Final Fantasy XIV Solves Problems, Gets 325,000 Concurrent Connections, Server Transfers and AFK Timer Planned

Yesterday a ten hours long maintenance shut down Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn‘s servers while the development team worked hard to implement the fixes that would have, at least in theory, solved the congestion problems that afflicted servers and players since the game’s launch.

When the servers reopened players saw an initial lapse of peace where they managed to login without trouble. It almost appeared like the calm before the storm. And indeed it was.

As some logged out and back in, disaster struck, as more and more accounts started to be affected by the dreaded error 3102, that used to terrorize the playerbase during open beta and had reared its ugly head, preventing access to the game again.

Luckily this time Square Enix acted fairly swiftly, and without even issuing another maintenance the development team solved the problem in a few hours. The storm was finally past.

As of now by most accounts there’s no trouble logging in and out of the game, and the servers (the number of which has grown to 53 between the two datacenters) are stable. There are queues here and there, but that’s business as usual.

Yesterday’s maintenance didn’t just increase the number of servers, but it also enhanced the servers themselves, by pushing the limit of simultaneous connections for each to a very respectable number between 7,500 and 7,800. This means that now the game can theoretically play host to up to 413,000 players at the same time.

But the news don’t end there. Producer Naoki Yoshida just posted a statementย (literally as I was writing, way to break my train of thought) explaining that the game has again broken its concurrent connections (users online at the same time) record, reaching the mind boggling number of 325,000.

Since the number continues to grow, Yoshida-san announced that further measures will be put in place in order to avoid the occurrence of further problems, including the implementation of several new servers, the splitting of the duty finder groupings in three per datacenter (now they’re split in two), and the addition of more servers for each instance.

The implementation of an automatic logout timer for AFK players is also planned for implementation between one and three weeks for now. An exact date for it will be announced next week. In addition to that, as soon as things will be fully stable, the development team plans to offer the ability to transfer servers for those that could not create a character in their world of preference and could not join their friends. This is top priority for the team but details are still being worked out and will be announced at a later date.

To cope with the overwhelming load of players, Square Enix had to suspend sales of the digital download version of the game and distribution of the retail version. Yoshida predicts that those will resume in staggered stages as things stabilize fully.

Finally, given the surprising amounts of sales, Square Enix plans to strengthen its equipment and retail strategy for the game, especially in sight of the future release of the PlayStation 4 version, raising the projected marketing predictions in order to be prepared for a large influx of players and avoiding an encore of the same problems.

It seems that at lastย Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Rebornย has hit its stride and its playerbase can finally enjoy some quality time with the game.

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  • foureyes oni

    impressive , glad to hear it doing well. Hope they keep up the good work.

  • William Trengove

    I do hope they get around to that Server transfer feature, It’ll save me the trouble of having to start at level 1 just to be on the same server as my other friends in Bulmung.

    • Augustus Allen Fritz

      The Server Transfer feature probably won’t be for while, from what I’ve been told though I don’t know how true that to be.

      • William Trengove

        either way, It’ll be good to have when it actually happens, IF it happens

  • PSorbisnews

    Their should make the game free if problem happen to much ๐Ÿ˜‰ but anyway i think their should offer Life Time Members for $80 on Final Fantasy 14 RR. Why i don’t like to remember i have to pay every time when that month comes.

    • foureyes oni

      huh, $80 only covers like 6 months of subscriptions for this game.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      lol a lifetime for $80. You’re shooting WAY low. And no. They shouldn’t make the game free. A free game means no updates and no new content.

      • usrev

        no, no it doesn’t. look at dust 514, not only is it a good game. but it gets regular updates (with new content and bug fixes/game changes), it’s free to play, and the item shop isn’t broken or over powered

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          Getting some new weapons/tweak and a new map once in a while is absolutely incomparable to the amount/quality of updates that a good pay to play title offers.

          Mind you, I talked about a “free” game, not a “free to play” game, they’re different, but free to play games simply can’t compete with pay to play games in updates and quality because pay to play allows the developer to devolve its whole development resources to quality content instead of focusing a part of them to the cash shop (and to make us buy crap in the cash shop), and there’s more freedom to plan ahead.

          • foureyes oni

            i’ve got to admit i thought pay to play was pretty much dead. I was thinking that in the next few years the only p2p would be wow and ff14.

