms talked about the gpu clock so why not the other specs? That being said im 99% sure sony will have the more powerful console, if that 1% happens though, I might get a xbox instead.. as I said im no fanboy but I am fine with getting irritated with a company and bashing on them when they screw up

          • Megaman

            Sorry it’s with amd the reason they can’t speak cause amd hasn’t stuff they want to announce them self…it’s confusing I no but you’ll see….trust me I’m not a fanboy ether but I hate when people bash Microsoft for dumb reasons when at the end of the day it’s all about games an until you have the system in your hands there’s no point of bashing ….I like Sony an the ps4 but I don’t see anything defining about it besides power an an kinect look a like …’s a console war Microsoft has there strategy an so dose Sony an this is part of it..not showing all your cards…I’m getting both systems but Xbox first

          • Nikola Kostic

            Well lets hope you’re right, id be glad if xbox was significantly more powerful than we think. Ill hold you to that haha, ill message you in october if nothing has changed :p

          • Megaman

            Lol well I’m glad your like me an lean towards power ….I personally will lean towards the system with more power I love graphics just as much as game play ….yes do that

          • Baron Von Rhett

            Aside from your grammar, spelling, and the initial rudeness of your comments, I think you do seem to be a very reasonable person. I also understand you guys talking about wanting the most powerful console. The thing I don’t understand is why you kind of people don’t just get a PC. To me it just seems like a more logical step if you care about the appearance as much as game play. Honestly, I’m not sure why I posted this reply, I just kind of wanted to say something I guess.

          • Megaman

            Lol I can be my life we are to different people that came from 2 different country’s ….I’m not on here to speak or spell so u can understand me better ….if u understand my poor grammar then I don’t see the point in being ignorant about somebody’s grammar …..that’s like me saying only nerds play on PC’s….anyways my reason is simply because although I’m on a PC 24/7 because of my job I can’t play games with mouse an keyboard …just not a fan of PC gaming….I no I can use a Xbox controller on a PC but where I’m from I didn’t grow up with people playing video games on a computer an even tho I could buy the best computer available I just don’t think it’s worth it in my opinion an also it’s because I’m not your kind of people 🙂

          • Zeckpressstart

            Not sure why i’m replying… maybe because i’m interested in your response, but here take a look at this:

            PS4 50% faster the XBOX1?

            I don’t think Microsoft is hiding any sort of powerhouse system, hopefully they are just have software and driver problems but this seems more of a inadequate hardware problem. i’m definitely leading to PS4 right now even though that would mean I wouldn’t be able to continue my xbox achievement score but oh well power matters and when you can get more power for lower price I can’t really argue it…

          • Nikola Kostic

            i almost bought a pc with an amdfx830 and a gtx7990 for $1300 but decided against it last minute because i am honestly hottible at keyboard gaming, all my friends are on consoles, and im a full-time student and dont have the time that pc gaming requires.. i just want to pop in a game and play. and not to mention that you really can never beat the performace/cost ratio of new consoles. yes i know pc is better but not for $400.

          • Nikola Kostic

            Hey I cant help but assume that the unannounced power of the xbox one and the NDA you mentioned are regarding the rumor of a dual GPU. that however would make the xbox as powerful as a gtx 780 which by itself costs $650 and so is very unlikely. and here is in fact a link denying it:


            bottom line is i dont see what else xbox could have done to make their console more powerful.. also they stated their single gpu is 1.3 tflops so yeah no way it beats out ps4 in raw specs. perhaps performance will be similar on multiplats but thats it

          • Megaman

            Hey I appreciate your comment ……but I no about that link thanks but it’s starting to get out there about the truth of the Xbox ones true power……go to N4G you should see something regarding the Xbox power… dGPU but I promise this month everybody should no….microsoft are not allowed to say nothing right now I’ll leave it at that 🙂

  • dakan45isback

    I told you that these “next gen” consoles are jokes, ps4 running bf4 at medium with 720p and now this.

    Weak consoles are weak consoles. thats what happens when the economy flops, they go for cheap solutions instead, hence amd and thus weak consoles that cant compare with a decent pc

  • joshdeane

    Perhaps blown a bit out of proportion. It is beyond normal (and always has been this way) that dev kits are run on PCs. The specs are conditioned to be as similar as possible to the eventual launch of the Xbox One.

