Hideo Kojima Explains Quiet, Blames Backlash on Cultural Differences, Details Metal Gear Solid V’s Themes (UPDATED)

In the past few days many, especially between the press (but even a few vocal developers), have criticized Hideo Kojima for his portrayal of Metal Gear Solid V‘s mute sniper Quiet, that some considered oversexualized and sexist due to her skimpy manner of dress.

Despite the backlash, the legendary developer doesn’t seem to be overly concerned and has no intention to go down without a fight as he just mentioned on Twitter, giving an interesting explanation on the design philosophy behind the character and on the themes supporting Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

I find very interesting how Kojoma-san turns the tables on the critics and tells us “This is exactly what I’m talking about.” One thing is for sure: no matter what you think of Quiet and of her peculiar fashion sense, it’s quite refreshing to see a developer that isn’t intimidated by backlash and criticism, and keeps marching straight on the path he marked for himself and his game.

Personally, my curiosity is piqued, and I can’t wait to play the game to learn the reasons behind Quiet’s exposure. Knowing Kojima-san’s games, it’ll be interesting.

Update: the post has been edited to replace the tweets in Japanese and my translation of them with Kojima-san’s own tweets containing his own English translation. The contents are the same, but of course Kojima-san’s own wording is more relevant. You can find the original tweets in Japanese here and here.

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  • Calvin Chikelue

    Hopefully, people will qwell themselves for a time and let the game come out before they deride Kojima

  • Adrian Larson

    So it is fine because he intended it to be misunderstood?

    MAYBE when people get off his nuts, they’ll realize he designed this over-sexualized character to SELL her as figures and fap material. Which he even admitted to previously.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Or maybe we should just play the game and see how the character actually is, instead of judging her on her dress and looks.

      • Splintee

        That is the first rule of Kojima Production games right.
        Rule number 1 never judge Kojima’s game without playing the game XD…

        Edit: Though Dragon’s Crown and other games are also under that rule..

      • ShadowDivz

        Or we could just judge her, nay the ENTIRE GAME based on this one character’s appereance. That seems to make more sense.

    • qt314

      Maybe you should stop being so moralistic about other people’s art and accept the reality that your subjective interpretations aren’t objective fact. What you see as “oversexualized and sexism” others may see as “beautiful and empowering”. Get over yourself.

    • anon

      You’re an idiot. She has camouflage-skin. That’s why she has to be dressed to near bare-minimum.

  • KuchikiSentou

    It’s these Americans who try to stifle the creativity of other people.
    I dont see developers decrying Mileena, Jade or Kitana’s costumes in Mortal Kombat.

    • Thomas Hale

      Developers, no. Fans and critics, certainly. Especially in recent years people have become more and more conscious about the ways in which women are portrayed in media, including games.

      • Mister Lister

        Some faggot from 343 (or do you mean real devs?) practically denounced Kojima.

      • KuchikiSentou

        It was devs that caused this controversy in the first place. The person from 343, or whatever. How long has he even been in the business. These people lack respect.
        “Critics” have no place in the industry. Certainly not to discuss political issues. All gaming websites should provide are release dates and trailers. The same sites would argue vehemently that the violence they so lovingly enjoy doesn’t have the adverse effect of desensitising players. You can stab people and rip their heads off in God of War, procure and murder prostitutes in GTA both to high and critical acclaim; and Metal Gear, which created a character like The Boss is getting criticized?

        This is a politically motivated attack, I’m sorry to call a spade a spade.

        Typical American double standard.

        • Anna

          Critics don’t have a place in the industry? Really? If games are going to be taken seriously they have to be open to criticism and discussion.

          • KuchikiSentou

            “Taken seriously” by whom?
            Who do we need to take us seriously? Does our existence, our ability to thrive hinge upon this imaginary construct?

          • Anna

            With gaming moving into a far more prominent forefront in today’s society it is, as a result, becoming less commonly viewed as a childish pursuit, which is a really good thing! However, if games are supposed to be viewed as artistic endeavours as well as things played for fun they have to be open to criticism. People hissing and spitting that a bad, impractical character design should be left alone and can’t be criticised make us all look like kids again.

          • Mildra

            I’d imagine the answer (though I don’t agree with the need) is mainstream circles and artistic circles. Personally, I find it as much a fool’s errand as wanting validation/acceptance from ANY social circle. To say nothing of “why” the industry needs that validation/maturity/etc. If history has taught me anything, pressuring art to be what a nebulous “society” wants it to be never ends well.

          • Man1cmanMario

            Actually, it kind of does. Allow me to illuminate: Halo is a popular franchise that was an INSTANT system-seller when the first *and still best, imo* game came out. As we all know, the franchise was created from the success of said game. Around the time of the second game’s release, it was unveiled that the American military had been working on armor almost based 100% off of the Master Chief’s (who is only the direct focus of 3 of the 7 Halo games in actuality).
            Another commonly-known fact is that several nations have been striving to construct machines that can do the things a Metal Gear can, such as hurl an untraceable nuke or fire a pressurized beam of water like a lazer cannon.
            In short, imagination is actually probably THE most important tool we can have, as it not only is where our creativity and ideas come from but it also inspires us to make those ideas a reality. That said, video games can be HUGE playgrounds for the birth of creativity and ideas for our imaginations.

