Saints Row Remixes Your Dubstep Gun With a New Musical Pack and 90’s-Styled Infomercial

on September 4, 2013 2:39 PM

2013 has been the year of Dubstep, and in video games it’s been apart of many trailers. Saints Row IV took it a step further and just made a gun that Dubsteps people to death. But if you’re getting a little tired of “waiting for the drop,” Volition has a new DLC pack for you: the Dubstep Gun Remix Pack.

The Dubstep Gun Remix Pack adds four new genres that you can slaughter your enemies with, including Classical, Swing, Death Metal and Polka, and reskins the Dubstep gun as well.

Volition has also blessed the world with an awesomely terrible 90’s-styled infomercial starring Volition’s Jeff Harris (complete with SNES controller, which is funny since Saints Row I is available on every platform but Nintendo), although it took me out of “the scene” when he mentioned iTunes…

The Dubstep Gun Remix Pack is available for $2.99, and has been available for the PS3 since yesterday, and is available for the Xbox 360 and PC today. For more trailers, screenshots and details, check out all of DualShockers’ extensive Saints Row IV news coverage (and my review).

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