    Statement from Microsoft alludes to this fact:

    Regardless, if you want to play the best version of Battlefield it won’t be on PS4 or Xbox One but on a PC. All systems though are still going to be a blast…because it’s going to be fun anyway. Calm down.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Umh no. That’s not the case. In this case it’s not the Xbox One version running on Dev PCs (not dev kits, as dev kits look like xbox ones consoles with a few differences, not like PC towers).

      In this case it’s simply the PC version running on high end PCs.

      • joshdeane

        I’m sorry, I may have missed where the technical specifications for the PC’s being used were revealed.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Totalbiscuit says quite clearly in the video linked that the cabinets contained high end PCs and that the game was the PC build (as the UI fairly clearly testifies). PCs with the same specs of an Xbox One (or PS4 for that matter) won’t run the PC build of BF4 even nearly decently.

          Hryb’s statement is clearly misleading as he talks about games only xbox one can offer and lists BF4 running at 60 fps on xbox one. You could say that the semantic somersaults save him, but the statement was either composed to mislead or was unintentionally misleading. Either way, a lot of people were quite clearly misled.

          Even worse, having the PC build of the game running at the Xbox booth with xbox one controllers borders on false advertisement, as the xbox one (or PS4) build of Battlefield 4 won’t look like the PC version.

          The masses that just go to the booth and play the game without asking themselves questions will simply think that’s the xbox one version, which is the most serious issue.

          • joshdeane

            Very simply and indisputable, “Totalbiscuit” provides no details on what high end PC means in terms of the spec comparison to the X1 launch console. Nor is it an issue that a PC build was used, especially if the previous statement Microsoft provided is accurate that they are using comparable PC to X1 build kits to demonstrate gameplay since E3 and for current events.

            You are completely misinterpreting Hyrb’s statement and stating it as fact which is quite frankly, poor journalism. Microsoft has made no claims that BF4 possesses exclusive playability or that 64 player matches are only possible on X1 or namely anything to that affect. Nor did he do this on this particular blog wherein you took his opening statement as a general heading of Microsoft experiences and made a false correlation to a Battlefield statement (which EA PR provided) that said nothing to any other experience than what is listed.

            Microsoft is only claiming that the BF4 retail version will run at 60FPS second and will feature 64 player matches. If they don’t come through on that, then it will be an issue. But that is the facts minus your contextually biased inference.

            The actual statement from Hyrb is factually only stating that you can play a Battlefield 4 demo at Microsoft’s PAX booth, anything more than that is purely speculative on your part.

            Borders on false advertisement to use a Xbox controller on a PC? Hardly. Once again, they are using a comparable PC build to showcase the X1 experience which will be very similar.

            The masses are being shown a version at PAX that X1 and PS4 players should be seeing when the game releases. Which is not a serious issue at all.

            Your simply making a correlation fallacy that you either see or you don’t. All good though. The picture will be 100% clear in less than two months anyway and hopefully both console versions turn out stellar.

          • Jonathan White

            Judging from the way this guy argues, it’s clear he’s never been to a trade show before. 9/10 times they’ll use a PC to demo games at a trade event, because it’s often not only more stable – since most games are built on PC anyway, but dev kits (especially dev kits for unreleased consoles) are extremely expensive, and devs can’t exactly afford for something to happen to them.

            The whole point of trade show demos is to show off the game, and if they have a stable build that works on a retail version of a console, they’ll bring it. If they don’t, they’ll bring a PC. It’s a bit deceptive, but the whole point is to let you try out the game, and that’s what really matters.

            As Josh said, the reason it’s not false advertising is because they often use a build that is close to (read: waiting for console optimization) the version they’d show if the console version was finished – and in a lot of cases, games don’t go gold until just a few weeks before retail launch. You’re making a mountain out of a molehill.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Unfortunately for your silly argument, I’ve just returned from Gamescom, and in 16 years I’ve very possibly been to more trade show than you’ve ever seen.

            You seem to be totally oblivious to the difference between a development console version of a game and its PC version. They’re two completely different things.