        • Man1cmanMario

          Your reply seems to be a stereotypically-motivated attack. Americans aren’t the only ones who create and follow a double standard such as that, and not all Americans DO follow such a thing; I know no one in my family or vast network of friends DEFINITELY does anything like that.
          Being stereotypical like that makes you just as bad as the people you’re criticising.

          • KuchikiSentou

            I’m saying it’s American, because it comes from America,
            I’m saying it’s typical because this also happens in foreign politics. American foreign policy. Where it’s sourced from.
            The double standard is there for all to see. I think the people can understand that it’s not so personal a comment. You just need to consume information from a slightly different perspective.

            I’m just calling it like I see it.
            Nobody talks about the women in GTA who can only be interacted through sex and violence. Or Mileena/Kitana/Nitara’s costumes in Mortal Kombat. But they come out to call another designer’s work disgusting. Cortana’s design is fine because..?

          • Man1cmanMario

            For the record, btw, Both women and men are pretty equally mentioned in not only my own mind but also some of the other sites I go on (namely forums, FactPile and the works). Why does Hayabusa have the warrior’s outfit in NGIII? What “infiltration” is Ayane in for with that “Infiltration” attire? The Space Police in F-Zero wear skin-tight suits without armor because…?? And even the women you mentioned have popped up with such questions. The thing is, as far as I’m concerned at least, I don’t blow it up into some big controversial issue like everybody else does because I already have my own reservations on what’s acceptable and what’s not, and that’s good enough for me. That, and I’m able to get past such qualms and try to enjoy the actual games (if I weren’t able to, Ivy alone would’ve kept me WELL away from the Soul franchise and Soul Calibur games).

          • KuchikiSentou

            Ya, of course men are discussed, [RARELY] but the issue is not as blown as it is when it’s about women. Kratos stabbed a woman in Ascension and got a trophy there was controversy. But in God of War 3, he ripped off Helios’ head, tore off Hermes’ legs, gouged out Poseidon’s eyes etc, and nobody batted an eyelash.
            In Gears Judgement men and women got sawn in half etc but nobody said anything. This is why I say it’s double standards

    • it’s all about making ‘sense’.
      Mileena, Jade and Kitana made sense.
      have you even played MK arcade all the way to MK9?

      point is: Quiet is meant to be a soldier but she dresses like a hoe.
      It is contradictory.

      It’s like a police going for bank robbery bust yet dresses in towel and holds a pistol. wtf? it is logic and common sense he would be shot.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        “Mileena, Jade and Kitana made sense.”

        Just lol.

        • they are assassins you mongrel!
          they seduce their target with their attire which catches them off guard.

          play Dead or Alive 4 and watch Christie’s ending. That should give you better understanding to female being assassins.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Keep the excuses up mate. You’re providing my readers with entertainment 😀

          • Splintee

            The Circus must go on. XD

          • KuchikiSentou

            They seduce their targets? Lol, Are they not capable enough to deal violence without using sex as a weapon?
            Dude… go back and learn at the feet of Sarkeesian…
            or something.

          • i see you lack experience in ‘facts’.
            maybe all these game fictions is steering up your brain that you can’t tell what reality and fiction.

            i’m sure in your head, female soldiers do dress up like Quiet.

          • bob saget

            Quiet doesn’t exist. Quiet is also fiction.

          • KuchikiSentou

            I’m saying it’s a video game, and game designers can design their characters however they want. They shouldn;t be limited by Imperialist Americans whose freedom of expression has been crippled by their own media and are now trying to make sure that others conform to their standards of what’s acceptable.

            You haven’t tackled my Mileena/Jade/Kitana question. Because they are assassins and shouldn’t have to rely on their womanhood to achieve their objectives.

            The simple “fact” is this: The fact that Mileena hasn’t been called disgusting by American “critics” and developers, the fact that Kratos and wear just a skirt in 6-9 different videogames without anyone batting an eyelash exposes the typical American hypocrisy and double standards.

            After all, “sexism” only became an issue quite recently. I don’t recall anybody questioning Nevan’s design in Devil May Cry 3. Because it didn’t MATTER then; why should it matter now?

            If sexy video game characters are not allowed because “it’s immoral” then violence of any fashion shouldn’t be allowed, because that’s even MORE immoral.

          • KuchikiSentou

            What is so wrong with being sexy, may I ask?

            Do we see many male protagonists with pot bellies and man boobs?

            Why do you say that Quiet is a “hoe” because she dresses so? Is a “hoe” somehow less of a person than someone who isn’t?

            So what if she’s a “hoe”? You talked about violence being acceptable because Cain killed Abel [go figure], but didn’t Jesus dine with sinners?

            The days of the patriarchal notion of feminine humility of her body are long gone. A woman is free in today’s society to expose as much of her body as a man can. THAT is gender equality. So in reality, Quiet shouldn’t even be wearing a bra.



          • Joseph Lan

            Whoever said videogames (or movies, or television, or comics, or paintings, or music…) have to be 100% grounded in reality? This isn’t ArmA III.

            You’re such an idiot.

