More Pictures of the New PCH-2000 PS Vita Model Show New LCD Screen, Comparison with Old PS Vita and 3DS

Yesterday we reported that the new PCH-2000 PS Vita Model is being exposed to the public scrutiny at a few stores in Tokyo, and today more pictures surfaced, showing some very interesting elements of the new model, including close shots of the new LCD screen, some direct comparison shots with the form factor and the OLED screen of the old model and even with the screen of a 3DS XL.

You can check them all out in the gallery below, courtesy of Twitter users Rorikonnane, Ciki_Satoru_00q and Hiro_1998. Comments praise how light and thin the new model is, even if the screen is definitely a little less bright and shiny compared to the old one, also showing a bit more of a yellowish tint that is common with LCD screens. That said, it’s evidently still leaps and bounds better than the screens of the 3DS XL.

It’s important to mention that the shot with the 3DS XL shows it in comparison with the old PS Vita (for some reason). In order to compare the new PCH-2000 PS Vita with the 3DS XL you’ll have to see the two pictures taken by Hiro_1998 side by side. I photoshopped them together and marked the right PS Vita at the bottom of the gallery for your convenience. Since they’re taken in the same conditions with the same camera, they’re still quite telling.

Update: added another shot by Jyu_kk showing a comparison using Uncharted: Golden Abyss.

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  • foureyes oni

    wow it is a lot more yellow on the ragnarok comparison.

    • devwalar

      It does appear that way but without being in shot at the same time that could simply be down to the hardware taking the photo, lighting, all kinds of reasons. The Uncharted shot in the same frame at the same time looked very similar and screen looked very slightly larger on new unit and also a tiny bit brighter.

  • Nekrim

    Yeesh, colors are definitely washed out ( and with a yellow tint ) on the new Vita compared to the old.

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  • vicfermino

    Doesn’t look so slim.

  • Jason Mounce

    Yup, deeper colors. Sticking with my original Vita.

    This was done as a means of reducing price – Many are gonna be missing out on the bootiful OLED colors.

    • Sporadik Styles

      Just like Plasma vs LCD you can see the difference great black levels and contrast make. Picture 7 is a great example of that. The LCD loses shadow detail big time and the colour isn’t as deep.You lose a great deal of depth because of this. Anyone who has an OLED Vita or a Plasma TV will know exactly what I’m referring to, the difference is night and day.

      • Jason Mounce

        Pretty much. Unsure why I got 2 disagrees at all, rofl.

    • YuRi

      while colours won’t be as crisp, I do think that as a portable console the LCD might be a bit of a better choice as it allows for a better image in well lit areas. I might buy the new one just for the slightly thinner model as I’d like to be able to put it in my pocket but for now it makes too much of a bulge.

      • Jason Mounce

        Impress the ladies with your bulge.

        Or men.

  • tubers

    RO looks horrible.

    The UCGA sample on the OLED VITA has a noticeable green tint though.

    Thanks for the comparison.

    Need more zero angle comparisons though.

    • jim layhe

      you mean on the LCD Vita has a noticeable green tint. lcd vita is the bottom one.

  • Forrealz

    An absolute PoS downgrade. NO BUY and I won’t buy the dumb TV thing either! Now developers will have to keep both devices in mind, thus removing features to keep them compatible and it’s just very poor from Sony.

    • Geoffrey Davey

      You wouldn’t buy it anyways, since you’re a known Sony hater. Stop trolling and do something constructive with your life.

    • jspillen

      The Vita TV seems pretty damn genius as an answer to both the Apple TV and the portable streaming gaming systems that have been hitting the market.

      Not enough people were buying the full-on model Vita. And most people admitted it’s price not quality. So Sony is trying to find the right characteristics to sell the damn thing.

      You were never going to buy one. And after seeing how hard you troll, I have no doubt even the new model will always be out of your price range. Go back to playing your 4gb xbox.

    • QwietStorm

      That dumb TV thing could be a remarkable device for Sony, not just within the current PlayStation family, but in direct compeition with Apple TV, while being 100% capable of catering to people who aren’t even necessarily gamers either. WIth their purchase of Gaikai, and streaming services becoming more and more the norm, devices like these have been expected by some to be the “new” consoles, where you won’t need to buy a whole new piece of hardware every few years. And the internals are exactly the same, so I don’t know what you’re talking about with developers keeping both in mind. But I get the feeling I said all that for nothing anyway.

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  • DestinyHeroDoomlord

    I’ll have to see the price difference between them first. ..

    • QwietStorm

      Pretty sure the Vita is $199.99 regardless now, and the original will likely be phased out.

  • Al_Zamora

    I am on the fence if I should wait or just buy one for the holidays.After seeing the photos I may just get a current version and not bother with the new one. 1 gb memory and slightly lighter = meh

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  • Xis That Kid

    Why does people even think Apple TV is even a viable device no one buys that sh!t

  • Nicholas Perry

    As expected OLED looks better.

    Shame, if it had been a smaller screen with higher pixel density I could probably have overlooked the poorer colors.

  • Is_Mort

    move the screen above the hands/joystick and i’ll buy. I can’t stand looking between my hands for long periods of time.

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