We Can Expect Something BIG from Sony Japan’s PS4-Focused Conference on Monday

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia is going to hold a press conference on Monday at 3 PM Japan time. During the conference they’re expected to announce the release date of the PS4 in the Asian region, but there’s probably more to it than meets the eye.

The local release date of the PS4 is definitely relevant news, but it’s definitely something pretty much limited to local relevance. Despite the importance of the juicy Japanese market, most western gamers would simply shrug and move on when told the street date of a console in nations that have nothing to do with them.

Yet, Sony is not only livestreaming the conference on the PlayStation Blog, but it’s also providing a translation in English. That’s a very interesting fact, especially if you consider that the west already had three relevant conferences focused on the PS4 this year: the PlayStation Meeting in February, Sony’s keynote at E3 and the presser at Gamescom.

In addition to that, the timing is also relevant. 3 PM on a Monday means that a whole lot of the Japanese gamers that should be the primary target of that conference will be at work or in their classroom at school. On the other hand 3 PM in Japan translates to 2 AM on the east coast of the United States, 11 PM on the west coast, 7 AM in the UK and 8 AM in Central Europe. It’s basically the best compromise Sony could make in order to have the biggest global audience possible.


This can mean only one thing: While Japan is probably going to finally know when it’ll receive the most anticipated (at least locally) new console, there has to be more, and it has to be big enough to persuade Sony not only to broadcast the conference internationally, but also to translate it simultaneously and to compromise on the timing to accommodate every region.

Whoever organized an event of this kind knows that simultaneous translation in itself is normally considered a rather sizable liability, as it forces the hosts to follow the script more strictly in order to facilitate the translation itself, and not only limits the room for improvisation, but also for recovering if everything doesn’t go as planned. And the E3 conferences proved to the whole world that when you depend on technology and streaming, things do happen to go wrong from time to time.

Ultimately broadcasting the conference to the whole world in a language that the whole world can understand would be a very big marketing faux pas if international viewers were exposed to a string of content that doesn’t touch them directly and that they’ll very possibly never be able to play.

Some could think that it’s to give international viewers a chance to check out new trailers of games that will be released internationally, but you don’t need to understand the language in order to enjoy trailers, so simultaneous translation would not be needed.

If we consider all the elements listed above, it’s most probable that Sony plans to actually announce something that not only will be very relevant in itself, but that will also be relevant to international users. Since I don’t hold Michael Pachter’s Crystal Ball of Prophecy +5, I can’t really predict what that “something” will be specifically, but it has to be something big enough to require a live announcement made with all the fanfare and frills instead of a simple official blog post or press release.

Yakuza Ishin12

As a partly related side note, today Yakuza producer Toshihiro Nagoshi announced that we’ll know more about the upcoming Yakuza Ishin on the same day as the conference. It’s almost safe to assume that it’ll be at the conference. Most think that we’ll never see that game in the west, but I’d wait before counting it out. Unlike the main chapters of the Yakuza franchise, Ishin will be self-contained, so it won’t require playing Yakuza 5, that unfortunately has never been localized and will probably never be.

In addition to that, Sony isn’t new to pushing the localization of games that wouldn’t otherwise ever be localized in order to beef up the early line-up of a new console. Remember Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire for the PS3?

While this most probably isn’t big enough to warrant the international broadcasting and simultaneous translation of the conference, the possibility of it making it westwards does exist.

In the end, we’ll have to wait and see what Sony Computer Entertainment has in store for us all, but unless someone had way too much sake before taking the decision, all the elements laid before us point to the possibility that on Monday we’re going to hear something relevant enough to make someone at Sony think that we have to hear it, live, in a language we all can understand. 

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  • Vrrumdri

    What could it be? New games? A localization for the new console? This has peaked my interested…a little.

    • foureyes oni

      this has peaked my interest a lot. I hope they have some surprise games.

      • Vrrumdri

        Given that I live in the British Isles, I will be asleep for much of the conference floor show. Still, I’ll be able to get the news later on, when everything’s nice and clear. Hope you can enjoy it though, and hope you find something to make you dance around the room in excitement.

        • foureyes oni

          i’ll be at work when this conference airs, gotta love that night shift.

  • Nekrim

    Maybe they revised the console’s hardware at the last minute and will announce the new ( More powerful ) specs ? Yeah I know, wishful thinking :/

    • foureyes oni

      OMG if that happened i would just die laughing especially after hearing all the upclocks from the xbox one and the ps4 not being %30 more powerful.

      • Megaman

        What if the X1 was more powerful then the PS4???Alot more???dont reply until the end of this month… 🙂

        • NeoTechni

          Its not. Devs have said so.