          • Franco Alessandro Marchetti

            Technically talking Millena is a Princess, the other is The EVIL CLONE, and the other…i don´t remember what she was.

      • Anonemouse

        You probably saw a still from Die Hard when he had a tank top and no shoes, and started complaining, when the game comes out there will probably be better context for why she is dressed ike this.

        • Joseph Lan

          Even if there IS no “deeper context” explaining why Quiet is dressed skimpily, that’s perfectly fine. There’s absolutely NOTHING inherently wrong with a character being sexualized in a work of fiction. You might argue that something is done in poor taste, but that would be your own subjective opinion. But just because you take offense to the way something is portrayed (or fake offense), does NOT mean it is categorically, universally wrong to all people.

          Even if Kojima designed a character to be sexy just for the sake of sexiness, aesthetics, and style, that doesn’t make it immoral. And if you DO indeed find any sexualization of human beings to be immoral, I highly suggest you attack the more severe roots of the problem instead (Penthouse, Playboy, Maxim, etc.).

    • Man1cmanMario

      Actually, I’m American and I say creativity in video games is lacking all over the world, but especially in western countries such as America. I’m not saying nothing creative ever comes out anymore, but we really need more of what we ARE getting! For years now, Asian countries have had GREAT and imaginative games such as ElSword, Monster Hunter, Fire Emblem, Bravely Default and the Ace Attourney series while we’re very lucky just to be getting ANY of those or the TecmoKoei Warriors franchise! A lot of the time, about the most creative things western developers come up with is a new shade of brown, angry grunt, gun to put in the game, costume, or online mode. We need changes to the actual game mechanics, too! We need more western developers like Retro Studios and Valve.

      • KuchikiSentou

        Mate I’m not saying one side of the world is more creative than the other.
        I’m simply saying one side of the world uses politics to attempt to control other people into carrying out what THEY think is ideal, stifling the very freedom of speech they claim. This is the double standard I’m talking about.

        Nobody in the game industry frowned at San Andreas when in the mission to rob Caligula’s castle you had to have sex with the manager simply for a key card, but they get mad at Mondo Zappa in KID, who sleeps with women for weapon parts. It’s called Gigolo Mode. Mondo is a prostitute who has sex for money (or upgrades as the case may be.). HE is the one who is the object, but the paternalistic Americans don’t see it that way and mark the game down for arbitrary reasons.

        It’s like me who has a problem with violence, marking down Halo, or Gears or whatever, because I don’t like violence.

        • Man1cmanMario

          You shouldn’t say “The Americans”, then; rather, you should say “The American Government”, or something. Some of us might take offense because you’re describing a rather Liberal PoV. Some of us (not just me, I’m sure) were raised in homes grounded in many of the original beliefs of our nation, however great or poor it may be. And yes, I am saying that America isn’t exactly the greatest place that has ever existed on Earth, nowadays.

          • KuchikiSentou

            What I stated was the fact. It’s a bit political, yes, but obviously I didn’t say it was all Americans who do that… I think you should try to construe my words in slightly less literal lights.

            The people who were calling somebody’s work disgusting were American, and that action is indeed reflective of recent foreign policy decisions taken by the country in question. I think it is a rather accurate analogue that I framed in that statement.

      • Evropi

        Man I lived in Turkey for a while, I wish artists there were not so scared to offend religious sensibilities. Unless you the status quo, everything is boring! It is that simple.

  • Splintee

    Kojima-san it seems that your trolling about Murica is always been effective as always XD…..
    I’d never doubt your Ideas..

  • Raiden365

    Sex appeal has self defense applications, especially on a battlefield of depraved male soldiers (see kunoichi).

    • Franco Alessandro Marchetti

      that was a century ago, now, is pretty useless when allt the artillery strike in all the way and you barelly can see or have the time to tell the difference.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        Clothes aren’t gonna do much against artillery. Just thought I’d let you know.

  • Tupac

    Critics getting BTFO

    Based Kojima-san

  • Nicholas Perry

    Critics, meh. They are OK with mindless violence and murder. But anything sexual, WHOAH watch out! That’s immoral!

    • we are used to violence, ever since Cain killed Abel.
      you win victory with battle.

      but with sexuality is no, degrading and no dignity.

      so yes anything sexual is immoral.

      • trhvmn
      • KuchikiSentou

        Sex doesn’t end lives.
        Sex can be carried out with consent, and without violence.

        You can’t murder somebody without violence, last I checked.

      • Calvin Chikelue

        OK yes you are joking

      • PrinceHeir

        you mean americans are used to violence.

        some people actually find violence more disturbing compared to sexuality.

        • which is why the gaming industry is at it’s low!
          increase in violence by adding so much blood which is not needed
          and over sexualizing women in their games.

          no one wants to be serious and change, they want to stick to the “aimed at teens”, as if mature gamers are teenage boys.

          • mariano guntin


        • Man1cmanMario

          Being stereotypical is also something that should be considered immoral when meant to be taken seriously, imo. I’m American and I think violence is just as bad as sexuality. I am also Protestant Christian and a martial artist, and I say that attacking with intent to harm is wrong. As a pastime and way of life, I admire sparring; I loathe gang violence, senseless killing, and physically threatening people who harmlessy disagree with you. I also hate seeing either sex being misrepresented in any way, shape, or form, sexually or otherwise.