            The point is to show off the game, but if you show it off at a first party booth, with a first party controller and hidden PCs (that aren’t even dev PCs), you’re misleading people in believing that they’re playing the development console version, that they aren’t.

            Considering that we already know that Battlefield 4 will look a lot better on PC than on Xbox One or PS4, showing the PC version equates to giving people the impression that the game will look on consoles much better than it will.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            you’re making a ton of assumptions. We already know that the Xbox One and PS4 versions won’t look as good as the PC version. So showing the PC version at a console booth, with a console controller, without any kind of notice telling people that that version won’t be what they’ll buy on that console is misleading and borders on false advertisement.

            I’d say it’s fairly evident that most found hryb’s statement misleading, as he only talks about xbox one, and makes absolutely no mention that the version showcased was NOT the xbox one version.

            There’s a large difference between showing a console version under development on development PCs and the actual PC version on high end PCs. In this case, we’re looking at the second.

            It would be no different if Sony shown Final Fantasy XIV for PC at the Sony booth with DualShock 3 controllers trying to persuade people that it’s the PS3 version.

          • joshdeane

            “There’s a large difference between showing a console version under development on development PCs and the actual PC version on high end PCs. In this case, we’re looking at the second.”

            This is our key difference, this assumption on your part is not backed in evidence as no spec details have been revealed on those PCs, it is quite normal to demo games in this way and Microsoft has already publicly stated this is how they were showing games.

            Not only is it defensible, it is regular behavior and publicly stated by Microsoft themselves which is why I find this interpretation so unsettling.

            My reason for defending, as someone who actually will be defaulting to the PS4, is simply to relate a factual representation of what is actually happening.

            My career was to judge and buy millions of dollars of software where it was an everyday behavior to show games on comparable PC versions for multiple reasons.

            It’s cool man, I believe you are seeing something that is not there and you think I’m missing some type of deception. The great thing is that time is a great thickener of things and we’ll know how it all goes down soon enough.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Actually the “assumption” on my part is based on what a quite respected member of the industry has been told by DICE personnel on site (as per video linked), which is that the version on show is the PC version, as much as every element we have, showing that the version on show is the same shown at E3, which again, was the PC version, and not any version purposely created to represent Xbox One, on PC representing Xbox One hardware.

            On the other hand, your assumption seems to be based only on faith, as there’s absolutely no elements that indicates what you point towards.

          • joshdeane

            This applies to all conferences since then.

            From Microsoft:

            Albert Penello – MS Director of Product Planning

            “At E3, you saw Xbox One games running in a couple of environments:

            Development PC’s (these were our early Alpha kits spec’d similarly to HW targets)
            Development Kits (these are the white and black consoles that look like retail units)
            Other PC’s (in these cases, like the drama around the PC with the nvidia GPU), we asked developers to make sure what they were showing was reflective of what could be achieved on Xbox One.”

            Full quote can be found here:

            This relates to Gamescon and PAX as well. I was just being polite on timing as you clearly have no desire to report clearly on this matter or even reach out to Microsoft or DICE for for clarification.

            Until proven otherwise, the PC version according to Microsoft is reflective of what can be achieved on Xbox One. Whether that statement is accurate is the crux of the issue, not your assumptions on what was seen second hand or what that information represents.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            In fact that’s not a “Xbox One game”. That’s the PC Version.

            Here’s one last piece of evidence. See that PC up in the picture?

            It looks a lot like these:


            Actually, they look *exactly* like them.

            Dual AMD Radeon 7970 graphics cards… XboxOne-like indeed. And (exactly like at E3) they had some occasional frame rate drops.

            You seriously think they’re running a version of the game representative of the Xbox One version? Something like that on this kind of PC (they’re owned and operated by EA DICE by the way, not by microsoft), would *fly*, not have framerate drops.

            I have every desire to report clearly on the matter, and I’ve done my homework to do exactly that. But again, I don’t report on blind faith and promises.

          • joshdeane

            I would advise reaching out to Microsoft and EA PR for additional clarity and if you want to present a fair and balanced representation of the facts at hand. It would definitely would have provided a more depth to this story.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            You assume (more assumptions) that we didn’t. But the story is solid as it is, so it went up as is. If we receive clarifications that aren’t just PR spiel, we’ll publish em..

