Disney Infinity: Exclusive Figures Beware

Disney Infinity, much like Skylanders, is jumping on the Exclusive/Pre-Order band wagon, now giving you the chance to buy figures at specific locations early or get a rare variant color for your collection. But buyer beware: the Disney exclusives are a bit different than the standard ones you may be used to. Allow me to elaborate.

So far there are a couple of exclusives that have been announced. A series of crystal-clear figures at Toys ‘R’ Us have been announced, much like the legendary figures that Skylanders launched at the retailer. These figures will appear in-game in the variant color and also gain extra money and experience while having a special display area. So there is some value in getting this rarer form of Lightning McQueen and the like.

DISNEY INFINITY TOY STORY PLAYSETAnother announcement is the Gamestop Exclusive Jack Skellington figure from The Nightmare Before Christmas. He is exclusive to Gamestop for a limited time from October 5th to the 28th. But, again, beware: although Jack looks cool and will most likely be rare, he also has no current playset, which means you will only be able to use him in the Toy Box mode. He will be a $14 figure that will only be used in the sandbox area unless Disney patches the game or adds in figures and a new playset for The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The last exclusive that has been announced is Sheriff Woody from Toy Story launching at Walmart. Woody is available for pre-order now but will not ship until after October 1st. And like Jack Skellington, will only be playable in the Toy Box until you purchase the soon-to-be-launched Toy Story playset. The Toy Story set includes Buzz and Jessie and so far does not have a firm launch date. That makes pre-ordering Woody a bit of a waste until it does.

So make sure you do your homework before running out and dropping some cash on those Disney Infinity exclusive/pre-order goodies, and, as always, come on back to DualShockers.com for more Disney Infinity info.

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  • JimmyHACK

    The exclusive to a certain place characters are only for them early. For instance, Jack will be elsewhere come October 15th, but yes him and the many figures only with no playsets coming in November can only be played in the Toy Box. So it can be costly to collect these in hopes of a future playset.

    Also, the Toy Story playset will be out October 15th.

    • Al_Zamora

      Yeah jack is supposed to be a timed GS exclusive but has no playset, neither do the Wreck It Ralph cast or Frozen cast? It is expensive to get characters that only work in the Toy Box. I would have loved to use them in other worlds.

      • Danyale Kline Ridler

        Frozen play set is available for preorder at disney store and toys r us

        • Al_Zamora

          It is available for pre-order but be careful it isn’t a playset. Just figures you can use in the Toy Box. There is no Frozen world to play in.

  • Flick

    Wreck it Ralph exclusive to Best Buy. Anyone know of any more? Tangled? vannelope?