          • mariano guntin

            if violence and sexuality is inmoral, and 0.00000001 cents where paid for that, united states would be in bankrupt. hollywood and porn studios are a heaven of violence and sex, real sex, for real violence you have other examples. guns everywhere.

            Violence is bad, but not always. Sex isn’t bad, but not good in extreme points.

            Movies and Video Games are the same and stories are part of them so like in books, it’s normal any content that concerns real world.

            it’s really of a low and IMMATURE mind to not understand this. and if it is an American mind it also is HYPOCRITICAL.

      • KuchikiSentou

        “We’re used to violence ever since Cain killed Abel”
        How were they made?
        Sex precludes violence, my boy. In fact there was no repercussion from God for Adam having sex with Eve.
        In fact Cain had sex with one of his sisters and God didn’t have a problem with it.

        I think your analogue is weak.

        • and how would they preserve humanity?
          how old are you? you are either a teenage or not just using enough I.Q

          please stop talking nonsense to me. At least use logic if you want to reply to me.

          • KuchikiSentou

            Mate, I reply only to people who spread rubbish while trying to mask it in liberal tripe.

            You said violence is fine whereas your bible analogy condemns killing, while sex is perfectly fine. Even your brother is allowed to have sex with your wife in certain circumstances. Gen 38:8.

            Point being you really can’t use the bible in these circumstances to justify violence. The Bible is super contradictory in this regard. David only sinned when he had sex with Uriah’s wife, but had killed “tens of thousands” as a youngster before he became king, despite “thou shalt not kill”? Leave that stuff at the door.

            Taking a life is more reprehensible than wearing a bikini in the Middle Eastern sun. FACT.

            If you don’t want video game characters to have sexy outfits, they shouldn’t make video games where you perform violent acts. Even Mario jumping on turtles is animal cruelty propaganda apparently.


          • Man1cmanMario

            Ah, something I think you may have overlooked, my friend is this: the Ten Commandments were actually really general rules that God laid out for his people to follow to the tee. Never did he say that there wouldn’t be cases where he would act out his judgement on others using someone else (who might not even have liked God). How do we know that all of David’s enemies weren’t God’s targets? Besides, David wouldn’t have been the only person God used to execute those who’d turned against him; there were other people in the Bible. It was really in the New Testament that the number of Christians who killed seemed to die down.

          • KuchikiSentou

            Killing is wrong plain and simple.

          • Man1cmanMario

            Well, I never said that it was right, to begin with; I’m just saying sometimes it takes a sin to prevent other bad things from happening. I don’t approve of killing, but there are times when it can’t be helped. If I had my way, the world would have respectful practitioners of the martial arts who would spar against each other to test their body’s fitness and their technique. We all know that would never happen, though, as humans sadly have a natural inclination towards violence. The world is also not black-and-white, however.

          • KuchikiSentou

            I think a sin is a sin. That is what morality is. Telling a lie to save a life is also a sin. The minute you start to make exceptions, the focus is lost. Killing is bad, whether you save one life in the process, or 100 lives. So if we can accept killing, I think we can accept somebody who wears a bikini while she does it.

          • Man1cmanMario

            I think we are now just saying the same thing as each other. XD Let me just say this: moral topics like this are why I enjoyed the series “Trigun” as much as I did. I think that seriesvhad a lot of good discussion material in it and (imo) some great lessons to learn.

          • Man1cmanMario

            Btw, one ironic thing is how we’re talking about violence and killing in general on a page discussing Metal Gear. The first Metal Gear Solid (aka Metal Gear 3) actually made me feel bad for killing my opponents (“You enjoy the killing, that’s why!” – Liquid Snake, telling Solid Snake they’re the same kind of soldier). Since then I’ve only been tranquilizing, knocking out, or sneaking around my enemies altogether if I can help it. Not just in Metal Gear, either.

      • mariano guntin


    • Dotpols

      I think it’s more because of how stupid and contrived it is… Put booty in your game if you want (GTA manage it in a way that works in their universe), but if you make your booty a super soldier who likes to shower with the main character and put her snatch in his face whenever you’re on a chopper ride together, then you ought to at least be honest about what you’re doing, rather than coming up with some BS about “she breathes through her skin and can’t wear clothes!”

      It’s just so embarrassingly juvenile that it’s hilarious in all the wrong kinds of ways.

  • benbenkr

    Lol western gamers just need to find something every week to bash on isn’t it? You’re fine with hookers in GTA5 (oh don’t deny that you aren’t going to try humping them to regenerate your health!) but not a character who has reason to be dressed as so?

    Damn double standards you guys.

    • qt314

      Tumblr feminists aren’t “gamers” really. Relax.

    • because it makes sense? do you know any city where hookers don’t exist?
      if you can name me one, then you should be able to name me a soldier who goes to war half naked.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        Actually soldiers went to war half naked for several centuries. But I would not expect a pundit to know history 😀

        • Guest

          You sound like a pretentious douche in nearly all your comments, check yourself buddy.