    • CantBanThis

      Be an adult, get a debit/credit card, and you don’t HAVE to remember to pay it every month.

    • SSS

      The problems they had are similar problems every MMO had at launch, except they fixed it within the first week. So yeah no, it’s not going to be free just because you don’t want to pay for a quality MMO

    • KiTA

      Typically lifetime fees for MMOs start at $300 and go on up — and I can’t remember the last time a game had a lifetime fee that didn’t die or go free to play shortly afterwards. I wish it was an option but it won’t happen.

      Edit: I would, however, be happy to settle for a combined fee for FF11 / FF14. I’d love to go back to FF11 and check it out but don’t feel it’s worth a full extra $13 a month.

  • Garrison Shields

    I buy cocktails at a bar that are more expensive than the monthly subscription for this game. It’s a great entertainment value and I hope they just keep improving the game going forward. I LOVE it!

    • foureyes oni

      the monthly subscription is a bit high for my taste i honestly feel like it should be at most $10.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        Considering the quality of the game, your feels aren’t shared here ๐Ÿ˜€

        • foureyes oni

          thats fine its just my own feelings on the matter. i was more or less just thinking about the long term and how much i would end up paying. $156 a year for one game just disturbs me a little.

          • Skeksis poloma

            The amount of time you would spend in the game if you maintain an active sub for a year would equal to a far greater hours per dollar value than any other entertainment avenue.

          • Scott Stull

            You’re in luck. There’s the regular $15 sub fee, or if you don’t mind restricting yourself to 1 character per server (which isn’t an issue, since one character can master every class), you can pay only $11 a month.

          • Red Nation

            I would rather pay $156 and concentrate on this game rather than me buying AAA games for 60 bucks per month (and potential 2 60 bucks per months in case of 2 AAA games) do the math per year. I’m sure I saved more money and bought something useful.

          • foureyes oni

            Thats nice but i would like to play more than just this game this year. Its fine i’m not stressed about the subscription its just i would like for it to be just a little bit cheaper. It’s really just up to square to prove that its worth my money to keep playing. But we will see i’ve barely touched the game so far just realized i was using the wrong account today. I somehow had 2 accounts with the same name and similar characters , i thought that they had reset all my levels come to find out it was on account 2. So back to square one storywise at least.

          • mereshell

            that’s cheaper than buying two individual games here in australia. how many games will you buy in a year? just one? if you do end up playing FF long term, i would say it’s totally justified. and even if you dont, you dont need to pay for the time that you wont play it. so personally, im not phased by the price.

      • Nadrojj

        If you got money problems I fell bad for you son, I got 99 problems but 12 dollar subs ain’t one.

        • foureyes oni

          lol good one.

      • CantBanThis

        If $15/month, ie TWO CENTS AN HOUR, is too much for you….yeah, you might want to abandon hobbies.

        • foureyes oni

          i can pay that amount i was just wondering why should i pay that amount each month. If was getting like some great value like say ps plus like thing then i could understand why but just charging me to play $15 just to play it just seems a bit much.

          • CantBanThis

            You have no clue how much technology, electricity, and manpower goes into keeping something like this running, do you? “HERP DERP HALO CAN DO MULTIPLAYER FOR FREE I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY THIS APPLE ISN’T THE SAME AS AN ORANGE” to say nothing of the content patches, which don’t develop themselves!

          • 4eyes

            Okay and neither do you know how much it costs Square for the upkeep of this game. And just so you know I haven’t played halo since the first one, I’m not into shooters. Sry for any misspelling I’m replying from cell

          • CantBanThis

            Actually yes, I DO have an idea how much it costs-since what I’m working with is significantly less complicated and has an operating cost of tens of thousands a month (pretty cheap actually) I know they’re paying way more for their much bigger much more intricate international operation. Then there’s the cost of developing new content, which isn’t as easy as “ok here’s a map and bad guys go here phew finished another new zone time for lunch!”. Listen kiddo:just because YOU aren’t a professional or educated doesn’t mean that everyone else on the internet is also ignorant.

          • Anonymous

            I agree with you Cant BanThis. But as a professional in the game industry, I just want you to know that you are responding in a very childish behavior. I agree with your opinion, but I dislike how you went about explaining it. You had no reason to insult Four eyes for his own opinion, all you had to do is just explain it. Calling him kiddo just isnt attractive.

