Square Enix Confirms 7 Free “Reparatory” Days for Final Fantasy XIV Players, Even Future Ones

A few days ago Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida explained that Square Enix was considering giving a number of free days to make up for the server congestion issues the servers of the game are suffering from. He mentioned seven days, but the number was not final.

Today the publisher released a statement confirming that all players will receive seven free days of game time that will automatically be added to their accounts. Interestingly enough (in what seems to be a rather surprising marketing move to attract further players, or simply a way to make it up to those that are holding out on redeeming their registration codes until the problems are cleared) those that already purchased the game won’t be the only ones to get the bonus.

All players that will register the game before 11:59 PM PDT on September the 9th will also get the additional seven days, so if you still didn’t get Square Enix’s upcoming MMORPG but plan to give it a try, you may as well take advantage of this and get it before the 9th.

Players are now waiting for the maintenance that will happen tonight between 5 PM and 3 AM PDT. It should fix the issues by adding new servers, reducing stress on the Duty Finder servers and increasing the number of concurrent logins allowed for each servers.

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  • Daniel Ortiz Nieto

    I wonder if they will offer a free server transfer for those people that couldn’t make a character on their friend’s world because it was locked, assuming many people will re-roll with the capacity increase and addition of new servers is to ask a bit too much, I think.

    Also even if they increase the amount of concurrent server connections for each world, I still wonder if the worlds that are already full will stay that way or not. Meaning if there are 15k characters on a full world, and the max number con concurrent users is raised form 5k to 10k, if the 15k players try to log in to play, we will get the full servers problem again. if people can’t leave those worlds, I think we can get the same problem again on certain worlds shortly again after the maintenance has been conducted.

    I trust SE and Yoshi (and I haven’t even had any problem to play these days), just pointing out some possible shortcomings to this solution.

    • Guild Wars 2 had a similar problem at launch and they indeed allowed everyone to transfer for free for about a month while they sorted the issues out.

      You may find that they may do the same, but if so, I would have expected it to have already been mentioned in this update.

      It’s interesting that you trust SE and Yoshi after what a mess they keep making of FF. FF 13 and its sequels have been shunned by most fans and FF XIV has had to be remade to make it a passable MMO.

      Not quite sure what you trust exactly?

      • Daniel Ortiz Nieto

        SE and I come from a long way, since they never released Chrono Cross in EU, nor Xenogears and some other gems, the bad translations and late release of games, the 50hz and black lines on FFX and I could go on…

        But I like their games, FFXIII-2 is one of the best games I’ve ever played, for example, and the FFXIV 1.0 fiasco has made them change for the better (and I loved the original release of the game once they fixed the UI lag issues… why can’t ARR be like patches 1.18 and 1.9 with just the better maps, slow pacing and no jobs, just balanced class skills and total freedom?).

        I like their games visions and the worlds they create, they only need to get up with the times or something, I don’t know, but it’s clear that all SE, including the Montreal studios, is undergoing a crisis, that I hope will make them better and stronger when they get out of it.

        Anyway I hope the server problems of ARR get solved with the maintenance.