        • Franco Alessandro Marchetti

          Several Centuries is the “code word” now, is stupid, because, the problem with actual combat is they spot you, you are more probable to…well get shooted and be dead. So, we make forms of camouflage, and have your soldiers with the capacity of more movement possible. In some century ago, you need movement to maneuver and to transport, but when you get to the place, they divide his regiments in ligth and heavy and ranged ones, make the preparations(with some troops only to use to maintain the equip,men in some regions like china), because and armor can save you that life in that century.

          So using the historical thing here´s is irrelevant, because….well…the requeriments of war are changed, and soo what the soldier wear. And what that soldier wear ( a maked top with TIGTHS HAMPER PANTS), not make sense in the context of this or near future time.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            First of all, we alren’t talking about “Now”.

            Secondly, we aren’t talking about a regolar soldier in a regular operative condition, so until we know the situation and her background precisely, your whole spiel is meaningless and baseless.

      • benbenkr

        Oh because it makes sense!

        Yeah bro, how do you know Quiet wouldn’t make sense wearing like that before you even play the game? Are you telling us you’re from the future or something?

        Hookers wouldn’t have made sense to you when you were 3 years old before you were told by your parents why they’re dress like that and what they’re doing.

        Stop trying to be a smart ass.

      • Vozhd

        General Butt Naked, as his name implies, always went completely naked into battle.

  • qt314

    If video games are ever going to be considered “art” it’s going to need more people like Kojima. Not necessarily because MGS is a particularly deep narrative (though it can be at times), but because he actually has the spine and integrity to stand by his work and not let it be molded and figuratively raped by shallow people who are only out to propagate a political agenda.

    Gaming journalism is convinced that the only way for games to evolve into an art is for them to be politically correct, inoffensive, and uncontroversial. But that’s the complete opposite of how literally every artistic medium has become what it is today. Artistic and creative mediums evolve because of people with Kojima’s attitude, not people with the press’s attitude.

    • Anonemouse

      I agree these people do nothing, I imagine most wouldn’t be bothered by Greek statues or art depicting sex. If a dev made something like The Birth of Venus into a video game people would be trying to get it censored.

    • ThereWasGuy

      Kojima said himself he doesn’t think video games are art.

      • bo jackson

        Famously and wrongly quoted all the time. You have to read the whole article to understand what Kojima meant by that.


        He believes video games are a vehicle to drive the art that is inside of it.

        • mariano guntin

          Also kojima had a thinking in the 2008 and now he might changed his mind, to sell more games or something like that he said. Kojima is human now, he do mistakes. The sex appeal isn’t one. Some one gay or stupid could complain about sexy womens in a videogame when in movies or every media, art or entertaiment is a nude female or even having sex. Look at spartacus blood and sand. I’m a big boy , it isn’t like the whole game was with sexy whores in thong everywhere in the map.

    • CarlEmmoth

      The problem is that this is shitty art.

  • The Last Devastator

    Based Kojima
    stick it to the murricans

    • heyyoooo

      I’mma murican and Kojima can stick it to me all da- wait.

  • Mitchings

    A scantily clad, liberally dressed woman with large breasts is just as viable a character as a short, frumpy woman with glasses and a cardigan. It is the artists/creators right to implement whatever character they wish.

    The feminists and such are ironically the ones who are sexualising this and judging the character by the outer shell before they’ve seen the character in the context of the narrative; overreacting and attracting more people to the bandwagon — good little white knights who wanna be liked or others who just want to try and seem grown up or part of something..

    ..Often reinforcing a hateful attitude towards real life characters who are sexually liberal; often being called ‘sluts’ or ‘whores’ just because they embrace their physicality and/or sexuality; which not everyone has to do; but what everyone has a right to do.

    • Franco Alessandro Marchetti

      I love when people critic one argument in a paragraf, and in the next they use the SAME FREAKING ARGUMENT!!!!(you are a feminist, and all the mens that are agree , is only sad people who wants to get laid….yeahhhh). The problem is not the top really(because it see like is maked with the rest of a shirt or something), the problem are they pant´s….why one warrior they gonna use some really tigth pants????, in a HOT PLACE….and for the record hinders your movement…the logic thing is…ripping off the low parts of the pants, and convert that clothe in shorts, that make more movement, gave you some material to use like ropes, or other things. And the problem is not just this design, is for example some changes in the designs of some characters. And with a hand in your heart,this type of design is used too often, and some use of the females like PLOT DEVICES, and some harrasment online is happens too frequently to women, and….Is a pretty big snowball that…probably need to adress a litte. That really for me only justify lazy writting/drawing/design…for bucks.

    • Nicholas Perry


    • Joseph Lan

      I bet many of these women complaining are just jealous that they aren’t as attractive to the opposite sex as the porn stars, centerfolds, and videogame characters whom they loathe.

  • Jimmy Russell

    This man is a monster, I hope someone has the courage to stand up to him.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Luckily, he has the courage to stand up to the pundits.

      • Jimmy Russell

        you sound like the kind of victim blaming misogynist that would love this kind of thing, whats wrong? no girl will go near you so you direct your frustrations out on digital women?

        • qt314

          You’re cruisin’ for a rusin’

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          “he disagrees with me, so he must not have a girlfriend”

          Ah, the lovely smell of someone that doesn’t have an argument.

          • Jimmy Russell

            It’s just that from experience the type of guys who hate women are the kind that are usually ignored by them.

