Sony Announces PlayStation Vita TV, a PS Vita that Attaches to Your TV

I recently wrote that Sony Computer Entertainment was going to announce something big at the SCEJA press conference today, and indeed they did, even if it isn’t what most expected. They just unveiled a very surprising version of the PlayStation Vita: the PlayStation Vita TV.

It’s basically a PlayStation Vita that isn’t portable, but is instead a mini-console to be played on your TV with a DualShock 3 controller. It will also work as a companion device for the PlayStation 4, allowing you to play PS4 games on a different television in another room via remote play.

It will be released in Japan on November the 14th, and will cost just over 100 bucks including taxes. It’s worth mentioning that not all PS Vita titles are guaranteed to work with the PS Vita TV, because of the lack of a touch screen and read touch pad, as specified in the official fact sheet, that you can find here.

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  • William Trengove

    I’m definitely buying this…All those portable games I can now play with a PS3 controller? Maybe now I’ll be able to play Dissidia Duodecium Final Fantasy a lot better xD

    • spideynut71


    • You could have done that with a PSPGo.

      • William Trengove

        I’m still glad I never bought that when it came out

  • spideynut71

    Wait, I thought TV + gaming was stupid, useless, and not cool. That’s right…this isn’t MS, my bad. SMH….

    • J Fito

      Wait.. So the parents (I guess) and the kid and his friends are using the PS4 at the same time? Even if the “parents” are watching a movie?

      Edit: sorry bout that. Didn’t mean to hit that reply button.

      • fairus

        dont think so, notice that teenager switch on his ps4 when he want to play

        • JimmyNice

          yeah… basically saying there are PS Vita TV’s on both the main room Television and the Television the teenagers go to… so the Parents are watching Elysium streaming from a service with the PS Vita TV in their room… and the teenagers are streaming the PS4 game to the PSVita TV in the other room… is anyone else concerned though that the young girl is watching Elysium with the parents while the teenagers play Knack… the realism just seems a bit off.

  • Nice knowing ya, Ouya.

    Also, I guess making a Component Out and tethering a PS3 controller like they did with the PSPGo was too much effort. Or they’d rather get $100 for functionality that a previous system had….

    Can we talk about how much Sony and Nintendo are going in opposite directing with their handhelds?

  • Al_Zamora

    There is a lot of potential here. Look out Apple TV

  • Dexter Morgan

    looks really awesome

  • AlilTussin187

    It’s a great OPTION but of course you’re gonna have those who complain. Never fails. Don’t like it then don’t buy it. Don’t really care for handhelds so now I can enjoy even more games instead of buying a Vita. More games to play=terrible idea to some of you. Please don’t call yourselves gamers and find another hobby….Internet can be a blessing and a curse…

  • guesty

    An Apple TV but locked to Sony rather than itunes and with better games. Too bad there is still no 5ghz wifi and the memory cards are still way over priced.

  • VK Cybermat

    I have a question: PS Vita TV can play digital PSP games. Will i be able to download, from PSN, MGS Portable Ops (PSP) and and play it with the Dualshock ?