          • Random123456

            Have you never played an MMO before? MMOs have relatively high upkeep (servers), and constantly requires a full development making new content in order for the game to survive. Compare that to most other genres of games where once the game is on the shelf, resources/development on the game basically becomes zero.

      • SSS

        Honestly, if you are at the point where you feel a $12/mo should be reduced to $10/mo, you probably shouldn’t have bought this game.

        • foureyes oni

          i’m not at the point where i can’t afford this game i just feel it should be cheaper i don’t really see why its $12 a month. Why is it worth it for me to pay $12 a month for me to play this game, like what are you doing exactly for me to pay this $12? $10 was simply the max i thought it should have been i really thought it should have been even cheaper lol.

          • Melwing

            There is no goddamn difference between $10 and $12, that is ridiculous. You’re just being contrary.

          • foureyes oni

            just chillax its not a big deal its like going to the grocery and seeing cookies priced for $2.50 when you feel they should only be $2. You can afford both prices you just think $2.50 is a bit much for it.

          • Melwing

            I certainly don’t think that way, sorry you do. When buying things I don’t ‘need’, small differences in price really don’t matter.

          • foureyes oni

            if those small differences in price didn’t matter then gamestop would have went out of business a long time ago.

    • Hickeroar

      Yeah, i spent a lot more money every month in GW2 than I will on a FFXIV sub.

      • Abstractify

        You’re joking right? GW2 is B2P, and doesn’t have a monthly fee. If you spent money on anything other than the initial cost, then that’s entirely your own fault.

        In fact, you can even use your own in-game gold in the online store instead of real money

        I’ve not spent a single cent on the game aside from the initial game purchase, and I’m already walking around with the most expensive armor in the game, fully geared in ascended trinkets and backpiece, and soon to have an ascended weapon.

        You played the game wrong, sorry.

        • Hickeroar

          No, I played the game how I wanted to. I wasn’t complaining. I chose to spend the money because I wanted to spend it.

          My point was just that FFXIV isn’t going to cost me as much because I generally averaged around $30/mo in GW2, and FFXIV will be $15. Not trying to make a statement other than “$15/mo is not a big deal.”

    • Platypi007

      I don’t buy cocktails at the bar. Unfortunately, I do not have a full-time job so sub fee is a bit restrictive for me. But, I have already made the effort to eat at home more often so I can afford it. (Seriously, I’ll be saving about $100 a month by opting for something at home rather than a trip to a fast food place, limiting myself to going out to a restaurant with friends to once a week and fast food to less than that, and it’s a ton more healthy. So, one could argue that this game is SAVING me money and helping me stay healthy. That’s probably a stretch, but one could argue it!) Fortunately, that means I’ll be able to get a lot more enjoyment out of my monthly subscription! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Carlo

    Can finally enjoy the game whenever wherever. Was good to be patient but still cautious. I was wondering what exactly splitting up the Data Centers for the DF would imply. I saw the splitting and does that mean we get to be matched with less people? Although I have to admit I am queuing on shorter times but it could be because more people are doing what I’m doing or an effect of the split. Anyway, Cheers a great game that I for one will play for a long time ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      it’s less people, but it’s still thousands of people ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Carlo

        True. They just shutdown character creation again on my server, only two days ._.

  • Nadrojj

    Finally, given the surprising amounts of sales, Square Enix plans to strengthen its equipment and retail strategy for the game, especially in sight of the future release of the PlayStation 4 version, raising the projected marketing predictions in order to be prepared for a large influx of players and avoiding an encore of the same problems.

    That is huge.

  • Darqing

    great game!!! Amazing story and gameplay! <3

  • Pete

    Cool …. and it is still impossible to buy the digital download version. Well if you don’t want my money Square Enix … >.<'

  • MakoTheWolf

    I still can’t create a character. I woke up at 2AM and then again at 6AM EST and the servers were still full. Server queues make sense. Preventing people from creating characters makes absolutely no sense. Whoever decided this shouldn’t have a job.

  • kmb1223


  • XcmGT

    They should fire their prediction analysts…imagine how much money they are losing because they halted sales…

  • richard petrone

    error 90000 has been 12 hours of trying to log in and still cant, Good job guys keep up the shitty work

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  • john

    instead of trying thing smaller the should have made stability main priority instead of worlds i had the same experience