          • Calvin Chikelue

            Do you honestly think that people who make and or like sexy or sexualized characters mean that they just plain hate women? You can’t surely because that would be insane.

          • Krysanthia

            Giuseppe gets all the ladies, what with hes many outstanding features.
            That accent alone is adorable. 🙂

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            Haha, thanks *blushes*

    • Stand up to what exactly?

  • anyone played MGS4?
    those bosses, if you can remember, that black guy explains the girl bosses back story and why they became that way.

    so i guess it would be similar to quiet. She must have been raped and abused or some sort. That is why she dresses like that.

    regardless of what torture she went through it is RETARDED to dress like that.
    it’s like a man dressed in tuxedo and putting on a 5 Star General Badge and he says he’s going to WW5.

    Quiet: bra+ torn tights+thongs= hoe
    not a soldier. Just change the damn design man.
    it gives this industry a poor face.

    • qt314

      Maybe it isn’t the game for you. Quit trying to co-opt artistic integrity.

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      Actually what gives the industry a poor face is the amount of punditism we see lately, with people trying to impose their moral/social/political/aesthetical values on developers and artists.

      That’s what’s really shameful and should be frowned upon.

      • sometimes giving creative freedom to do what they want can be dangerous.
        remember the misworded hit about Lara Croft being raped in Tomb Raider?
        now if you gave the devs freedom and they decide to make Lara get raped.
        do you think it would be appropriate or not? or would you call it creative?

        there is going far and then there’s crossing the line.
        Quiet just crossed the line, she needs to go back to the bunker and hide her body before she gets headshot or shot to the breast.

        • Giuseppe Nelva

          It’s not your call to decide where the line is. Please, do get over yourself and your paranoia.

          • ask a doctor to check you out.
            pressing the thumbs down button does not make you win an argument, it means you are still losing.

          • Giuseppe Nelva

            “he disagrees with me, so he must be sick”

            Again, i can smell your lack of arguments all the way from here 😀

        • qt314

          “sometimes giving creative freedom to do what they want can be dangerous.”
          Heard it here first, folks. Creative expression can be a “danger”.

    • Pete090

      Nobody complains when James Bond dresses in a tux to inflitrate a terrorist organisation. Why do games have to suddenly be true to life? If you insist her attire is unrealistic, I don’t think the franchise is for you anyway. Spoiler Alert : Mechs, colour change skin, psychic powers, and a man who lives on through his severed arm.

      Don’t bring realism into this. It is a heavily stylised game.

  • mus1CKFps

    i honestly don’t see this as a problem its Kojima sans Creativity that makes him the best just because some faggot from 343 says something doesn’t mean its true look at the character from halo cartana or whatever her name was MGS5 Will be 1000x better then halo 5 and this is a fact people who claim this is Sexist need to build a bridge and get over it

    • Franco Alessandro Marchetti

      The design of cortana, is…a little more original, you can see the evolution of the IA cross the series, and the boobs are…NORMAL(a rarity in video games, with gravity proof boobs, and with really big boobs like the rule), and is filled with really cool and unique details, like the circuits like things is his neck, and make cortanna mor ehuman like is was a total win, because…well in this game she experience some fellings, soooo, is not a CRAZY IDEA, to make that she look more human…..Soooooo

      • Pete

        Quiet’s boobs look pretty normal too. Plus MGS games have always had really deep, emotional back stories to their characters. I’m really struggling to understand why you are implying Cortana is justifiably naked, because of some weak story arc (AI that begins to feel emotions – original too, what were you saying?), unless you have never played a MGS game?

  • Vozhd

    You know, i’m old enough to remember then this kind of absurd moralistic criticism of video games were written by people that had nothing to do with the industry or the hobby and didn’t knew better ( politicians, mother/father groups, religious leaders, etc ) and here we are, 15 years later and to my suprise this kind of infantile and ignorant behaviour was picked up by people who make games themselves and who, hilarously, claim they are trying to make gaming “grow up”.
    Keep up the good work Kojima.

    • Franco Alessandro Marchetti

      Penny Arcade, Kotaku, and some other “game pages”, adress the problem of sexism, racism, and violence quite a while….soooooooo. Your argument is invalid. At least you are impliying that penny arcade is not a GAMER page.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        You didn’t exactly bring forth the greatest examples of journalistic integrity.

      • PrinceHeir

        lol Penny Arcade and Kotaku XD

        seriously isn’t that the site that makes shitty comics who thinks they’re funny?

        funny how they’re Dragon’s Crown comic strip really showed how double standard bias idiots that they are.

        and don’t even bring Kotaku here please.

        i don’t think it needs to be said anything about that site’s “integrity”

      • Vozhd

        Penny Arcade was months old 15 years ago, Kotaku didn’t even existed.

        Gaming jornalism back then was as amateuristic and silly as today, but was about actually informing ( or misinforming ) the buyer, not a depressing bad attempt at social justice.

    • Joseph Lan

      It’s all part of the greater, overarching movement in today’s society; a trend towards extreme political correctness/oversensitivity, and a holier-than-thou attitude of self-entitlement. I.e., the idea that EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING a person (or special interest group) finds offensive should be silenced or censored.

