Check Out Ten Minutes of Ryse: Son of Rome’s Multiplayer Gameplay

If you missed the live coverage by the good folks of, but still want to get a taste of Ryse: Son of Rome’s multiplayer demonstrated directly by Microsoft’s Senior Producer Justin Robey and Crytek’s Producer Michael Read, you can now check it out courtesy of YouTube user shinnntube,¬†that recorded the livestream.

The demo shows ten minutes of quite interesting cooperative gameplay divided in two different stages, showcasing relevant elements like co-op executions, dynamic scenarios in the Coliseum, traps and obstacles, godly powers and more.

Armor progression is also mentioned in passing, and if you’re curious about how it’ll work in combination with microtransactions you can read my article from Gamescom that explains the whole thing.

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  • Quincy

    Kinda funny that they’re still tying to explain that the gamplay wasn’t intented to be QTE heavy but I think it still is (the execution/killing blow).