          • Megaman

            Hahaha u think devs have the final drives???…only 3 major company’s have the final drives….you’ll find out soon my friend

          • NeoTechni

            2 months from launch? Yes they have final hardware. Games should be going gold at this point

          • Megaman
          • NeoTechni

            A livejournal? Try harder. Like, real evidence harder

            Even the livejournal isn’t backing up your claim!
            It says nothing about devs not having the final hardware. It CLAIMS they don’t have a final SDK. And that’s a big difference.

          • Megaman

            Talk is cheap action speaks louder then words so when time comes get back to me 🙂 ps…your not that smart

          • NeoTechni

            “Talk is cheap action speaks louder then words”

            Yes, hence why your link was garbage. Not only was it not from an accredited source, but it didn’t back up your claim.

            “your not that smart”

            It’s “you’re”, by the way. If you’re going to insult someone’s intelligence, your grammar should be correct…

          • Megaman

            You sound really mad…Lmfao my grammar really….dam it’s tru what everybody says about these comment sections ….so much loosers…..it’s ok don’t get mad…time will tell what’s tru an what’s not an I hope u come back to me an then tell me how u feel

          • NeoTechni

            “You sound really mad”

            How did you get that impression? I’ve been more polite to you, than you have been to me.

          • FistofLore

            Ha ha ha! The link you provided is from a guy who has been desperately trying to talk up the X1 for months. Every time he gets debunked he moves onto some new hopeful fantasy. Your in for a big let-down.

          • Mike Norris

            Lol i read that post,the guy is going on his theory with no real proof.I just don’t see MS doing that many changes in the time frame they had.Hell they are already building the console.

          • Mike Norris

            ”Talk is cheap” Your the one grasping to whatever fanboy rumor you can find.Certain developers have already said Ps4 is the more powerful console.NDA’s are holding back,Cpu performance for a console is overrated unless you are trying to do background tasks.Console does not equal a Pc,the whole reason to own a console is for it’s ease of use and it’s power to cost ratio.If you want a media center buy a Pc,if you want top tier first party/third party games you buy a Ps4/”Pc for third party games”

  • Gavin

    Definitely Japan’s release date… but maybe Last Guardian will appear? If not there, maybe at TGS.

    • forfrosne

      Damnit, you’ve gone and got me hyped about that game again. The games you play with my emotions Sony…

    • Moe B

      wait… whe is TGS going to be?

      • Guest

        Sep. 19 – 22. Interesting that Sony’s giving its own presentation beforehand.

        • Moe B

          THANK YOU!! and it would definitely do me good… I’m so hungry for some news! can’t wait 10 more days… bad enough I gotta wait two more months :p

          • Guest

            I hoped the Sony conference has satiated your appetite. 🙂 That is, until TGS comes around!

          • Moe B

            Ow believe me… If TGS just opens with the last guardian for 10 minutes then everybody just walks away I’ll be a Happy man! Thing is… Sony is now getting into the habit of being awesome! so 8 more days to go :p I hope it’s not gonna be at 9 though :$ might have to skip class.

  • Starblind

    I wouldn’t get too excited. I might be wrong, but I could of sworn Sony linked a live stream from the PSBlog, and a translation at one point during the TGS, might have been recently, might have been a few years ago. I can’t recall if there was any big announcement at that time.

    Overall I just expect this to be another peak at the PS4 to keep gamers interested. Different footage of games you already knew about, and there will probably be some new game(s) that we don’t know about, but I can’t imagine it being anything too crazy that will make people who aren’t interested in the PS4, be interested after the show.

    • foureyes oni

      oi don’t be a buzz kill.

      • Starblind

        The more you expect something, the more you’ll be disappointed if expectation isn’t reached. I’m looking forward to the show, just saying, you might wanna relax.

    • Mike Norris

      Deep Down gameplay will be shown,i have no clue what else will be shown.That said this can only helps Sony,keeping Ps4 fresh on everyones mind.

  • EX+

    After this conference, the Xbone will be beyond DOA in Japan.

    • RandomUser2yr29387

      Even without this conference it never would have a chance.

  • KuchikiSentou

    Sony has always been global-minded much more than its primary competitor.

  • Splintee

    If I heard new Digital Devil Saga(Spiritual Successor) announcement I will save a puppy!

    • foureyes oni

      and i’d help ya.

  • yojimbo

    Final fantasy 14 Realm reborn free in Japan!! Deep down demo with 4-8 co-op gameplay? It’s crazy just thinking about the great japanese games out there!

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  • Guest

    The conference was disappointing.
    What was the something big?
    Surely not the vita tv thing?
    Useful yes, but not for me just now.

    I hoped they meant ps4 big news….oooft.
    I’ve ordered a ps4 based on planetside 2, warframe, ac4bf inc extra content and upcoming infamous second son…I hoped for deep info on the ps4 camera and its voice/movement tracking.
    Deep down got a small showing and I have no idea about what I saw.

    Majorly underwhelmed…but still getting ps4 over past announcements and gpu/ram etc.

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