  • PrinceHeir

    so it went from Dragon’s Crown, then Killer is Dead, then Lightning Returns FFXIII, and now MGSV.

    funny how most western journalist and devs are the only one bitching about this.

    guess they can’t see the hypocrisy they’re creating.

    shoot people in the head, tons of bloods gushing all around, ribs and bones getting splattered, cursing words every moment A-Ok!

    but as soon as it’s something to do with sexuality oh boy please this is “disgusting”!!!!

    “protect the children from this filth”

    i’ll never understand this stupidity from some of this people.

    • Franco Alessandro Marchetti

      They,addres the theme of extreme violence a little of time in every journalism page of video games that i know(like penny arcade). soooooooo your example is very poor. And is not something, are GENERATION, AFTER GENERATION of consoles, with the same thing, and same plot devices…and people now is probably getting a little tired of the OVER-USE of some pretty cheap resources in games. More now that they want to Mature.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        Or maybe they just know that this kind of hot button issue will brings you the clicks they crave.

      • ShadowDivz

        So… sexuality is over used but mindless violence isn’t?
        Looks at COD franchise. Thank god, they re-invent the wheel every time.

  • PrinceHeir

    I’m glad Suda51, Kojima, Geroge Kamitani and others are standing up to these kind of bullshit.

    we don’t want some stupid censored games just because some random douchebags made a fuss about it online.

    • Franco Alessandro Marchetti

      Nobody is talking about censoring nothing, but the free of speech, make that i can have a opinion about everthing that i want, and you can have a debate with me about that opinion, and go on. And a game that i remember NEVER get censored, even the most horrendous like the cowboy raping indians of the atari…so i don´t see what is the fuzz with this argument. But if you make something that some people thing is bad, you are gonna have some fuzz about it, and you can or not read it, or have some argument with them.

      • Giuseppe Nelva

        Actually the history of gaming is full of games that got censored or banned. In some countries more than others.

        You seem rather concerned about your freedom of speech, but not about a developer’s freedom of expression and creativity.

      • PrinceHeir

        uh ALOT of games and other medias are actually getting censored since the 90s.

        religious references, toning down the sexuality, game covers, switching up the names.

        Mugen Souls, Shin Megami Tensei games, and VN games(the recently released My Heart had wings for example)

        heck even in manga Claymore was censored in the first 1-3 volumes(they seem to stop this after that)

        heck some people can’t even believed they managed to localize Senran Kagura series or how Dead or Alive series gets away with it(which i’m glad they did)

        you just don’t know it because Violence is okay in the west(at least in America), but not sexuality.

        i suggest you research some more and see how alot of games don’t make it in the west because the publishers are afraid of these hypocrites attacking them.

  • Anonymous

    Thank god, a developer that stands by his work. So sick of these people thinking their opinions or feelings should be put above someones hard work and creativity. Kojima is a real man.

  • Anastasia Nicholai

    The debate on her dress and on how females are portrayed – you guys can argue it until the earth stands still. Personally, I am going to patiently wait. Kojima has provided us with a fantastic, long running series with interesting characters and adventures based on real world history and technological advances. And for those of us curious about the characters we barely know and have only gotten a small bit of detail, he continues to fill in the blanks and tell the stories others are afraid to tell. Kojima and Konami’s work with Metal Gear is a rare gem in the video game world of rehashes, remakes, and ultimately the same concepts repainted and re-released. I plan to wait and see what he has in store instead of arguing the whole “women are sex objects if they wear anything exposing more than children need to see”. The problem with that arguement is: in this day and age, with the internet, anyone can take anything and sexualize it – even if it isn’t meant to be, someone will make it so.

    My final note: Kojima. I’ll be patiently waiting.

  • Kogurinrinrin.

    People concerned about child soldiers being portrait in the game: 0

    • Calvin Chikelue

      Our industry can only deal with one hot button at a time.

    • ShadowDivz

      Everyone knows violence is okay.

  • KuchikiSentou

    Kojima is a true visionary.
    I don’t see anybody as creative and aswily as this human being. With the whole Mogren rouse, now this…
    People aren’t thinking as much as this man is. They all just wait for the next CoD or FIFA to come out, or in the case of devs try to match CoD numbers. Or garner attention on twitter in both cases, or views and comments in review sites for “controversial reviews” (a la Polygon)

    People need to think more; to reason more, to be exact.

  • KuchikiSentou

    I am just glad that there are people who see this “controversy” for what it is.
    It gives me hope; it gives me joy that there are people who can actually reason beyond what is told to them.

  • Kamille

    he said the other day that the reason she looks like that is for the cosplayers, which mean that he could have made her look less like a stripper or a hooker. This is not an artistic direction you know, this is just business.


    Even if Quite can change the color of her skin, why can’t she have some camouflage pants instead of fishnet leggings and a bikini?

    • Giuseppe Nelva

      That report is (unsurprisingly) inaccurate. He’s talking not about Quiet, not about “some CharacterS”, but specifically about another character that has not been announced yet.

      • Kamille

        how do you know he’s not including her when he says “characterS”? Just give it up and admit that the people complaining have a point even if you don’t agree with it.

        You guys are refusing straight up logic with plain old fashioned fanboyism.