          • joshdeane

            I dig the new story you posted (I did miss it), it does appear to be high end PC’s and good information that do not appear technically similar to the X1 so I do stand corrected and appreciate the follow up.

            Even though I do disagree that Microsoft misrepresented themselves in their PR briefing for the demo and did not confirm any type of information on how BF4 was going to be played. However, general players at the booth may believe that they are experiencing what the game plays like will assume that they are playing an X1 version which is not right.

      • joshdeane

        You are right about dev kits in general, I miss spoke and was referring to how Microsoft has been showing the X1 thus far, rightly or wrongly.

  • jeff

    LOL! Wow Microsoft is about to pull a major wool over some the people who buy it eyes. You guys think cloud and those Pc horrible demos mean anything yet? I would be wondering by now if I was a smart person what they are up to.

  • pleasuretokill

    One more reminder that PC rules over peasant consoles. If you want to show true quality, show the PC version.

  • bigpimpin117

    they werent impressed with the ps4 version either so dont talk bad

  • dirkradke

    Why do you actually think Microsoft was trying to hide something? If I was running a demo that didn’t require a keyboard I would hide the keyboard as well. It would be a distraction for the game. See a keyboard you will want to push buttons. I would also think if they were trying to hide the fact that it was a Windows 8 PC they would have done a better job. Of course I can’t stand Battlefield 4 or Call of Duty so I don’t really care.

    • zpoccc

      the point isn’t the hidden keyboards, it’s the fact that these were ‘xbox one’ kiosks, not ‘windows 8’ ones.

      • dirkradke

        So what? I don’t think they were necessarily hide anything. Just keeping the focus on the X-Box One and Battlefield 4. Now if the actual game turns out to be crap then you a legitimate reason to complain. To complain right now is pointless.

        • zpoccc

          presenting one thing as another is worthy of at least pointing out. glad to hear it doesn’t bother you, though.

  • Josh

    Damn It Microsoft.

  • BeastlyRig

    ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Barry Sherman

    Actually,On the windows 8 platform,I found that pausing anywhere in any frame sequence caused a massive overload of pre-alpha dominerence throughout the entirity of full game play continuously…Cheers to Grizznkev for his intuitive insight..

  • Paupersmustdie!

    So? It was like that at GamesCom as well for BF4. They still showed more games running on actual hardware than $0ny¥! Poor desperate paupers!

  • WyrdMystic

    so will i be the only one to point out that nowhere does it say this particular game will be playable on an xbox one, and if it is playing on a pc and its crashing then not even the pc version is finished properly….but it will all be fine when they all launch….doesn’t matter what happens before consoles and games become comercially available as long as they work when they do.

  • THU31

    Kąsole nikogo.

  • Dual360Axixs

    look at the match score next to the screen that crashed. 16 players on one team = 32 players total. hell there may be more if you can scoll down. I did see 64 players on one vid. Don’t take all the info from NeoGAF as gold.

  • Dual360Axixs

    hahahahahhaa. NeoGAF. Article now has no credit.

    • Ziff

      NeoGAF isn’t exactly the cornerstone of integrity, but the pictures speak for themselves.

  • Roger Larsson

    Nice find!

    What does it mean?

    Isn’t the game fully ported with basic optimization yet?
    Isn’t there enough working XBox Ones to populate the playtest area.
    Does the XBox One have problem with actual hardware running a demanding game.

    if DICE initiated: don’t want to waste developer resources creating a demo for PAX, but why so old demo? Why not run the same build as they used at Gamescom?

    Interesting story will follow…

  • RealityCheck2013

    I wonder how ‘BAD’ ‘TITanfall’ will look running on the Xbox ONE & not the PC Versions they keep showing LoL:D

    • Alberto Franco

      They already said PC and Xbox One games will look the same……

  • sd94

    TitanFall was the same way, but with 360 controllers. I was pretty disappointed with that, but the game was still fun.

  • Sanjay Saini

    Running on PC is the decision of the developer and not Microsoft

  • Hariindarr Siingh

    May be they are showing PC demo only with Xbox controller? and some one sony fan boy took the opportunity to blame Xbox one