  • Dio Brando

    This is why we love you Kojima. 343 has no say in the matter *cough* Cortana *cough*

  • PrinceHeir

    i also find it funny on how they concentrate too much on Quiet’s wardrobe instead of other things like Paz extracting the bomb from her organs, child soldiers being killed by Snake,

    Limbs cut and being horrified, torturing Quiet and a handicapped Heuy.

    but nope let’s all concentrate on a fictional female’s wardrobe because that’s the “main” problem of the game

    gotta love that double standards!!

  • SHokoa

    No! I mean.. DESGIN man. DESIGN!… where the talks about ‘themes’ comes from.

  • Gillium

    Are we really this sensitive as a community or is it just a vocal minority who create all these social justice controversies? I’d like to think it’s the latter.

  • Mildra

    It speaks volumes, I think, that the primary counterargument to a character like quiet’s appearance (to say nothing of the crux of the complaints is ABOUT said appearance) amounts to nothing more than a shaming tactic. Especially since said tactics about how developers should act/speak/design/censor/etc. are all about ‘feelings’ rather than facts, specifically their feeling of discomfort in art and how said discomfort should be grounds for censorship because someone might take offense.

    And yet in the same breath, they would condemn people like Jack Thompson and Patricia Pulling for using the exact same tactics, just with different words.

  • raiden

    first they should see cortana,then if she is fine they can talk about master kojima
    i hate them before,now i hate them more(i mean microsoft studios)

  • gimmeareason

    ok, if Quiet’s dressup has a plotline, and not just for the sake of being sexy, then it’s alright with me.

  • Anna

    I’m looking forward to seeing how they can legitimise such an impractical character design. I mean, in terms of sheer functionality it makes no sense. That bikini top doesn’t fit, who the hell wears tights by themselves?! The only suitable things she’s wearing are boots. I understand this isn’t real but come on guys, this is ridiculous.

    Not only that, but it’s really irritating to see another scantily dressed woman prancing around for no other reason than to sell figurines and shift extra copies to teenage boys. Women buy and play games too, y’know. There’s quite a lot of us. It’s shooting themselves in the foot a bit.

    Either way, I’m hoping that through some miracle they will actually provide a sensible reason as to why this has been included. It’s only been a couple of weeks since the whole Suda51 thing, which was, quite frankly, even worse. Mmmmm, rubbish female characters ahoy.

  • I still think Quiet is prolly a post op transsexual, which would make a lot of everything make more sense.

  • Sakuya Ookochi

    And so no one is going to bring to attention that the real problem at hand is not that it’s a exposed female soldier, but children soldiers being used in this game far beyond the spectrum allowed in previous games. Overall, I’m just sayin’ that there’s a bigger problem than someone’s ass and tits exposed– not like 85% of the fans hasn’t seen them. Weither it be the internet or inrl.

    • Clayton Azzopardi

      So what you’re saying is that only movies can cover controversial material? Yes, there will be child soldiers.. so what? It’s a reality in the world. Not talking about it doesn’t make it magically go away.

    • Shaman McLamie

      The problem isn’t the sexual content itself, but that it feels terribly misplaced in a Metal Gear Solid game. It looks over the top and ridiculous. The reason no one is making a fit about child soldiers is they do fit into the setting of the story. Which often touches on war and conflict and it’s tragedies such as Child Soldiers and the subject has been touched on in many past games going back to Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.

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  • mariano guntin

    Hideokojima was someone who i admired, much more than any one other in gaming and almost everything. Because of his games and how he did that games.

    But now, he changed. He doesn’t care about keeping the “controls” and the gameplay of the old metal gears like he did until 4. Now he said that “times are different” and he do something for the people, or the people he thinks is better or more profitable. That is why he is making a MGS with Call of Duty elements, core elements, like health and items. I saw how snake is receiving shoots froms many enemies for a long time period and nothing happens to him. Kojima said that times and people need this change, that is sad, because it’s PROVEN wrong. Frist Resident Evil is a example of failure in this. Second, people isn’t stupid and is asking for good games, many people demand old school games. Many games to come this year and later are going back to the roots of old school gaming. The Witcher 3 is one example, Dark Souls 2 another, The Evil Within. Pillars of eternity (baldurs gate people), so…. kojima thinks that mgs must be a “call of duty” or a “GTA”? Kojima betrayed himself, not the people how he said “you can’t please everyone, so i betray the mg fans to sell more games for casual american kids”. Nice huh?
    Also he say strange things lately, is weird. I don’t get it…. a smart guy, an artist…. it’s really sad this, i feel sorry for him.

  • Shaman McLamie

    I’m not against female characters being sexy. I get Sex Sells, but there is a point where it gets over the top, to the point of being distracting and ridiculous and this outfit just seems misplaced for the kind of game MGS sets up. I wasn’t too concerned when I noticed the Quiet in the trailers, but when I saw the full image I was like WTF? I had just assumed she took off the top part of her fatigues, or something, but when I saw her full render I couldn’t help, but think how ridiculous that outfit looked.

  • Al

    This guy is a misogynistic moron. He basically wrote the whole “she has to breath through her skin” bullshit into the story as an excuse to have a naked female running around for no real reason.